Christmas poems ► find the right christmas poem here!

Christmas poems ► find the right Christmas poem here!

Christmas poems

The Christmas season is considered a time of calm and contemplation. The family spends the Advent evenings together in the decorated parlor and looks forward to Christmas Eve, when the children are given presents and a delicious feast is served on the table. Many people love to celebrate the important Christian festival in the traditional way and find that beautiful Christmas poems on Christmas Eve should not be missing under any circumstances. Nice Poems have been performed under the Christmas tree for many decades, which perfectly underline the peaceful and quiet time of the year. Poems are usually written in rhymes and thus create a certain sense of well-being in the listener. Classic poems are more of a biblical character, but can now Christmas Verse also sound very modern, funny and cool. With them you not only want to illustrate the positive mood at Christmas time, but also to convey a few beautiful and expressive words to other loved ones and thus express your love and solidarity. Poems can also be found in Christmas Cards, are brought across wonderfully in electronic messages or in a personal address.

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Christmas poems

Christmas poems usually sound very soft and literally inspire you to rave and dream. They often refer to the baby Jesus, who was born on Christmas Eve. People are introduced to the essentials with melodious phrases and rhymes, namely charity and the peaceful togetherness of the family. The Christmas time is the most beautiful and popular time of the year when people are usually well-mannered and happy. You get closer and offer help to each other. Christmas poems bring this to the point and are therefore ideally suited to convey a few loving and meaningful words to your loved ones. A must Christmas poem not have a biblical touch, but can also be designed in a very contemporary way. It is only important that a clear message is expressed and that it warms hearts. Of course, Christmas poems sound particularly beautiful when you give them your own and let your own emotions flow in, but poems of this kind also arrive wonderfully in Christmas cards or in a unique WhatsApp message and are fun.

The snow, it falls, the bells ring,
the reindeer ’jump in front of the sled.
Santa is already ready,
Christmas Eve is not far away.
The sack is already filled to the brim,
the world enveloped by love.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The candles now light up brightly,
hearts warm up.
The Christmas season is approaching,
the angel choir sings heavenly.
The kids quickly decorate the fir
and wait for Santa Claus.
The festival of love, it is close,
the most beautiful time of the year!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

According to Juchee, the children are calling,
the first snow falls outside.
The candles on the wreath shine brightly,
all hearts are filled with love.
We are all ready now
for a sensually beautiful time!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The fir trees are covered in white snow,
the oven bakes delicious cookies.
The Christmas tree is nicely decorated,
all people very delighted.
Now only one thing is missing in the house:
Come in quickly, dear Santa Claus!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We wish for Christmas time
many beautiful days to you.
Christmas Eve is not far anymore,
enjoy contemplation.
Let yourself be richly gifted,
we definitely think of you!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Snowflakes tickle the nose
and a rabbit hops through the snow.
The frost paints flowers out of ice
and snow falls very quietly.
This winter magic keeps us trapped every year
and we are happy because now Christmas is here.
All the big and small worries
remain hidden under ice and snow these days.
A light burns in all of us,
it warms our hearts and does not leave us.
unknown author

Now you are happy! Christmas Eve is here!
The candles burn, a miracle happened.

We stand in front of the crib and look at the child,
No sound wants to disturb us, there is no wind outside.
unknown author

It can be found in the dictionary
"W" like "warmth" or "W" like "contradiction"
"E" like "unity" or "E" like "egoist"
under "I" one also reads "isolation"
and under "H" you find "hardness" –
unless you are looking for completely new values,
then it is certainly not too late
for the entry "I" like "integrity"
and can be found under "H" then "warmth" –
then CHRISTMAS is not far either!
We should never lose sight of that –
It’s up to us how we spell CHRISTMAS!
unknown author

We children did not want to disturb the Christ child very quietly,
we were familiar with his light wing beat at the time-
Now the children can no longer hear the Christ child –
Christmas is much too noisy and loud for that!
unknown author

Children’s eyes laugh under the pine tree,
expectations are high, you can hardly believe it,
Another year has passed,
hang beautiful cones on the fir trees.
They show the way to Christmas glory,
which falls as soon as the wonderful night begins.
unknown author

I wish you for the Christmas days
Contemplation and well-being
and may the new year too
to be successful as it was!
unknown author

Christ child came into the winter forest,
the snow was white, the snow was cold.
But when the holy child appeared,
it started to bloom in the winter forest.

Christkindlein went to the apple tree,
wakes him up from the winter dream.
“Give apples sweet, give apples tender,
give me all kinds of apples! ”

The apple tree, it shakes,
the apple tree, it shakes.
It’s raining apples all around;
Christkindlein’s bags became heavy.

The sweet fruits all took it,
and that’s how it came to people.
Well, sweet mouths, come, eat,
what Christ Child gave you!
Ernst von Wildenbruch

From the sky to the deepest fissures
a mild star is falling down;
Fragrances rise from the fir forest
and breathe through the winter air,
and the night becomes candlelight.
Theodor Storm

The Christ Child is amazed and confused,
see what is happening on earth now:
"What’s going on with people now
What is all the stress and the hustle and bustle for??
So far I’ve had Christmas Eve
still brought all the presents!
I was never stressed or nervous –
and it worked anyway – every year! "
unknown author

Give big or small,
but always solid.
When the considerate weigh the gift,
be clear to your conscience.

Give warmly and freely.
Give as a present,
what lives in you
in opinion, taste and humor,
so that your own joy before
amply rewarded you.

Give with spirit without cunning.
Be mindful,
that your gift –
You are yourself.
Joachim Ringelnatz

Sweet, delightful fragrance:
Christmas is in the air!
Baked apple and almond kernel,
Fir needle and poinsettia,
Gingerbread and candlelight:
Today it should be festive.
While white splendor outside
laughs at us at the windows,
we sit in the warm room
under the fragrant fir tree.
It is decorated with golden candles,
their light warms all hearts today,
and there is a sweet, delightful fragrance:
Christmas is in the air!
unknown author

What magic does this festival have?,
that makes us forget pain?
Where we are happy and gentle
and in the heart like a child?
Where we believe in the good
and deprive ourselves of fear …
Oh, you Christmas blessing!
You can move us very much!
unknown author

Love and silence should come at Christmas,
we have made a firm plan this year –
it should be a peaceful festival this time,
first we quickly buy everything,
clean and bake until the Christmas celebrations begin,
I forgot it – what did we want to remember?
unknown author

The candle lights shine in your heart,
let forget worries and pain.
An invisible ribbon winds around our souls
A child tenderly takes you by the hand.
unknown author

Christmas poems short

Many well-known Christmas poems have several stanzas and tell almost a whole story about the Holy Festival. For some people, reciting such poems may be the big highlight of the pre-Christmas season, but often longer Christmas greetings are lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas and only reach the recipient to a limited extent. Especially when several family members want to give a wonderful poem and the children are already excitedly waiting for their use next to the decorated Christmas tree. That’s where it comes from short Christmas poems often better here, because they get to the heart of the matter quickly, go to heart and have an uncanny expression. So why not better Make Christmas poems short and sweet, individualize them with your own words, and give your loved ones great joy. Short Christmas poems also work much better in one Christmas card or can be used to enhance a beautiful gift. Also come on Facebook or Twitter short christmas verses probably better than a long text that you can quickly scan. In the following we will show you how Christmas poems come into their own perfectly.

We wish you at Christmas time
a lot of joy, happiness and joy.
A lot of nice new things
should fill the house with laughter.
Today we do think of you,
want to give a lot of love.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

In addition to the studs and all the sweet
we would like to greet you very much.
Wish you contemplation
in this wonderful time.
May Santa Claus also honor you
and give the children rich gifts.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Santa Claus is standing in front of the gate,
has a lot of plans.
Let him go to the stub,
he wants to give young and old.
It is a day so full of joy,
fills all people with love.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Christmas Eve is not far away,
there is fun and happiness.
And also the snowman outside in the garden
is already looking forward to it.
Only the fourth candle is on
he arrives, Santa Claus.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The winter forest shines so white,
because the healing evening is coming soon.
Pack the presents quickly
and bake cookies with the kids,
stay in the warm room
and write the Christmas cards.
Then we are all ready
for a contemplative time.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

A child – from a slate sponge
Jumps over – happily runs through my mind.

