Christmas rhymes – the winners are …, child’s thing

Christmas rhymes – the winners are…

Finally the time has come! Christmas Eve is not far anymore and therefore not the presents! Some of you will sing a song or recite a poem before the gift giving! If you still lack the right poem, you will find a few masterpieces here!

You sent us many beautiful Christmas rhymes in our competition. Thank you for the great rhymes! Here are the three winning poems!

Poem 1

Christmas, Christmas, what does it smell so fine here,
Children, all children, come into the rooms,
Lights and candles, gifts and cookies, that’s how it should be,
Family and friends, happy hearts and cozy togetherness.

Lara, 9 years old

Poem 2: "Christmas"

look here,
Look there!
It snows it snows,
Like last year!

The calendar sheet is turned over,
It shows the past month.
Until the wind blew it away,
Then we eat a donut.

There are offers everywhere,
Because Christmas is coming.
But gifts of the same kind, please,
Everyone thinks it’s pretty bland.

The Christmas tree is set up,
Everything is ready for conversion.
And who doesn’t like it all,
He has no idea!

Decorate the tree nicely,
Until it is full to the brim.
The jewelry may vary,
Everyone thinks it’s great.

In celebration of Jesus Christ,
Christmas presents.
This is really a must,
Just like many, many festivals.

Christmas is here tomorrow,
Everything is ready.
Christmas Eve can come, oh yes!
It is not far now.

Lucas, 12 years old

Poem 3

Christmas is pretty close
And again I stand there.
What should I give you??
Can’t think of anything suitable.
Maybe a hairdressing voucher?
Somehow that would be mean.
You could still misunderstand this
And think your hair looks bad.
And what if I give a bouquet of flowers??
Probably not when I think of your allergy …

I looked around in so many shops
And yet I have no gift, that’s stupid!
Who ever thought of the gifts?
Only stress is made every year.
Standing in stores forever
To look around for gifts.
Then these eternally long lines at the cash registers, crowding through the crowds.
But I don’t even have something for you, and time is still against me.

You already have so many things,
what should I do now??
Shall I stand before you empty-handed for Christmas?
You would not like to see that.
Unfortunately I don’t have much money,
otherwise my gift to you would be the world, or a beautiful, big house, but it’s not even enough for a bracelet … wait, maybe I don’t have much money, but now I do have a poem!
You will not get that several times, it will not be useless in the corner either!
So I wish you a happy festival
And that you always let yourself go.

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