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Christiane F.

We children from the Zoo station

We children from the station zoo.

We children from the Zoo station

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Review to " We children from the Zoo station " by Christiane F.

DieSaBrina 2 months ago

You just have to read the book. The true story of Christiane from Berlin, of her difficult childhood, the fall into heroin addiction, the child line and everything that goes with it. Great to read fluently. Reports from the mother, the police and drawings complete the great book. absolute reading recommendation.

Review to " We children from the Zoo station " by Christiane F.

officallilii 3 months ago

I am so fascinated by the story but shocked at the same time. Really recommendable

Review to " We children from the Zoo station " by Christiane F.

sandras_buecheroase 6 months ago

The blurb: "At twelve she got hashish, at thirteen she got heroin. She became addicted, went to school in the morning and in the afternoon with her friends who were also dependent on the children’s line at the Zoo train station to get the money for the drug. Christiane F. reports with minute memory and unreserved openness about the fates of children who are only perceived by the public as drug-related. She now lives in Berlin again. The fight against drugs has led her again and again – hardly a former junkie is safe from relapses. ”

I think everyone knows this book. And if not the book, then at least the film from 1981 !? You know; the one with the great music by David Bowie &# 127926;&# 128521; This book is based on the stories by Christiane Felscherinow, who slipped into the drugstore of Berlin as a young girl.

It is sad enough to know that this story about the drug-addicted “children from Zoo Zoo” is based on real facts. What was described so vividly in this book about a woman who was and is affected – because she still has relapses today – is really shocking. This life in Berlin in the 1970s, on the margins of society, in dilapidated prefabricated buildings and excluded from society because you were put in a drawer and copied … What was left of the children and young people at that time? Catastrophic living and family relationships are described. Violence and alcohol and drug / drug abuse are common. And it is frightening that so many people knew about these circumstances and nothing was done.

The teenagers only had their cliques, because most of them could not get along with their parents, and so they certainly did not want or could not do so with them talk. However, this was not only a problem of children from marginalized groups, but also from "wealthier" Children who really lacked nothing except maybe their parents’ attention. And at some point you succumbed to the “constraint” in the group and, in order to strengthen the feeling of belonging, started to also use drugs. Bad enough that it appears that the children have not been informed about the effects of such substances. Because you just assumed, “After one time, I’m not yet addicted. I can stop at any time. "And * zack* one is in this swamp, needs more and more and harder drugs. And above all the money to get them, because at some point the willingness of the clique members to share their material for free was exhausted.

What was left, besides the theft of their own parents and the Selling his belongings was the children’s line. And once you have landed there, you have reached the bottom. When you have no more inhibitions to do everything for the material. Sells his body and also his soul … It’s a terrible idea, and I’ve read so many times when reading, "Gosh, that’s terrible. And these suitors disgust me. They shamelessly exploit the addiction of these poor souls. ”And what shook me so incredibly was also the fact that the parents of these children didn’t (want) to notice anything. I mean, what kind of conditions must they have been that they didn’t notice? What underlined my thoughts even more was the photos of the real protagonists, which are shown in the 366-page star edition by Carlsen Verlag. You can tell these children that something is wrong. They are just a shadow of themselves. Worn out, aged, emaciated, not to mention the psychological damage and abnormalities. They looked like the actors of "The walking dead". How could you not see that??

Again and again I thought “I’m going to break the book right away. That can not be true. The third withdrawal and she still thinks she won’t relapse if she takes a shot. ”But then after reading the book it was clear to me that I can never imagine how it would be People who are addicted. How these people think, how they feel, what they go through physically … This cannot be compared to an "addiction to chocolate". Drugs and nicotine are a completely different house number. And I simply cannot put myself into the addiction victim because I have not personally experienced what it is like to be addicted to such substances. I can only fuel the thought of why you start with such crap in the first place. But that was, at least as far as the story of Christiane F. was concerned, that it was a different time with different circumstances or. CONDITIONS N was. Today one would surely act differently with drug addicted children and adolescents, although there is certainly still enough of it. And yet this topic and this book shakes me above all. One thinks “If everyone had looked a little closer at that time instead of leaving the youngsters to their own devices, then many could have been helped. Because they were so young and that’s bad enough that there was such a time in our society. "

A really vivid, if terrifying, story that I personally definitely use as school reading commit would to raise awareness about this issue and its consequences. Not much can be said about the style of writing, since the authors of the book wrote down the tapes they had from Christiane Felscherinow. So it’s written down exactly as she told it, from a first-person perspective. Which leaves the reader no distance when reading, as it looks as if she is sitting in front of you and tells her story. There is from me &# 127775;&# 127775;&# 127775;&# 127775;


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