Christmas is coming soon! – When the Christmas tree blooms,
Then he blooms little flame.
And heat flames. And the warmth is right
Us mild. – Songs, fragrances will fan. –
Those who no longer have little flames, who only glow with sparkles,
Will smile kindly after all.

When we dream of an eternal dream
All are hostile – once a year! –
All of us children feel like a tree.

How it’s supposed to be, how it used to be.
Joachim Ringelnatz

The snow falls quietly from the sky,
you sit with candles, cookies and tea.
Yes, then the time has come again,
then it’s Christmas time again.
Peace comes into every room,
the tree is decorated,
Santa Claus harnesses the reindeer
and comes to every home with gifts.
unknown author

It smells wonderful of cookies,
the little kitten lies by the stove.
The flakes fall from the sky outside
and rejoice children’s hearts.
Christmas fragrance fills the house
and nobody wants to get out in the cold.
It is so peaceful and quiet,
just like Santa Claus wants it.
unknown author

I like to travel in Christmas
And I’m far from the cheering of children
And go alone in the forest and snow.
And sometimes, but not every year,
Arrives my good hour,
That I was from everything that was there,
Healthy for a moment
And somewhere in the forest for an hour
Feel the childhood fragrance deep in your mind
And I’m a boy again …
Hermann Hesse

White flakes dance to earth in front of the window
and promise that it will be winter.
Now we sink back into the powdery snow
and a mirror made of ice, it covers the lake there.
The days are short and you like to be at home.
Children in bobble hats tiger around the house.
The snow captures them all
and gone childhood,
then the white splendor quickly becomes a burden,
when I handle a shovel and shovel
But nobody should ever lose this wonderful feeling.
The first snow has now fallen,
He brings blessings and happiness to everyone.
unknown author

Children’s eyes shine happily,
it gradually darkens outside,
Pine needles, candle scent –
Christmas is in the air!
Hearts pound excited,
Rooms are swept out,
everything sounds like arrival today
and with a happy heart people are waiting,
waiting for the time of silence,
deep in the heart, there lives the will
for peace, for love and for happiness.
A piece opens that night
from heaven also for earth beings,
because it was that night,
in which the Savior was born.
A child was chosen,
to bring salvation to the world,
of which the little angels still sing today.
On a dark winter night,
it was born
in the dark stable on old straw
and all hearts became happy.
Do you see the stars shining above??
So the candles shine on the wreaths,
four lights in the dark night
announce all Christmas splendor.
unknown author

Christmas – that was the time for reflection,
but our time is gaining speed
and while we celebrate, very happy, loud and lively
the time for reflection in the Christmas time goes down!
unknown author

Christmas will be for the world!
But for me – my drain is ordered,
I went on such a night of the year
Once shining on love’s splendor!
And in the childhood Christmas tree
Englein was the first dream!
And from the ice-crystal lap
Get rid of the first flower –
I’ve been watching it every year since then
Not what is still – only what was once!
Adele Schopenhauer

By the flake fall
sounds sweet bell sound.
It’s in the winter night
a sweet mouth wakes up.

Heart what are you trembling
to the sweet bells?
What touches the deep reason
your sweet mouth?

What was lost,
you meant always,
that all comes back now,
a blissful happiness for children.

O night of the Lord
with your love star,
from your pure lap
wrestles a miracle.
Gustav Falcon

It is considered the quietest time,
Advent when Christmas is not far away.
Gradually the candles shine brightly,
until the tree shines bright and bright.
Everyone is under the Christmas tree
and feel like in a dream.
Silent night fills the hearts
and relieves from grief and pain.
unknown author

Calm and contemplation –
We wish that at Christmas time,
but as so often happens,
this wish is then ignored!
Then the Christmas season begins
Santa Claus brings us every year
instead of silence, contemplation and tranquility
a mountain of gifts for safety,
because he also tries hard,
that he just can’t do with peace and quiet!
Because we totally forget to think about it –
we can only give ourselves some things!
unknown author

How will we be happy?!
All people in the world, big and small,
be happy and thank you for christmas day,
that may bring us so much joy and peace.
unknown author

Funny Christmas poems

Christmas time is on the one hand a time of silence, in which many people can think and reflect on life in peace, on the other hand you can enjoy the gathering of all family members, the great excitement of the children and the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. One thing is clear: The best time of the year is also the most exciting and happy time! You have a lot of fun and you would like to share your joy and excitement with all dear people. So you write funny christmas poems, which you either give in a large style and thus provide enough humor in the contemplative parlor, or which can be used as input for a great Christmas card, SMS or email. A little further down you will find a few very amusing and funny Christmas poems that you can use as a guide. Put an even bigger smile on the faces of friends and relatives at Christmas time and live according to the motto: "Let us be happy and cheerful!“In the following you can get an idea of ​​it, how Christmas poems come into their own in a funny and witty way.

Who comes there, you see that too?
A Santa Claus with a big belly.
He’s dragging a big sack,
it’s actually much too difficult.
How can the little kids
be so good all year round …
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

What is the Christmas time??
Days of contemplation?
It’s even more, I’ll say in advance:
It is the time of winter bacon!
Already the delicious Christmas scents
show up at lightning speed on the hip.
So you do because of the Christmas stollen
unashamedly roll into spring.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Tonight, there was a bang!
Santa, he fell!
He crashed through the fireplace,
has made a lot of dirt.
I really met him,
I think he was drunk!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

If you have too much mulled wine there
you miss the best time of the year.
You wake up at some point in the morning
and hear the Easter bunnies laugh.
So don’t look too deep into the glass
and enjoy the Christmas fun!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

It is the time of harmony,
but it never works without stress.
You do run for the presents,
let the biscuit burn in the oven,
always have to do so in a friendly way,
doesn’t have time to rest.
But no matter what we do,
there is always something to laugh about!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The reindeer sleigh is no longer available,
since you ordered on the internet!
Delivery too slow, load too heavy –
Santa is flying jumbo jet today!
unknown author

The bell rings,
the cash registers ring.
Where does the money come from??
It is unbelievable.
All year round,
there is complaint
and at Christmas like in
Land of milk and honey.
unknown author

Last night there was a loud bang,
so I almost fall out of bed,
I creep up quietly,
passed out in front of me – Santa Claus.
He probably fell over toys,
from the last Christmas,
and our cat Mikesch,
then gave him the rest.
unknown author

The Rudolph looks through the keyhole,
the Christ child is still showering.
The Holy Spirit comes without pants
joined drunken.
And he rings Rudolph’s bells,
this drooling in the socks.
But suddenly there, the Christ child hears,
comes out naked with a lot of pompörets.
It grabs the Rudolph on the Gorschel
and tugs at his snorkel like crazy.
The Holy Spirit oh ei da dautz,
runs far out of your mind
and proclaims from the heart,
from the Rudolph’s severe pain.
unknown author

Run, run, always run,
this is our Christmas party,
like we don’t know otherwise
because it’s not going to catch us.
The whole country in Christmas fever,
the shopping frenzy as an epidemic,
nothing would be better for the festival
as the shopping euphoria.
And we buy the ties,
which nobody ever wears,
buy one until exhausted,
until the time for exchange strikes.
unknown author

In front of the window, it makes hoho,
children’s hearts will be happy.
When the Christ child jingles at the door,
soon there are parcels in the room.
unknown author

The bell rings,
the cash registers ring.
Where does the money come from??
It is unbelievable.
All year round,
there is complaint
and at Christmas like in
Land of milk and honey.
unknown author

Let it snow,
on a frozen lake
in a forest.
But soon
comes a deer,
to the lake.
unknown author

Do it like the Christmas bear –
he doesn’t take life so hard.
Don’t worry about its fur,
he loves the world very warm and bright.
And should it be dark,
he enjoys it by candlelight!
unknown author

