Choice of degree: i want to do something with people

Choice of degree: I want to do something with people!

Are you interested in a profession in which you have a lot of contact with people? Do you want to promote your fellow human beings, help them, advise, support or teach them? You are not alone in this. The sentence "I want to do something with people" falls quite often in student counseling.

Where exactly and what the future job should look like is usually still unclear, but those who have their interests in the social and educational field usually know exactly what they don’t want: namely, sitting in front of the PC in an office all day.

How do you find a course that prepares you for a job that focuses on contact and interaction with other people?

What am I best looking for? And how do I best search?

The best thing you can do is to specify what exactly you want to do? In addition, should you think about who you want to work with? With children or adults? With healthy people, with people with physical limitations or with sick people? Which aspects should be in the foreground when working? There are many possibilities.

Which professional groups and fields of activity are there??

We present four professional fields in which you will definitely get in touch with people in your everyday work. With a focus on the social, medical, educational, or even the economic sector, you aim at the right areas in your research.

1. Social sciences: From educational science to social work

Education: How do people find their way around in their social environment? Educational scientists know what is going on and even have suggestions for improvement. Read more >

Social work: Graduates from social work reduce social problems and promote the social participation of people in social emergency. This is not an easy task that requires a lot of personal commitment in addition to specialist knowledge. Read more >

Early Childhood Education: It’s about childhood education. With the academization of teacher training, Germany is orienting itself to European standards and is thus equipping an entire professional group for new challenges. Read more >

Gerontology: Gerontology is the science of aging and old age. The proportion of senior citizens in Germany is steadily increasing and this change in the age structure calls for experts to take control of aging. Read more >

Psychology: The run on the subject of psychology is high, the admission restrictions for studying are strict and the path to becoming a psychotherapist is rocky. Anyone who knows that this is his way will find a variety of work areas. Read more >

2. Activities with a physical connection: care and therapy, but also sport

Maintenance: Place of work: hospital, rehabilitation facility, medical care center, nursing home, retirement home, hospice or outpatient care service. But you’re not a doctor. You care for and care for patients or people in need of care of all ages and also support them in everyday life.

Therapy: Physiotherapists, occupational therapists or speech therapists are among the so-called "non-medical" Health professionals. So far, these professions have mainly been trained at vocational schools, but there are now also bachelor courses – some of which are based on appropriate training.

Sports: The professional field of sport, fitness, leisure and movement culture has as many facets as there are activities in this area.
Read more >

3. Back to school: teacher training courses

Teacher: Become a teacher! The way back to school is the dream for many prospective students. Approximately 10% of students are currently enrolled in teacher training courses. Here is an overview of the most important: The path to teaching >

Career in science: Becoming a professor is also a dream for many students. Those who have made it have a job with prestige, content based on their interests and daily contact with many young people.
Read more >

4. You can also find people in business

Distribution / Sales: Good customer relationships have an immediate impact on a company’s economic success. Because if you can do well with the customer, you also sell more. In the field or in meetings, you can live out your communication skills in business.

Personal development: They are employees "Human capital" of a business. Personnel development includes the targeted promotion of this human capital in order to optimally achieve the company’s goals, taking into account the needs and qualifications of the employee or a group of employees.

Management consultancy. A business consultant or consultant is a job that involves high performance and deadline pressure, but also offers a lot.
Read more >

Am I suitable for a job that deals with people??

It is very important that students who want to work with people have certain qualities. Soft skills such as teamwork, communication skills, patience or resilience are irreplaceable in this area. If you want to find out whether you are actually right in a job in the social, educational or medical field, you could, for example, get a first taste of practice in the context of a voluntary social year.

Medical studies: how to find an alternative!

I want to become a doctor! Yes, unfortunately many want that. And that is why access to medical studies is via a narrow street called NC. Every semester there are many disappointed applicants who go away empty-handed. If you find out about the alternatives at an early stage, you may be able to cover other interests when choosing your degree – and find a job that inspires to the same extent. More >

Choice of degree: I want to become an official!

Tax office, authority, weather service or foreign office. Do you want to have the state as an employer? Then you are certainly interested in a crisis-proof job. Working conditions when working in the public service are strictly regulated and family-friendly – and at the end of the month there is more net of gross wages than in comparable jobs on the labor market. However, many things are a bit different than in the free economy. More >

Lateral entry – on a detour to dream studies

The application phase is running. As every year, career changers are now considering whether they have a chance of finding the place they want to study. The hurdles for it to work are clearly defined. Unfortunately, the chances of success are less. A lateral entry will not work without the recognition of services already performed. But that’s not all by far. Many hopes remain unfulfilled on this path. More >

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