Christmas all over the world, child’s affair

Christmas worldwide

How do people in other countries around the world or in other religions actually celebrate Christmas time? Click your way through and be amazed at the traditions and other festivals that still exist at Christmas time!

We flew around the world with the reindeer and made a couple of stops. We learned a lot of interesting things there.

Milk rice for the Nissers – Christmas in Denmark

“Glædelig jul” means Merry Christmas in Danish. We have collected for you which traditions are very typical at Christmas in Denmark.

Christmas in Peru – summer and cribs

Christmas is very important in Peru because many people are very Catholic. Nativity scenes are very popular and can be found everywhere on the streets and in apartments.

Sinterklaas and his helpers – Christmas in Holland

Sinterklaas arrives in Holland on December 5th to bring gifts to the children. He is accompanied by the funny Piets. Read and learn more about the Dutch traditions!

Hanukkah Sameach – What Jews celebrate at Christmas

Christmas is not celebrated in every religion. There is the Hanukkah family festival in Judaism, which usually falls in the Christmas season.

Christmas in Russia

Unlike us, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are celebrated together in Russia. The Russian Santa Claus is called "Ded Moroz“Translates as Father Frost. Here you can find out more about Russian Christmas.

Fiesta mexicana! – Christmas in Mexico

Silent Night Holy Night? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Celebrate in Mexico! Mariana tells how she spends Christmas with her family in Mexico City.

Mince Pie and Christmas Crackers – Christmas in the UK

In the UK the whole family comes together for Christmas at Christmas. There is a lot of food and lots of fun customs. In addition, the British gather in front of the television for a very special event every year …

A feast! – Christmas in France

Jérôme is French and comes from a small town near Lyon in France. He is currently visiting Germany. At the Advent breakfast we talk about how differently we celebrate Christmas. Jérôme recalls how he celebrated Christmas in France as a little boy.

Merry X-Mas! – Christmas in the United States

American Christmas always looks colorful in films. The kids look forward to Santa Claus and not Santa Claus – but how do families in the United States actually celebrate Christmas??

Christmas in Colombia

We flew to South America today with the reindeer sleigh and made a stopover in Colombia. Phew, it’s pretty hot here!

Christmas in Sweden

Christmas is the most important festival of the year in Sweden. It’s called Yule Festival there. The Christmas season begins on the first Sunday of Advent, with everything being decorated in November.

How do you actually celebrate Christmas in India?

Leo has new neighbors. An Indian family has moved into the apartment below them. The daughter Lalita tells Leo many exciting stories about India.

Traditions about traditions- Christmas in Poland

Poland is so close to Germany, what could be so different at Christmas than here? Surprise, the answer is: extremely much! Sarah’s family comes from Poland and she tells us a lot of exciting things about the traditional Christmas in our neighboring country.

Christmas at the other end of the world – or: How do you celebrate in Australia?

Leo and Lupe learned about Australia in geography classes yesterday. "It’s summer in Australia right now! Then people celebrate Christmas like we do?", Leo asks. Lupe has read a lot about it and explains it to her.

La Befana – Christmas in Italy

Christmas is an important festival in Italy. It’s all about the family and delicious food. The children are not only surprised by Santa Claus, but also by his wife Befana – a witch who fills shoes with candy.

Many customs – Christmas in Germany

Christmas at last! There are many traditions in Germany, but they can be quite different in the different regions. Read and learn more about our customs.

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