The tree burned, gift forgotten,
the goose is already eaten
and only stupid gifts on the table,
well then a nice Christmas Eve!
unknown author

Now the Christmas season threatens again
and the bigger pants are ready,
because now it’s time to eat, eat
and forget about diet plans as soon as possible.
Cookies, pies and cakes are at risk,
not only at home, also during visits,
when Christmas is over, you lie flat
on the couch is infinitely full for now.
unknown author

Do you know Rudolph, the reindeer?
He whizzes away with his red nose.
It helps Santa in fog, snow and rain,
so that he can find everyone.
He even tracks you down with his nose,
you can really rely on it!
unknown author

Friends, it’s wonderful,
Christmas time is within reach.
You all know what that means,
Stress that pulls us off our stools.
Screeching children, annoyed women,
Prices that blow us away,
but in the end a beaming laugh
and days that make us happy.
unknown author

Advent, Advent, your cell phone is on fire.
First the antenna, then the buttons
and finally the whole box.
Then the battery is also wide,
you know it’s Christmas time!
unknown author

Oh fir tree, oh fir tree,
Christmas is approaching, you can hardly believe it,
recently the sky was clear,
because it was still summer,
all of a sudden it got cold,
now the winds are blowing, from the far north,
first leaves colored, then the leaves fell,
now the snow falls like white dust.
Oh fir tree, oh fir tree,
warm Christmas remains a dream.
unknown author

The same question year after year:
The Christ Child or Santa Claus?
It’s been clear to us for a long time –
the match runs out for the Christ child!
Whether the curly-haired child with a halo,
that fulfills every Christmas wish
or the old man with a goatee and red stole?
No matter, the tradition is important to us –
the Christ Child traditionally drinks punch
– and Santa Claus only drinks coke!
unknown author

You come home stressed from your job ’,
it looks festive everywhere,
decorated gardens, illuminated discs,
Children who drive insane.
“Think about the roast, gifts and wine,
and then please pack the presents! ”,
yes, it is like this every year,
Christmas and wonderful.
unknown author

The family used to sing,
in front of the Christmas tree,
to bell sound,
the internet is helping us out today,
otherwise it would be very quiet in the house.
unknown author

Cold, poverty, hunger in the country –
The main thing is that Santa Claus doesn’t shame us!
The main thing is that the gifts fall on us –
we will take care of the world again in the new year!
unknown author

Outside, the lake is very quiet,
hectic hustle and bustle wherever I look.
Shops full, shelves empty,
check it out,
Christmas is coming.
unknown author

Contemplative hours under the glowing tree,
for many people this is the dream.
For many, it’s only enough for beer,
because unfortunately they live on Hartz 4.
unknown author

"Jingle Bells" and "Every year again",
at Christmas you sing happy songs.
Even those who don’t dare to sing,
gets loud at the sight of the presents.
Because it will be given presents on this day,
who doesn’t like to sing "Oh Christmas tree".
unknown author

When the snow falls wonderful
and the children are happy,
when the ice on the street
and we all a mulled wine need,
then you know, the time has come:
She is here, the Christmas season.
unknown author

A phenomenon is every year,
the politeness of the crowd.
Where else the doors slam violently
and sing songs from the boxes,
one finds friendliness now,
ready for every move.
It is hardly because of the upbringing,
usually it’s the gifts
under the Christmas tree.
unknown author

The loud laugh was taken away from us,
because the time for reflection has come –
We can laugh again next year –
Then in the carnival, in February!
But the Christmas season is not as sad as you think –
A contemplative smile full of peace – that’s allowed!
unknown author

Rudolph has a red nose,
the mulled wine presses on his bladder,
drowned he flies from house to house
and give my greetings.
unknown author

Pop champagne cork,
Snowflakes falling from the sky.
Today on Christmas night
many bottles are opened.
Because for cheerful Christmas parties
many thirsty guests come.
We drink and are happy,
because the Christmas potion is very good for us.
We mostly know that,
also in the bottle ’the Christmas spirit.
unknown author

Mom, give me a cell phone,
like Sandy’s,
with the latest finesse,
you can forget this.
Mine is already too old,
it’s three months soon.
unknown author

In dulci jubilo
We sing and are happy,
because the Christmas stress is over,
rest and peace can return!
unknown author

Silver bells, candlelight,
let Santa Claus in!
He’s in Heil’gen Nacht
Big and small brought something!
Toys, socks and sweets,
everything that tastes very good to you.
So celebrate under the Christmas tree,
the man with the beard is not a dream.
unknown author

Look, the fourth candle is burning –
Who is running through the winter forest??
The Christ Child, so desperate, hard to measure –
It completely forgot about Christmas this year!
You hear it cry and complain in horror
it even wants to ask Santa for help –
but that is and remains just a pious wish –
he is still asleep, very happy with mulled wine and punch!
Thank God there is trade – with free delivery –
otherwise Christmas would probably be canceled this year!
unknown author

Christmas Verse

A Christmas poem usually consists of several verses that build on one another and give the whole a certain depth. Poems are increasingly being written and recited, especially at Christmas time. For the children, it is simply a matter of presenting a memorized poem to Santa Claus and then being rewarded with gifts from the big bag. Adults also love the contemplative atmosphere at Christmas. Deep and expressive verses for Christmas contribute a lot to a perfect Christmas idyll and are therefore often given to the best in the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas Verse are not only suitable for oral announcements under the Christmas tree, but are also an impressive gift for loved ones. So you can wonderfully insert a stylish poem for Christmas into a card and thus a particularly extraordinary and memorable one Christmas greeting leave. Impressive Christmas verses are also suitable as a gift in themselves, because often words say more than an expensive gift that is "used up" after some time.

In this beautiful season
children’s laughter isn’t far.
Grandma bakes sweet cookies
together with the little darlings.
And the kids are delighted,
how mom decorates the room today.
With dad it goes into the snow,
according to Juchee, the children are calling.
How beautiful these days are
for mother, father and also child!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The Christmas season full of harmony
belongs to the family.
All hearts open
you sit together, don’t argue.
Hugging is never wrong,
because it gives so much joy.
One wishes very much, yes no question,
many nice family days!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The relatives, they are there,
celebrate with us this year.
So we are now looking forward to it
in the colorfully decorated winter country
to good Santa Claus,
who can give us love.
The Christmas season is just beautiful
and really should never go away.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Mother, father and also child
are probably quite excited.
Christmas Eve is not far away,
the gifts are ready.
And the tree also shines brightly,
one is happy and healthy.
And also enveloped with love,
that fills all day.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Once upon a time there was a dancer
with brown cake heart
and glitter gold and apples fine
and lots of colorful candle:
It was so green at Christmas,
as if it was just starting to bloom.

But after not too long,
there stood in the garden below,
and all its glory
was, oh, gone.
The green needles were withered,
the heart and the candle away.

Until one day the gardener came,
froze at home in the dark,
and put it in his oven –
hei! spray and sparkle there!
And flared cheering skyward
in a hundred flames on God’s heart.
Christian Morgenstern

That was once a child on earth,
Christkindlein comes every year.

Comes from the high starry tent,
happy and happy all world!

Happy celebrating the day with children,
where Christ Child lay in the crib;

The Christmas tree ignites everywhere,
awakens organ sound and bell sound.

Christ child comes to poor and rich,
the good guys are all the same to him.

Then thank him and greet him fine,
happy Christchild too!
Peter Cornelius

There are so wonderful white nights,
All things in it are silver.
Some stars shimmer so softly,
As if he brought pious shepherds
To a new baby Jesus.

As much as with dense diamond dust
The hall and flood appear sprinkled,
And in the heart, dreamy,
A chapel-less faith rises,
Who quietly does his miracles.
Rainer Maria Rilke

The children dream of the Christ child and Santa Claus,
who can bring the gifts?
No matter who brings the gifts,
every child is happy.
The tree is decorated, the candles light up
and the hearts of men are warmed.
Christmas is and everyone is happy,
about the birth of Jesus today.
unknown author

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree,
How loyal are your leaves!
You don’t just green in summer,
no, even in winter when it snows.
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree,
How loyal are your leaves!

