Christmas games for the whole family – sat

Christmas games for the whole family - sat

Christmas games for the whole family: nice ideas

The family strolls on the couch while the classic Christmas films are on TV – communication? None. It doesn’t have to be. Christmas games not only ensure a good mood, but also promote cooperation. Ideas for fun games in good company here in the SAT.1 guide.

Christmas games that ensure a good mood

Would you like some exercise? Then play, for example, "Journey to Jerusalem", perfectly tailored for Christmas. The rules are the same as always: chairs are placed in a circle, one less than the number of participants. A family member has to bite the bullet and play the DJ, so cannot join "travel". When the music plays, the funny company wanders around the chairs. As soon as the music stops abruptly, everyone has to sit in an empty chair. If you don’t make it, fly out. Now take a chair from the middle and continue playing until there is only one chair left and the music sounds for the last time – and breaks off. To make the whole thing a little more Christmassy, ​​you can only play Christmas carols.

Another fun game is Christmas mime. Two groups are formed and each group alternately tries to present a person or an object to its own team. The special feature: For example, only represent characters from the Christmas story. So the game remains in a Christmas frame.

Christmas concentration games

Christmas games that promote concentration are also a great idea. Children do not even notice that this is thinking sport – too much emphasis is placed on fun. How about, for example, training your sense of touch and memory? Simply fill a sack or a box covered with a cloth with various typical Christmas items, such as nuts, pine branches, Christmas bells, angel figures, candles, Christmas balls and cookie cutters. The task: Each player has to try to feel the objects and write down or paint the content. Whoever feels most things wins.

If you wait until the Christmas dinner is ready and want to pass the time, you can play bottle blows, for example. All you need is an empty bottle and a pack of cards. Put a deck of cards on the bottle neck and try to blow down one or more cards one after the other. Anyone who accidentally blows down the whole stack or the very last card has lost.

A nice Christmas game that promotes creativity: each player gets a newspaper page and blindfolds. Now everyone tries to tear a figure out of the paper, such as a fir tree or a star. Well, what picture is actually similar to the imagined work?

Christmas puppet theater for children

Christmas games for the little ones are quickly found. You can completely delight them with a specially staged Christmas puppet theater with Santa Claus, Prince and Princess and of course Rudolf the reindeer. The performance is double the fun, because both the children are happy about the exciting spectacle right in front of their noses and the Punch and Judy show, who hide behind the small theater and lend the characters their voice and hand. You can either replay a piece or improvise. Have fun!

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