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children’s songs are an important item on the agenda for many children. There are wide ranges. There are neutral children’s songs as well as children’s songs from different regions or religions. There are also many beautiful and easy-to-sing Christian children’s songs. Any song that has a Christian connection to God, Jesus or another religious person can be described as a Christian children’s song. Children are taught a lot in the songs and they can understand the origin of Christian history particularly well. The Vivat! Online shop offers a wide range of song books and CDs for Christian music.

Christian children’s songs on all occasions

Many Christian children’s songs are available and can be used both in facilities, as well as at home privately be a nice day. Both too Christian festivals of all kinds, as well as for in between too every opportunity there are Christian songs with great visual potential. You can find out more about the various Christian festivals at The song with the name is suitable for almost every one of these occasions explained there, but also well before going to sleep: "Oh dear God, keep me safe". It is similar to a prayer and contains the important points that God should protect the parents and the child who siblings to protect, as well as to protect relatives and the child from any sin. Children can get a nice end to the day with this song and it can become a daily ritual.

Another children’s song for many purposes is the song: "A sheep that hung in the thorns ". This song is also a Christian children’s song. It can clearly show that the Lord is the way out in a predicament and give children new courage and faith. Especially when children are in a difficult time, this song is very suitable to keep the Christian way open for them.

"God’s love is so wonderful" is also a beautiful children’s song in a friendly tone, which also leaves a lot of scope for new stanzas. The song is simple and even small children can remember the stanzas very quickly. The song begins with "God’s love is so wonderful … So high, what can be higher? So deep, what can be deeper? So far, what can be further? So wonderfully big. ”In further stanzas, only the word“ love ”is replaced by loyalty, grace and the like.

"No animal on earth" is a very long Christian children’s song with 6 stanzas, which names different animals and always creates a nice fitting reference to the Savior. It is ideal for children of all ages. Especially because of the many animals to like Children especially like this song.

Christian children’s songs for sleeping

Many Christian children’s songs are known for sleeping. So is the song: "The moon has risen" a Christian children’s song, which is very popular. The song consists of several stanzas and can be used very well as a sleep ritual for children from infancy. Such a song can be an excellent substitute for evening prayer in babies. Of course, the song is also perfect for older children to fall asleep.

Likewise, the well-known song "Tired I’m going to rest" a Christian nursery rhyme. It is very well known and has beautiful stanzas. For example, the first verse says: "I am tired, go to rest, close both eyes to my father, let your eyes be over my bed." This song is also wonderfully suitable for children of all ages. The calm singing quickly brings the children to rest. However, children from a certain age often also ask questions about these songs, which the parents must answer should!

The song is also very well known: "Do you know how many stars there are", which has a direct reference to God. This is sung in a quiet and calm tone, which is why children like to relax and fall asleep. Excellent for falling asleep, but also popular for in between to get some rest.

Children’s songs for parties

As mentioned briefly above, children’s songs are often played and sung at Christian festivals. Straight to Christmas many Christian songs are sung, which also fall under the children’s songs.

The most popular Christian children’s songs certainly include: "Come ye Ye Children" and "Every year again". But also songs like: "The Savior is Born" , "Come on, O believers ” , "Silent Night Holy Night" belong to the spectrum of children’s songs in the Christmas season. The songs roughly deal with the birth of Jesus and are illustrated from various positions. Children learn a lot in the songs about the Christian origin and above all about the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. For many Christians, the songs at Christmas simply belong to it.

Easter songs are also liked to be sung and can teach children resurrection in a playful and musical form. Schubert’s Easter song deals with the resurrection in very great detail. Depending on the child, the age should be chosen accordingly, so that the child can understand the background. The song is also: "Believe and come" a very popular song at the beautiful Easter time.


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