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree,
I like you very much.
How often is not at Christmas time
a tree of yours delights me!
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree,
I like you very much!

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree,
your dress wants to teach mic:
Hope and permanence
gives comfort and strength at all times.
O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree,
your dress wants to teach me something.
Ernst Anschütz

I wish this year
Christmas as it used to be.
No rushing for the mess,
no giving without heart and mind.
I wish you a quiet night.
frosty and with white splendor.
I want a little piece
back from warm humanity.
I wish this year
‘Christmas as it was as a child.
It was once, it’s been a long time,
there was so little – so much more.
unknown author

We want to give ourselves more love and time –
now that christmas is not far away. .
The idea seems wonderful . . . .
but how is it all year round?
What we wanted to give away for Christmas,
every day we should give!
unknown author

Our forest in a white dress,
gratitude in souls.
The sound of bells is heard from afar
I love that time!
Hope makes the heart very big,
Children rest in mother’s lap.
Fear and worry set,
Christmas fragrance is in the world …
There is peace that night,
that brought us Jesus Christ …
unknown author

Fairy lights shine in the dark,
and many candles shine with charm,
sparkling children’s eyes sparkle –
so it’s bright and warm in the heart!
unknown author

Candlelight and Christmas lantern
the Christmas lights up brightly.
Bells ring near and far,
Peace should be on earth.
unknown author

Presents abound,
don’t you finally want to see them?
Who are they all for?
on this holy, beautiful night?
The children have been looking forward to for days,
holding is pointless, they run away,
hardly that they hear the Christmas ringing
Christmas is today! You dear people.
unknown author

Papa is slowly trudging through the forest,
it’s snowing and it’s cold.
He is looking for the tree for Christmas,
which he then lights up with candles.
The children are suddenly calm and quiet,
because the Christ child wants it that way.
It puts the presents around the tree,
only then does the bell sound in the sacred space.
unknown author

Christmas is quiet, Christmas is quiet
Christmas is peaceful if you want to!
Christmas brings joy, Christmas makes happy –
The "silent night" is not a noisy show!
unknown author

Christmas poem

Even weeks before Christmas Eve, many children are busy looking around for suitable Christmas poems and ambitious card writers are considering how they can skillfully love theirs Write Christmas greetings to friends, relatives and colleaguesn. After all, you don’t want toMerry Christmas!“Come along or once again present a traditional poem from Uroma’s times, but surprise with unique and original verses. A Christmas poem should just fit and underline the beautiful atmosphere and love during this time. It doesn’t matter how long or short, how biblical or contemporary, how intimate or humorous that is Christmas poem is. Rather, a Christmas poem should really be written from the heart and specifically address the recipient. What would Christmas be without a beautiful poem that would further enhance the peaceful atmosphere and warm up not only the room, but also hearts? Take your time and write an extraordinary Christmas poem for loved ones. You can get some inspiration below.

In this beautiful time of the year
I like to write letters.
Since I have to think a lot about you
I’d like to give it to you here.
I wish you a nice time
full of joy, happiness and joy!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’m not Santa Claus,
but I’ll arrive with something nice.
I give you very nice lines,
which should overtake you to the festival.
I wish you the best,
festive days and many guests!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

With a lot of letters on the sledge
comes the postman ridden.
And I certainly think so,
there is something for you!
Because on this beautiful festival
one likes to leave greetings!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Since I have Christmas parties
at my house ’a lot of guests,
we don’t see each other any longer,
but I think a lot about you!
Take this card here
as a little gift from me!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

A gnome is coming today …
is already tired, has to catch a breath.
He brings the post to you very quickly
with a Christmas greeting from me.
I just hope your sack is full
and you’re enjoying the Christmas cake ’.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The market and streets are deserted,
every house silently illuminates,
I ponder the streets,
everything looks so peaceful.

There are women at the windows
colorful toys decorated piously,
a thousand children stand and look,
are so wonderfully happy.

And I’m walking out of the walls
out into the open field,
noble shine, holy shiver!
How vast and calm the world!

Stars twist the circles,
from the snow’s loneliness
it rises like wonderful singing –
o you gracious time!
Joseph von Eichendorff

Autumn has not yet fully escaped,
But as a servant Ruprecht, yes
Winter is coming,
And soon from the middle of snow
Sounds of the sled bell’s tone.

And what recently, far and near,
Looked down at us in color,
Towers, roofs and branches are white,
And the year is running out,
And the nicest festival is here.

Day you the birth of the Lord,
You are still far from us today,
But fir trees, angels, flags
Let us already guess the day,
And we can already see the star.
Theodor Fontane

Christmas – nights of bright candles
and childishness!
And so I wholeheartedly wish
a radiantly beautiful, contemplative time!
unknown author

Lucia brings light into the dark,
her wreath shines so wonderfully!
Lots of lights and candles
make the rare sun ache.
Straw dolls and pastries as tree decorations,
Fish and jelly are eaten – in no time.
unknown author

Just look, the snow falls very gently and white flakes,
invite you to the door, who wants to sit there in the living room?.
A snowball fight is not only a hit for children
and everyone starts running and is very enthusiastic.
When snowflakes dance, you get red noses
and a white dress, it covers the green lawn.
Everything looks enchanted and very festive.
Winter time is here, come out!
unknown author

Christ child, come to our house.
Unpack the big bags.
Put the mold under the table,
that he eats hay and oats.
He doesn’t eat hay and oats,
He doesn’t get sugar pretzels!

The consecration of the night
Another Christmas party,
the rest is getting smaller,

but I’ll take the sum,
all degrees, all crooked,

everything wrong, everything right,
all good, all bad –

pays off from all the shower
but a real life out.

And this is the best
probably at this Christmas party.
Theodor Fontane

Shining like a beautiful dream,
the Christmas tree stands in front of us.
Just see how golden light
breaks on the delicate balls.
"Merry Christmas" it sounds soft
and a star goes on the journey.
Shines brightly from the sky tent
down to the whole world.
unknown author

Dear Ones, everyone come in, be very close to me,
because the beautiful Christmas season is here.
These happy days in life
can only give you the security of the family.
Everyone is now moving closer together
and take care of the others.
Finally we are all reunited.
Christmas alone has accomplished this miracle.
unknown author

Winter wonderland, all white,
Christmas bells,
Baked apples and chestnuts, hot,
standing under the Christmas tree in amazement –
See Christmas with children’s eyes!
unknown author

We celebrate with all friends and relatives,
with family, uncles and aunts.
When the candles light up the room,
Children’s eyes can’t grasp it,
then Christmas is in every room
and lots of presents under the tree.
unknown author

It’s snowing at Christmas – it’s clear!
Santa Claus presents gifts.
A fir tree is richly decorated,
Cookies become a delight for the palate.
Every child in Germany knows that.
Like other countries are?
unknown author

When one gives love to another,
when the misery of the unfortunate is alleviated,
when hearts are satisfied and happy,
God descends from heaven
and brings the light:
then it’s Christmas.
Christmas song from Haiti

Christmas! today
Come an infinite number of people
In all churches in this big world.
So that it may please God and man.
unknown author

Contemplative Christmas poems

Crowded Christmas markets, last minute gift purchases and lots of excited family members at the laid Christmas table – the contemplative Christmas time is not always so contemplative and calm, but it is fun and makes the heart beat faster. In any case, you yourself can do a little to bring a little more contemplation into your room, for example by doing a lot Write contemplative Christmas poems, carry it forward and give it away. Create your perfect Christmas idyll and inspire relatives, acquaintances and friends with impressive verses that pay special attention to the meaning of the Holy Festival. It is entirely up to you whether you use classic biblical verses or choose modern lines with a lot of depth of thought and expressiveness. When writing your contemplative lines, think of your loved ones and increase the positive Christmas mood. Give contemplative Christmas poems in a speech or skilfully insert them into one stylish christmas mail on. Your words will definitely go down well.

