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1. Launch of PU Solid Carriage Tires The high performance in the aspects of wear resistance, radiation resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance and acid and alkali resistance to a certain one decides that it will be used on can make at least 5 years .

1. Product launch of the PU-fixed carriage tires

The high performance in the aspects of abrasion resistance, radiation resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance and aging resistance. And acid and alkali resistance to a particular, decides that it can be used for at least 5 years, making it the best choice for outdoor vehicles.

2. Product parameters (specification) of 5 inch stroller tires

Stroller tires 5×1

Black or different

PU tire weight (g)

Tire width (A) (mm)

Hub width (mm) (E)

3. Properties and advantages of flat free tires

A. Durability: In most applications, polyurethane tires last 30 percent longer than rubber tires. This is because they are 30 percent cooler, suffer less abrasion and, unlike rubber, are not subject to hardening and cracking or deterioration from ultraviolet light.

B. Puncture-proof: The polyurethane tires are solid rubber tires that are not afraid of nails, broken glass or broken glass.

C. Corrosion resistance: It is resistant to water, oil, dirt, acid and alkali.

D. It is light and flexible, so it can adapt to road obstacles like air-filled tires.

E. Can be customized: Since polyurethane is chemically manufactured, a number of variations are possible. The density and physical properties of the material can be changed depending on the intended use.

4. Production process and size range of the polyurethane tire

Our PU solid rubber tires are as follows:

5X1, 6X1, 6×1.5, 6×2, 7X1.5, 7X2, 7X1.5, 8X2.8×2.5, 9×3.10X3, 12 1 / 2X2 1/4, 14×2.125, 20×1.5, 24×1.25, 24×1.5, 24 1 3/8, etc.

5. Poly Foam Tire’s production technology: SPIN-Cast Molding

Centrifugal casting is used to fill foam into tires. This process helps to create a dense, firm profile area while the sidewall area remains flexible. The foam filling is evenly and precisely distributed and ensures excellent shock absorption. This helps to ensure the user has a smooth ride every time.

6. Polyurethane stroller wheels with conditions:

A. This product can be used under the ambient temperature of 40 ° C to 50 ° C.

B. The maximum load is 10

C. This product belongs to the slow speed tire. The regular maximum speed must not exceed 10 km / hour for longer use, and the immediate speed must not exceed 20 km / hour (within 5 minutes).

E. This product is suitable for all terrain (it is recommended to use 8 inch over (including 8 inch) tires for all off-road vehicles). It will not cause a potential risk with normal use. Do not use deliberately sharp knives and other objects. Damage to tires and damaged tires are a safety risk, please change them in good time.

Q. This product cannot be left in the sun for long periods of time or stored at high temperatures, which affects the life of the products.

7. Our service:

Enjoy our one-stop service

We can offer purchasing, logistics, production, quality control, documentation and product guarantee to every customer.

OEM / ODM capability

We have the ability to design and produce a wide range of new models based on customer requirements. For some models, however, you have to ask for shapes.

Quality item with guarantee

Almost of our models, we can guarantee and one year spare Parts to offer.

8. FAQ

Q1: What is the normal delivery of the order?

— Our normal delivery for an order is 20-25 days.

Q2: Can you accept the small order as a start?

— Yes, we also operate the combined container for our customers, and we also manage to offer the combined container service from other customers’ suppliers.

Q3: What is the MOQ that I can order?
A: For full PU tires, MOQ is 1000pcs.

For foam filled tires, around 500pcs.

Q4: Make the OEM order?

— Yes, we are very experienced in OEM ordering.

Q5: What is your advantage over other providers?

— We are the manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in the field of polyurethane. We can custom wheels according to your requirement.


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