Christian christmas sayings

The Christmas season is a very special time for believers. They are not so much concerned with the material aspects, but rather with the immaterial and spiritual aspects such as faith, compassion, love and peace. If you are looking for Christian Christmas sayings in this regard, you will find it here. The sayings can be spoken orally or presented as Christmas wishes using a Christmas card.

It is particularly important that the message is received correctly. Namely, the message, especially in the Christmas season, to reflect on the Christian values ​​and to live them. There are many people who don’t see themselves on the sunny side of life right now. Christian Christmas sayings are particularly convenient for you, because this way you can regain strength and courage.

You are reminded that there are things between heaven and earth that are simply larger than yourself and how important it is to believe in yourself. With a warmly designed card, these sayings make a special impression and touch the heart directly. It is nice to know how much small loving gestures already offer. This also applies to Christian Christmas sayings.

Christian Christmas sayings as a picture

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Christian Christmas sayings as text

Come, my Savior Jesus Christ,
my heart’s door is open to you.

A festival is approaching, a festival like no other. for all who are of good will. A festival whose spirit spans the world and proclaims the message over mountains and valleys: Christ is born.

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is not a one-time story, but a gift that lasts forever.

And if Christ had been born a thousand times in Bethlehem, and not in you: you have been lost forever.

The birth of Christ is the holy moment when God brought people to life. God lives and we should all live.

Author: Hans Paul Freiherr von Wolzieh

As the buds of the barbara branch open until Christmas, so man should open up to the coming light.

This is the night when the great God’s kindness appeared to me; the child whom all angels serve brings light into my darkness, and this world and heavenly light does not give way to a hundred thousand suns.

Author: Kaspar Friedrich Nachtenhöfer

The Church of Rome saved Christianity by introducing Christmas.

Coming home is what the child from Bethlehem wants to give to all who cry, watch and walk on this earth.

Author: Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

This is our festival, what we celebrate today: God’s coming to people, so that we can come to God come.

It is not about lights and lamps, and it is not about the moon and sun, but that we have eyes that can see God’s glory.

And the angel said to them: Do not be afraid! Behold, I proclaim to you great joy that will come to all the people; for the Savior was born to you today, who is Christ the Lord in the city of David.

For the Son of Man has come, to seek and to save what is lost.

Hand hugs hand in close circles, and the old song of God and Christ trembles with souls and quietly announces that the smallest world is the largest.

See what God gave: His son for eternal life. He can and wants to lift us out of suffering in heaven’s joy.

The people who walk in the dark see a great light, and over those who live there in the dark country it shines bright.

Christmas without Jesus is like a festival without a reason.

Live happily and courageously, because the angel, who announces the birth of our little Redeemer, sings announcing that he brings joy, peace and happiness to people of good will.


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