We sing songs by Fried ’and Freud’
and celebrate these days today ’.
With loved ones on the side
let’s enjoy the Christmas season.
The candles shine on the wreath,
Christmas goose is braising in the oven.
Snow gently falls in front of the window,
so that time doesn’t go by quickly.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

On the white fir tips
you can see little angels sitting.
You take good care of yourself during this time,
that nobody makes nonsense.
Because it’s Christmas time
the most peaceful time of the year.
So do laugh, sing, joke
and open your warm hearts.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Santa Claus hurries over
brings gifts from house to house.
His red pointed hats
you can see flashing under the snow.
And in the nicely decorated rooms
girls and boys are waiting
with excited red cheeks
on the many beautiful packages.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The bells are ringing, the time has come,
Christmas time begins.
It is getting lighter in the room,
colorful plates are well filled.
And there’s something in the air …
a wonderful Christmas scent.
Nobody likes to be alone now,
you celebrate togetherness.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The socks are full to the brim,
flakes dance outside the window.
Children write with joy
your wishlist now ’.
It’s hardly time to rest,
because there is always something to do.
Nevertheless, it is Christmas time
full of love and contemplation!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Overnight, the world was wrapped in a dream of white.
It has snowed and the heart is filled with joy and grace.
Christmas is coming soon and the first snow is not only great for children.
Flakes dance from the sky and the number keeps growing.
The house and the street shine in festive splendor
and the children laugh and join in this fun dance.
unknown author

It’s wet and cold outside, it’s snowing
that shouldn’t grieve us,
it is still Christmas time
that we all love.
I send greetings from the bottom of my heart
and think of you in the light of the candles.
unknown author

When the first frosts crackle
in the forest near Bavarian Moss,
goes a whisper and a whisper
off in the fir trees-
a giggle and humming all around.
A fir tree learns poems,
a lark is listening to her.
A thick, old spruce
says annoyingly: give it rest!
Candlelight and Christmas time are still far away!
Twenty-four long days
is curled and trimmed
and the grove without question
beautifully dressed up.
Who else asks: why? Why? –
he’s stupid!
What the whisper means here,
you know even in the sparrow’s nest:
Every fir tree prepares
now before Christmas.
Because to be a Christmas tree,
that’s fine!
James Krüss

Every time the year comes to an end
and the first snow appears on earth,
then we know it’s so far,
now is the quietest time again.
Christmas, the feast of love,
if it only stayed that way all year round.
Peace and quiet fill the hearts,
when the candles burn on the tree.
unknown author

A warm glow from candles,
forever warmth in the heart,
around the world of peace light –
so Christmas would really be a poem!
unknown author

The star
If you had almost more brains
than like the three wise men from the east

and would think that he would never be
followed the little star like her;

nevertheless, if now Christmas
makes his little light shine,

also falls on his sensible face,
he may notice it or not,

a friendly beam,
the miracle star of yesteryear.
Wilhelm Busch

The world is sinking in the light.
One even thinks highly of the frolic.
But secretly in front of the mirror
you feel terribly alone.
Take your heart,
overcome the pain,
anywhere in the world,
lives your own hero.
unknown author

Now rejoice, dear people
because the Christ child comes today!
And it brings with a quick pace
sure a lot of gifts with!
But don’t just think about the value
which Christmas gives.
Because once it was, you heard it?
Jesus Christ was born!
unknown author

Ringing light through candlelight,
Christmas like mild forest fragrance,
and a simple happiness sprinkles on the threshold,
beautiful flowers of the past.
Joachim Ringelnatz

On all colorful Christmas cards
good wishes can be expected,
Health, love and God’s blessing
everyone wishes you on your way –
and yet often wishes from this friend’s char
no one to see you during the year!
You write many Christmas wishes too –
and then you have –
the happiness of the friends you wish for it,
often forgotten soon after New Year!
unknown author

The children flatten their noses,
because it finally snowed for the first time today.
Now the sleds are unpacked
and the ice underfoot, it cracks.
The first snowball fight is already underway
and the snowman with his coal nose laughs.
The house and garden are decorated very festively
and you see the little ones waiting for the Christ child.
We make our way through the fun of the flakes
and the lake is frozen and the jetty has almost disappeared.
The snow envelops us in a cotton cloud
and invites us to be children again.
unknown author

Shining trees, blinding trees,
Sweetness everywhere.
Moving in the shine,
Arousing old and young hearts –
Such a festival is given to us.
Some gifts adore jewelry;
We look up and down in amazement,
Back and forth and over and over again.

But, prince, if you come across it
And an evening blessing you,
That as lights, that as flames
Before you all shone together.
Everything you targeted,
All who are committed to you:
With elevated mental gaze
You felt wonderful delight.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Firs and thoughts are snowy,
that are related to Christmas celebrations.
Icy is a lot of mishap,
that I’m contemplating today ’.
And every year at that time
gratitude and bliss fill me.
It sounds from afar: “Hallelujah!”
Christmas is back …
unknown author

Christmas poems

What is Christmas without poems?? Probably an Easter without eggs. Christmas poems simply belong to the most beautiful time of the year, they make you happy and further enhance the positive Christmas mood. Christmas poems are performed everywhere, in the church, at the Christmas party or at school. Why are poems so popular for Christmas? Quite simply – because they sound beautiful and touch hearts. Topics such as charity, family togetherness, peace and helpfulness come to the point in Christmas poems, which arouses great feelings and emotions in many people. Regardless of whether it is a very old classic poem or a modern verse – at Christmas you like to give away sweet words to your loved ones to convey your deep connection, your love and your gratitude. A beautiful Christmas poem is often a wonderful addition to warm wishes, which can be conveyed, for example, in Christmas cards or in person. You might find a few inspiring ones below Examples of your individual Christmas poem.

The candles are burning on the Tann ’,
The children run through the rooms.
The bells ring in the distance,
all people like each other.
And the whole family
enjoy the joy and harmony.
Funny funny tralla lalla la,
Christmas time is finally here!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Every year
let’s sing beautiful Christmas carols,
festively decorate the room,
buy a christmas tree,
do think of other people
and give us a lot of love.
We wish everyone far and wide
a peaceful Christmas time!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

They’re cleaned, the children’s shoe ’,
everything is waiting in peace now
to dear Nicholas,
who moves from house to house today.
Sweet things that taste good
do awaken joy in the children.
That’s why everyone says loudly,
when chocolate is in the shoe!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

You wish people on earth today,
that they are richly gifted.
It would be enough for now,
when anger and pain just give way.
Right now at Christmas time
hearts are warm, hearts are wide.
Everyone approaches each other,
enjoy peace and tranquility!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

The Christmas bells are shrilling,
white flakes fall from the sky.
With our noses red and cold
we move through the winter forest.
Maybe we can see the Christ child
before we go home.
Because soon there will be mess
for young and old, for big and small.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We almost forgot what Christmas is
Christmas is more than a festive meal.
Christmas is more than noise and buying,
walking through neon-lit streets.
Christmas is: having time for the children,
and also small gifts for strangers.
Christmas is more than gifts.
Christmas is: thinking with your heart.
And old candlelit songs –
that’s how christmas should be!
unknown author

Many lights of small candles
shine brightly in our hearts,
exude warm, cozy air
and we smell that scent,
because there is only in winter,
because every child loves so deeply:
It smells of security,
for love and for intimacy,
a fragrance that makes everyone happy:
it is the scent of Christmas.
unknown author

You’re rushed all year round
Through work, through life
Now it’s time to sit down
May you rest for Christmas.
Light a candle
Look into the warm flame
Or infect in abundance
All the lights on the fir tree.
Let the silence in you
That wants to refresh your heart
Through Bethlehem’s starlight
Send you the message of peace.
unknown author

The windows decorated for Christmas,
everywhere it glows contemplatively in the house.
Every child’s heart is delighted,
because Santa is coming today.

