Christmas 2015 in denmark in a holiday home

Contemplation during Advent in Denmark

Pure relaxation in a holiday home during Advent in Denmark

Experience the Advent season in Denmark

The year is coming to an end and Christmas is almost at the door again. How about spending Christmas 2015 in a holiday home in Denmark? Discover the popular holiday regions such as Jutland or the islands of Romo and Fanö. Let the year end in a different way and above all individually. Enjoy the beautiful pre-Christmas season with all its magic and be part of the wonderful Danish traditions, because the Dane does not celebrate his Christmas in such a different way either. Immerse yourself in the winter landscapes and let yourself in on it Scandinavian Christmas 2015!

The festively decorated holiday homes invite you

Christmas 2015 in a holiday home in Denmark will be an unforgettable experience. Of course, the holiday home is decorated for Christmas. Candelabrums and flowers in the window sills spread a wonderful mood. Traditionally, stars are set up, which shimmer with a warm light. Outside, the icy wind is raging and in their holiday home the wood crackles in the fireplace. A warm one “Glögg”, the traditional drink for the Advent of the Danes, lets you get warm inside quickly.

Spend the day with long walks and discover the picturesque landscapes. The small villages and villages are festively decorated and the Christmas season you can feel it at every turn. Everywhere it smelled deliciously freshly baked. On Christmas Eve, of course, you are sitting under a beautiful Christmas tree. There are ways that the landlord puts the tree. Or you just bring a small tree with you.
You can celebrate Christmas in a quiet and reflective Christmas holiday home in Denmark, as you will not have obligations to others. Relax and enjoy the Scandinavian delicacies. Roast duck and turkey have as much tradition here as roast pork. Prepare your own festive menu according to Danish tradition. In your holiday home, of course, you have the opportunity to cook for yourself. For roasting brown potatoes are served. These are potatoes that are candied after cooking. A speciality,
which one also prepares here only for Christmas. Experience Christmas 2015 differently and celebrate the best holiday of the year in your own holiday home in Denmark.

Goblins and other beautiful Advent traditions in Denmark

Especially in the old farms you can still feel them, the presence of the “Nisse”. That’s the ones Danish goblins, which sometimes can be quite uncomfortable. That’s why the Dane graciously agrees to his “Nisse” at Christmas by setting up a bowl of porridge. This is just one of the many beautiful traditions in Denmark. But not only goblins are omnipresent in the Advent season. Also the feast “Lucia”, the Festival of lights is celebrated here, as in other Scandinavian countries, on 13 December. Many hundreds of years ago this was the time of the winter solstice and the arrival of the brighter days was celebrated. A girl wears a wreath with candles on her head and is accompanied by others in white robes.
What is with us the Advent calendar is in Denmark the Advent candle. This is labeled with 24 days. Every day, this Advent candle is lit. Thus, the days literally melt away until Christmas Eve.
In this sense: Glaedelig Jul – Merry Christmas!

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