China – travelogues, chinablog, tips and infos

China - travelogues, chinablog, tips and infos


Taiji, acupuncture, the Chinese emperor – we have many ideas and stereotypes about China. But we can hardly imagine what the country looks like in reality. Here I would like to give a little insight into this huge country and give you some useful tips for China.

travel Guide

In my guide I have written down my experiences and tips on the cities in China that I have visited and know.


Hangzhou is a very famous city in China with a very long history. In the small town (8 million inhabitants &# 128512; There are many attractions. The most famous is probably the West Lake. Around it are beautiful tea mountains. In general, tea is a specialty of Hangzhou. Hangzhou is located approximately in the middle of China, on the east coast, not far from Shanghai (1.5 hours by express train).


Jinan is the capital of Shandong Province and has a very long history. There are some very famous springs, an equally famous lake and a mountain with about 1,000 Buddha statues. Jinan is located in northern China. It takes about 1.5 hours by train from Beijing.

Wenchang (Hainan)

Wenchang is located on Hainan, an island off the south coast of China. Because of the subtropical climate and the many palm trees, it is often called the Hawaii of China. Wenchang is a small town in the northwest of the island of yet has been spared from mass tourism and gives an insight into the original island life. Here there is a palm grove in which 80% of all coconut trees in China are.

travel reports

China is like my second home to me. Here I have experienced some of my greatest adventures.

Skating in China

In 2006 I was on my skateboard in China. I was skating in Tibet among others! And I met a big skate contest in Shanghai.


The country of the middle is incredibly fascinating. The big, rich cities on the coast and the interior are extremely different. Moreover, China is undergoing such rapid change that it is reinventing itself practically every year.


Chinese embassies in Germany

If you want to travel to China, you do not have to do that anymore via a message, but via the newly created Visa Service Center:

Visa for China

As an EU citizen you need a visa if you want to enter China. It is best to apply for this in Germany. Attention, here you have enough time to plan. It took me a few days to pick up the visa. The visa is now no longer applied directly to the embassy, ​​but to outsourced visa centers. These are located in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. More information about the sites can be found on the official website:

If you speak Chinese, you can also look at the Chinese part of my page. Have fun!

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