There are gifts for young and old,
and the sound of the bell vibrates softly.
Santa Claus trudges through the night
He must have thought of you too.
unknown author

The gingerbread man
He’s not even from Africa
and yet so tanned.
Where is he from? I thought so: ’
from gingerbread country!
Has currant eyes
and almonds all round.

How beautiful everyone finds him –
the gingerbread man!

He is looking forward to the Christmas tree,
there he would like to stand underneath.
The glow of lights – he hardly believes it -,
he wants to see it,
with eyes of Korithen
and almonds all round.

How wonderful he’ll find it –
the gingerbread man!

If only I weren’t such a culprit
and could resist,
then everything would be all well and good,
everything would be fine and beautiful.
How good currants taste?
Are almonds a pleasure?
I want to lick very quickly
on the sweet frosting.

And the tree is in the candlelight,
and then is it there –
there is someone missing who doesn’t see it,
now I’m sorry myself.
Nibbled the currants, the almonds all around …

He is no longer to be found –
the gingerbread man.
unknown author

Christmas in the family is the most beautiful celebration.
You are together and have a lot to tell each other.
The family is the most beautiful and like in a warm nest
you feel cared for and would not choose another place.
Christmas in family, everyone looks forward to home.
Finally everyone is united again, whether big or small.
Santa Claus distributes gifts and does not miss any.
The best part of the year can only be Christmas with the family.
unknown author

What would Christmas be without the snow on the doorstep?.
It enchants the world and arouses the longing in you.
A time of deep peace begins and love awakens.
Before Christmas Eve it snowed overnight.
Now we are all children again at heart
and are happy that we are all together under the Christmas tree.
unknown author

Once upon a time there was a dancer
with brown cake heart
and glitter gold and apples fine
and lots of colorful candle:
that was so green at Christmas
as if it was just starting to bloom.

But after not too long,
there stood in the garden below
and all its glory
was, oh, gone.

The green needles were withered
the hearts and the candles away.
Until one day the gardener came
froze at home in the dark,

and put it in his oven-
Hei! Tats spray and sparkle there!
And flared cheering skyward
in a hundred flames in God’s heart.
Christian Morgenstern

Christmas poems

What could be nicer than excited children, who proudly and joyfully present poems for Christmas next to the decorated Christmas tree? How nice is it to see that the beloved grandma even sheds tears of emotion when she gets her personal Christmas poem read to her? In the most beautiful time of the year, besides the many smaller and larger gifts, above all kind words and great feelings are important. At no other time in the year are loving words so well received as at Christmas, when cheerfulness, cheerfulness, joy and gratitude prevail. So write an extraordinary Christmas poem for family and friends and convey your connection and love. You can easily take up the traditional poems and give them in a modified form. Or you can take a look at our beautiful ones Templates for Christmas poems, that can help you create a unique and expressive Christmas poem. Whether short or long, classic or peppy – write poems for Christmas that perfectly match the recipient and the Christmas atmosphere.

Under all the pine cones
we hear the elves trudge.
They help out with the gifts,
do the sled steer towards you.
You will hurry up very quickly
and then distribute gifts.
We would like to greet you very quickly
and so sweeten your evening.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’m doing my pen swing today
and I’d like to bring you kind regards.
I wish you a nice time
full of joy and comfort.
Enjoy the happiness in the house
and unpack a lot of presents!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I wish you all the best today,
many gifts, no rod.
Take everyone by the hand,
are overwhelmed by love.
Enjoy the best time of the year,
because it’s just wonderful!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

HO HO HO, I’m sending you
a dear greeting from me.
Yes, he is coming, completely lying,
approached directly from the North Pole.
No way is too far for you,
I wish you a nice Christmas time!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Should be your days
but angelic and flawless.
Enjoy time with relatives,
with all uncles and also aunts.
And at some point, I guess so,
Santa will rush to you too.
Bring you a lot of nice things
and will make you all happy.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

When it shivers and freezes outside,
then everyone sits behind his home door.
When you hear Rudolph in the distance,
then Santa will come soon.
He rings and knocks on your door,
let him in so he doesn’t freeze.
Therefore quickly and run you little children
open the door and let him in.
unknown author

Every year, you have to confess,
torment us the same questions
and we are looking for ideas:
what gifts should we choose?

What do we want for Christmas
present to our loved ones this year?
A new year in which we love and respect them
and think of them with respect!
unknown author

Adults and children, big and small
sit expectantly under the glow
of the fir tree that stands there brightly lit.,
we pray with prayer until the little light goes out.
unknown author

How wonderful this day is!
For months he was far away.
Now he is there and we want to celebrate big,
today Jesus is born again in Mary’s lap.
unknown author

O beautiful, wonderful Christmas time!
What do you bring joy and happiness!
If the holy christ in every house
hands out his dear gifts.

And the house is so small,
so the holy christ comes in,
and everyone is dear to him like his own,
the poor and the rich, the big and the small.

The holy christ thinks of everyone,
each one is given by him.
So let us be happy and thankful!
He also thinks ours, mine and yours!
Heinrich Hoffmann from Fallersleben

The tree shines brightly with its lights,
Joy looks out of their faces.
I take your warm hand,
kidnap you to my Christmas land.
unknown author

Do you hear the bells ringing now?
and the angel choirs sing?
Let us also remember the Lord
and give us happiness and peace.
Because love has a lot of power,
not just for the holy night!
unknown author

Dear people, Christmas is here!
Dance and sing happily a loud hallelujah!
We are happy, celebrate the festival together,
shake hands lovingly with the guests`.
unknown author

Christmas is wonderful,
what a great glow of lights,
Christmas is as it always was,
we give ourselves completely to the child.
Christmas, that will be back soon,
then we will enjoy,
all people sing songs
from the heart again and again.
unknown author

The wind is blowing in the winter forest
The flock of flakes like a shepherd,

And some fir trees suspect how balde
She becomes pious and holy,

And listen out. The white ways
Stretch out the branches – ready,

And fends off the wind and grows against it
The one night of glory.
Rainer Maria Rilke

See the star of Bethlehem!
Have you already seen something like that??
He shines on the little hut.
See, the little child in the middle!
It’s in the mother’s arm.
This keeps it firm and warm.
Yes – a person was born here
whom God has chosen for us!
unknown author

At Christmas time, in silence,
I think in abundance,
of the years that have passed and lost,
of the feelings that are hidden,
under a load of snow and ice,
are lost, very quiet and quiet.
unknown author

Saint Nicholas was already there.
Everything is clear with the Christ Child.
The gifts are packaged and beautiful
to look at children’s eyes.
When it’s finally Christmas Eve
you quickly forget worry and grief.
Do you hear how beautiful the bell sounds?
It’s like an angel is singing.
Oh Christmas beautiful and heavenly
make us all rich in our hearts!
unknown author

Christmas poems for children

They are the little ones who look forward to Christmas all year round and would like to write the wish list to Santa Claus months in advance. The children are also the ones who memorize their poems with enthusiasm and creativity, so that they can be played on Christmas Eve in front of all family members. In addition to long classic poems extraordinary Christmas poems for children forth, which are then presented with great joy and pride or written. Christmas poems for children don’t have to be infinitely long and complex. They should be in child-friendly and understandable language, so that the content and meaning of the verses are understood. A poem can be biblical in character, rather modern or even funny. Let the little ones decide for themselves how and what they would like to present to the family on Christmas Eve and help them, the right Christmas verses in a child-friendly form to find.

