Christmas games for children break up family celebrations

Reading time: 3 minutes Do you dread the holidays because your children garnish the boring family celebrations with wild romp? Our Christmas games for children not only entertain the little bullies. Try to build a bridge between the generations and encourage all family members to participate. In this way you strengthen family cohesion.

Christmas games for children loosen up family celebrations

Liven up family celebrations with game ideas

The holidays are a lot of stress for children. On the one hand, they are very prickly because of the many gifts. On the other hand, the whole family is gathered, everyone is talking confused and nobody really has time for the children. These promptly increase the volume level in order to attract the desired attention.

At the latest ask the family to play together. You will probably get skeptical looks from the adults at first, but the funny Christmas games for children will all cast a spell and loosen up the mood.

Christmas games for children and exercise games for the whole family

Elchschaufel: This game suits every occasion and makes the players laugh. All put together in a circle. Hold your hands to your ears like elk shovels. Now someone is saying the name of a player. This wiggles with both hands. In addition, the two co-workers also wobble, but the right wobbles only with the right hand, the left wobbles only with the left hand. Now name the next name.

When everyone has understood the game, increase the speed.

Christmas pantomime: The players try to present their Christmas presents in pantomime. When the children are a little older, try to mime the Christmas story. Distribute the roles to all family members beforehand.

orange rolls: Everyone puts an orange on the floor. It has to be rolled a certain distance, but only with the nose.

Christmas movement history

Tell a story about Santa’s hard work. All family members imitate the movements and really get going. Extend the story at will.

  • Santa Claus must first load the presents onto the sledge. (Movement: first charge something at the bottom, then higher and higher until everyone straightens up.)
  • Now it is flying through the air at a wild pace. (Everyone moves in the upper body and mimics the winding ride.)
  • Now Santa is sliding through the fireplace. (Everyone slims down and pulls in their stomachs.)
  • Santa Claus sneaks to the fir tree and puts down the presents. (Everyone sneaks on tiptoe.)
  • At the end of the evening, Santa Claus is very tired. (Everyone curls up and snores loudly.)

Agile body

You need a balloon. Two players each clamp an inflated balloon between them and try to lift a nut from the ground together.

Christmas trip to Jerusalem

They put chairs in a circle, one less than a participant. One is the DJ and plays Christmas music. As long as you play music, all children wander around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone sits down in a free chair. If you don’t make it, you’re out. Now a chair is removed and the game starts again.

Turbulent seat circle

You put the chairs of all players together in a circle. All players sit in their chairs, face to the center. A player gets up and goes to the middle. The others now always slide a chair forward, the one in the middle tries to get a free seat. If it succeeds, the slow player switches to the middle. By clapping his hands, the player determines a change of sides in the middle, which leads to wonderful chaos.

Gordian knot

All players stand loosely in a circle and close their eyes. Everyone is moving towards each other with outstretched hands. Everyone tries to take the hands of a teammate. Now the task is to untie yourself without loosening the chain.

Christmas games for children: concentration games for the whole family

Christmas Memory: Find about 10-15 Christmas items together: Christmas balls, nuts, nutcrackers, cookies, song books, lighters, etc. Place them on the table. Everyone can memorize things. Now someone leaves the room and an object is removed. The person is allowed in again and has to guess which item is missing.

Invent stories: You need some unusual pictures from newspapers or magazines. One starts and gets a nut. Now the person begins to tell a story that fits the picture. After one or more sentences, he passes the “speech nut” on to the person next to him.

to wrap presents: 2 players each get wrapping paper and tape. Together you pack a gift, but you can only use one hand each.

bottle blow: You need an empty bottle and a pack of cards. Place the bottle on the table and place a deck of cards on the bottle neck. The players try to blow down one or more cards one after the other. If the entire stack falls, the game is lost. Whoever blows the last cards loses.

Mysterious clothespins: You need a clothes peg. The game can run all day. Someone starts and secretly clings a clothespin to someone’s clothes. If he notices it, he secretly passes it on to someone else. Every hour or half hour it is checked who has the clip. This must give a deposit.

Tear pictures: Every player gets a newspaper page. Blindfold or close. The players blindly try to tear a figure out of the paper, for example a snowman or a fir tree.

I can see what you can not see: The youngest can start. He looks for an object on the Christmas tree and says: "I see something that you don’t see and that is …" The color of the object is called, alternatively another property can be mentioned. The others are now looking at the Christmas tree and trying to guess the right item. If you guess correctly, you can make the next announcement.

Take a lot of fresh air with your children during the holidays. Also read our games and fun ideas for winter.

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