Santa Claus, hurry up here,
I want a teddy bear.
And what to snack on is clear,
at this sweet time of the year.
I know you can read the book,
i was a good kid!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’m a cute little boy,
I’ll bake you cookies, bring you milk.
I look forward to seeing you soon,
to stand with you in front of the Christmas tree.
Please do me a rich gift
and also think of the family!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I am so cheerful, I am so happy,
looking forward to the days.
Show me a chocolate man
under the decorated fir.
And makes the bag really full,
a nice toy would be great!
But more important, I know that,
is that we’re all here today!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Let’s build a snowman
and look for Santa Claus.
Maybe he can’t do it alone
in here with his big sack.
Yes, it’s Christmas time
very helpful.
Charity is worth a lot,
the angels taught us that.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Papa and also Mamilein,
I’m happy to be your child.
And in those nice days
I would like to say thank you.
Thanks for all the beautiful gifts,
that I’ll have in my poke.
Because what was on my note
you were very well known.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

When is Christmas time??
When it’s snowing hard outside,
when we crack nuts,
when we bake cookies,
when we sing with the mother,
when all the bells are ringing,
when everyone is happy,
then it’s Christmas time!
unknown author

Advent, Advent,
A little light burns!
First one, then two, then three, then four,
Then the Christ child is at the door.
unknown author

Santa Claus, oh Santa Claus
how I like you well.
Comes with gifts every year,
and are always there on time.
You make all children happy,
that’s why we like you.
unknown author

Now the Christ child is coming soon,
we get fir trees from the forest,
for a wreath so round and fine,
four red candles burn on it.
Today we light the first one,
the second is on Sunday,
at the third there the whole face is already shining,
because it smells like Christmas everywhere.
And when the fourth turned on,
then the bells ring on Christmas night.
They ring from near, they ring from far,
you people are happy, it is Christmas very much.
unknown author

Niklaus, Niklaus, piggyback,
give us something from your sack!
Pour out your things,
good children are in the house.
unknown author

Knecht Ruprecht
I come from outside, from the forest;
I have to tell you, it is very Christmas!
Everywhere on the fir tips
I saw little golden lights flashing,
and up from the gate of heaven
saw the Christ child with wide eyes.

And how I stumbled through the dark fir,
Then it called me in a clear voice:
“Knecht Ruprecht,” it cried, “old companion”,
raise your legs and hurry up!
The candles start to burn,
the heavenly gate is opened,
old and young should now
rest once from the hunt of life,
and tomorrow I fly down to earth;
because it should be Christmas again! ”

I said: “Oh dear Lord Christ,
my trip is almost over;
I should only go to this city,
where there’s always good children. "

"Do you have the sack with you?"
I said: “The sack is here;
because apples, nuts and almond kernels
pious children like to eat. ”

"Do you have the tail with you too?"
I said: “The rod is here;
but only for the children, the bad ones,
she hits the right part! ”

Christkindlein said: “So it is right;
so go with God, my faithful servant! ”
I come from outside, from the forest;
I have to tell you, it is very Christmas!
Now speak how I find it inside!
are good children, are bad children?
Theodor Storm

All children are very excited
to Santa Claus across the country.
Laughing children, making fun, pushing mom …
Christmas is a splendor,
that makes all children happy.
unknown author

A, a, a, winter is here.
Fall and summer have passed,
Winter has started,
A, a, a, winter is here.
E, e, e, now there is ice and snow.
Flowers bloom on window panes,
are nowhere else to be found,
E, e, e, now there is ice and snow.

I, i, i, never forget the poor.
Often has nothing to cover up,
Now if frost and cold scare him.
I, i, i, never forget the poor.

O, o, o, how happy we are all
when Niklaus will bring something
and we sing from the Christmas tree
O, o, o, how happy we children are.

U, u, u, the ponds freeze over
hey, now it’s like the wind
on the bare ice
U, u, u, the ponds freeze over.
August Heinrich Hoffmann from Fallersleben

Christmas is coming, I’m looking forward to it,
Then the mother cleans up a little tree for us.
The apples shine, the stars sparkle,
How we all like Christmas.
unknown author

It barks loudly at the apartment door,
yes, Santa is here.
Bring us gifts,
oh Santa, how I like to think of you.
unknown author

Dear good Santa Claus,
Don’t look at me so badly.
Insert your rod,
I always want to be good.
unknown author

Advent is the quiet time,
The days pass quickly.
The feast of love is not far,
Start thinking!
There were arguments and quarrels sometimes
You didn’t get along.
Forget the now and be ready,
To tolerate you again.
Because don’t just think about your own luck,
You should strive for it.
And a piece of other people too
Give of your love.
Some want fame and money,
The desires are different.
I wish for the whole world
Only unity and peace.
unknown author

Santa Claus, oh Santa Claus,
how I like you well.
Comes with gifts every year
and are always there on time.
You make all children happy,
that’s why we love you so.
unknown author

Dear, good Santa Claus,
put on the long boots,
comb your white beard,
go on the Christmas ride.

Come to our house too,
unpack the presents.
Oh, you only wanted the saying?
Yes, I can, listen:

Dear, good Santa Claus,
don’t look at me so bad.
Insert your rod,
always wants to be good!
unknown author

Dear, good Santa Claus,
Give me a chocolate man.
Not that big and not that small,
But he should be cute.
unknown author

That was once a child on earth,
Christ child comes every year;
comes from the high starry tent,
makes everyone happy and happy!
Happy celebrating the day with children,
where Christ Child lay in the crib;
the Christmas tree ignites everywhere,
awakens organ sound and bell sound.
Christ child comes to poor and rich,
the good guys are all the same to him.
Then thank him and greet him fine,
happy Christchild too!
Peter Cornelius

Children come and guess,
what is roasting in the oven!
Hear how it bangs and hisses,
soon it will be served,
the tip, the cone,
the summit, the capsule,
the yellow-red apple.

Children run faster,
fetches a plate,
gets a fork,
locks on the beak,
for the tip, the cone,
the summit, the capsule,
the golden brown apple.

They blow and blow,
they look and swallow,
they snap and taste,
they lick and lick
the tip, the cone,
the summit, the capsule,
the crispy apple.
unknown author

Christmas at the zoo,
there is for the animals anyway.
To you too, my dear child,
Santa Claus comes quickly.
unknown author

In the beautiful Christmas season,
you can hear it singing far and wide.
It sounds happily through every house,
St. Nicholas is coming tomorrow.
unknown author

The Igel family is now hibernating,
we humans are not keen on it.
Would otherwise miss Santa Claus,
couldn’t eat so many cookies.
unknown author

Christmas poems for cards

Anyone who loves Christmas and celebrates it traditionally cannot avoid writing cards. In the most contemplative time of the year, you would like to send wonderful greetings and wishes to loved ones and thus share the great joy and excitement at Christmas. This works well with beautiful Christmas poems for cards. A stylish and soulful poem rounds off Dear Christmas greetings and Christmas wishes excellent and ideally enhances a Christmas card. A beautiful Christmas poem can be used as an introductory element of a card, but can also be inserted in the middle in a short and concise form. It’s nice when Christmas poems for cards to a certain extent captivate through personality and originality, that is, when they are tailored to the recipient. For example, you can write a few amusing verses for the humorous father or you can integrate very intimate lines for the wife into your stylish card. Just show in your words that you are thinking of your loved ones and share the joy and contemplation of Christmas.

The most beautiful thing you can have,
that does not bring Santa Claus.
It’s friendship, oh how true,
which always lasts all year round.
In the time of contemplation
beautiful thoughts are not far away.
And you notice next to all the gifts,
how nice it is to have a friend.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

In this beautiful Christmas season
the heart becomes very warm and wide.
You enjoy giving presents,
does think of dear people.
And I’m also thinking of you today,
because you have something special for me.
I greet you and I want to tell you:
Have fun on your Christmas days!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

There is always a reason,
every day, every hour ’,
To write you a few lines,
that overtake you at Christmas time.
I love you and wish you here
to the Heil’gen Fest a lot of joy to you!
Let yourself be properly presented
and do also think of me briefly!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

When the Christmas bells ring
I do laugh and also sing.
Because in this beautiful time
you feel very liberated.
And because I have to think of you,
I’ll send you a lovely kiss.
Should he bring you the best of luck,
Accompany you through the Christmas season.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’ll lay it under the tree for you
just a few words from me.
They should show how I like you
on this beautiful Christmas day.
Can’t we be together?
I’ll send you a few angels,
who sing on Christmas Eve
and bring you a lot of joy.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

When it gets colder and snowing,
then the Christ child is not far –
but despite the sound of the Christmas bells –
no white flakes fall!
And if the Christ child because it dreams of snow,
then missed Christmas Eve?
Therefore we ask: “Make us happy,
dear Peter, let it snow! "
unknown author

There were always Christmas presents,
for the people here on earth –
why had to come out of calm peace in the candlelight
become a lot of expensive, colorful parcels?
unknown author

In winter when it snows softly,
have your heart ready:
The child’s arrival is so close,
soon his golden smile will be there,
brings peace and joy to every home
and wipes out the dark hours.
Christmas is waiting for us all
with delicate fine bell sound,
so hold in winter when it snows softly
your heart ready for Christmas.
unknown author

The Christ Child feels unloved
since the Internet for gifts.
Christ child? you don’t need one to give,
today it’s three, two, one and mine!
And yet we love the Christ child here in the country –
it does not charge anything for shipping!
unknown author

Shining trees, blinding trees,
Sweetness everywhere,
Moving in the shine,
Arousing old and young hearts –
Such a festival is given to us,
Some gifts adore jewelry;
We look up and down in amazement,
Back and forth and over and over again.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

May the holy night be blessed,
that brought us the light of the world! –

Probably under the lovely sky tent
the shepherds lay in the field.

An angel of God, light and clear,
steps on her with his greeting.

They cover their faces with fear,
the angel says: "Don’t be afraid!"

“I announce great joy to you:
The Savior was born today. ”

There the shepherds go in a hurry,
to see with eyes the eternal salvation;

to sing welcome to the sweet guest,
to bring him a pious lamb. –

Soon come drawn away
the holy three kings with their star.

You are kneeling in front of the child,
give him myrrh, incense, gold.

From heaven high the angel army
rejoice: "God be high in the heights!"
Eduard Mörike

The flowers have bloomed in the valley, the birds have moved home;
The sky hovers so gray and pale, cold waves roar.
And yet there is no suffering in the heart: it is Advent!
There is hope in the world, strong, happy hope;
that closes tent on the poor and opens palaces;
the smallest child who knows the cause: it is advent!
Advent, Advent, you lark song from Christmas spring hour!
Advent, Advent, you sound of bells from the new covenant of grace!
You sent the morning ray from God! It is Advent!
Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger

Autumn has not yet fully escaped,
But as a servant Ruprecht, yes
Winter is coming,
And soon from the middle of snow

Sounds of the sled bell’s tone.
And what recently, far and near,
Looked down at us in color,
Towers, roofs and branches are white,

And the year is running out,
And the nicest festival is here.
Day you the birth of the Lord,

You are still far from us today,
But fir trees, angels, flags
Let us already guess the day,
And we can already see the star.
Theodor Fontane

When angelic voices sing choirs,
when all the bells sound loud,
then join in the singing:
Christmas is supposed to be today.
unknown author

Field and forest lie deep in snow.
Merry Christmas is coming soon!
Candle scent and Christmas tree:
This time is like a dream!
God gave us this feast
because he thinks of us very often.
unknown author

Love has moved in
in a poor old stable,
it moved the hearts
to humanity in the Erdental.
Love has moved in
and it should stay forever,
nothing is weighed against her
and nothing can drive them away.
unknown author

Hand hugs hand in close circles,
And the old song of God and Christ
shakes with souls and announces quietly,
that the smallest world is the largest.
Joachim Ringelnatz

Christmas – the best time,
where in the glow of many candles
we should forget stress and strife –
then peace moves into our hearts!
unknown author

When everything goes silent,
nobody wants to go out on the street anymore.
When it is warm in the heart and in the room,
when the tree is decorated.
Then everyone knows it’s time again,
Christmas is the quiet time.
Everyone in the room is devout
and sing "Silent Night" as always.
unknown author

Interesting facts and information about Christmas poems

It was then the three kings Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, the the newborn Christ child richly gifted and welcomed into the world with loving words. Today we celebrate Christmas almost everywhere in the world, where you spend a lot of time with family and friends. There is in Europe different customs and traditions that large families follow during the Christmas season, including the reciting and giving away of Christmas poems. In the Scandinavian region, for example, you go singing through the neighborhood and bring families out of the house with a beautiful Christmas poem. In England people pray together at the table and then alternate classic verses. In Germany, children diligently practice their poems, which they do Santa Claus then recite in person to be cheered and given afterwards. Poems therefore play a major role in the most beautiful time of the year and are part of Christmas easy to do.

• Christmas poems for children, parents and grandparents

The little ones in particular have great fun making up poems or learning them by heart. Classic verses are often used, but modern poems have also become very popular. Whether they are presented to Santa Claus or presented to the family under the colorful fir tree, children should understand what the poem is all about. It is particularly difficult for old classics, which are often written in Old German and are difficult for children to understand. So it’s often better, Child-friendly and contemporary verses for Christmas to use, which can be given to the best with joy and pride by the little ones.

Adults also love Christmas poems, and not just because they were presented by the dear children. A poem is often a wonderful gift and an impressive greeting that you can leave to loved ones. So why not write a great and soulful poem to grandma or father and leave such a lasting impression. Whether in a card, orally or as an extra for a pretty gift – a Christmas poem raises the positive mood even further and warms hearts.

• Christmas poems for colleagues and the boss

Of course you want that too Leave a nice Christmas greeting to colleagues, employees, business partners and the boss and so show his loyalty. Even if you don’t have a lot to do with each other, it is a good idea to send a little contemplative message just for Christmas. It works best here a lovely Christmas card, in which you express your wishes for the festival. A stylish poem could wonderfully introduce or round off these Christmas wishes or greetings. So give your warm wishes a little more Christmas touch by inserting a beautiful poem.

Why are poems written and recited for Christmas?

Especially at Christmas time people get out the old poetry books and start finding suitable lines for the great Christian festival. Why is poetry so important at Christmas? Simply because it is a time of contemplation and depth of thought. Poems usually sound particularly gentle and convey a deep message that one thinks about and touches the heart. Older verses usually have a very Christian background, while more modern poems take up many contemporary topics. Of course, it is always about the contemplative Christmas. There are poems that were written as early as the 18th century and are often difficult to understand for young people. However, these ancient pieces are a valuable cultural asset and for many people are simply part of Christmas.

Even writing and learning poems connects people with each other. Children can learn a lot about the Christian festival Charity and contemplation while we are writing adult poems, for example best wishes for Christmas to relatives and friends upgrade. At this time, material thinking should not dominate ideal values.

Skilfully and successfully express a Christmas poem…

• … in an oral address and Christmas speech

Not everyone is a friend of long speeches and would like to "bore" the guests with an endlessly long speech on the Christmas table. If you want to give a nice poem to match the occasion, you should pack it skilfully and get to the point at the right moment. Most of the time, long speeches go down in the hustle and bustle of Christmas or are only partially heard, which is why it is important to get the essentials across quickly and with good emphasis. Create a perfect Christmas idyll with your lines and delight the guests with your beautiful and meaningful words for the party.

• … in a greeting card or Christmas card

While the children are busy practicing their poems, you can calmly start writing the cards. You probably want to wish a lot of people a Merry Christmas and show how much you think of them. Then do this with an extraordinary poem, which you can quickly and easily insert into your Christmas card. Don’t rely on pre-made ones Christmas cards from the store, but write it a unique and very personal Christmas poem for your loved ones. You can decide for yourself whether it should be a rather humorous poem or you prefer to score with very soulful verses. Most of the authors also have a large selection of poems, because each Christmas poem deals with a different core theme related to the Holy Festival.

•… wish you a Merry Christmas using WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook

We live in a very modern technical age, in which friends leave a few nice words on Facebook or arrange for the next date on WhatsApp. Many young people also rely on electronic news services when it comes to Christmas greetings to express their heartfelt wishes for the Holy Festival. A beautiful and profound poem is not just typed and sent, but spiced up with a lot of things around it. A classic Christmas poem combined with modern emoticons and photos, maybe even contemplative music in the background – bring your original Christmas poem via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or MMS perfect expression and give the recipient great pleasure. Never forget to add personal lines to make the poem look even more unique and original.

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