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The best Christmas series 2019

Christmas series – we present you the most beautiful! Regardless of whether on Netflix or on ZDF, whether for children or adults, these Christmas series will have something for everyone in December 2019. What is your favorite Christmas series?

Pippi Longstocking: Nostalgic Christmas series on ZDF

Astrid Lindgrens Stories about that very strong girl Pippi, that moves in next to Tommy and Annika in the Villa Kunterbunt have already for more than 70 years Fans all over the world.

But there was a real surge in popularity in Germany when Pippi and her adventures were on TV. Shot in 1969, there was Pippi long stocking only when series and later also in the form of feature films, but from the individual episodes edited together were.

That’s why you should see Pippi Longstocking:

With Pippi, Astrid Lindgren has one of the most wonderful heroines created that exist in children’s literature at all. And with Actress Inger Nilsson the producers of the German-Swedish series have a real one stroke of luck done – a better Pippi is hard to imagine.

Pippi, Tommy and Annika watch the nasty pirates | © ZDF / Taurus

That is why the adventures of Pippi, Tommi, Annika, the "little uncle" and "Mr. Nilsson" are still today so funny and heartwarming like 50 years ago – and still so popular.

Leave your fingers off if …

… you with classic Stories about anti-authoritarian children just can’t do anything. But honestly: who can’t? A little Pippi is certainly in you too.

Christmas 2019 broadcast times

  • Pippi Longstocking: Tue December 24th. 11: 55-13: 30 (ZDF)
  • Pippi disembarks: Wed 25.12. 07: 50-09: 10 (ZDF)
  • Pippi in Taka-Tuka-Land: Thu 26.12. 09: 05-10: 35 (ZDF)

Michel from Lönneberga

Michel from Lönneberga: Christmas on Katthult on ZDF

Lindgren, the second. Also the kind-hearted but anti-authoritarian boy Michel It was created in rural Sweden, which not only keeps driving his father to the brink of madness with his ideas.

On the He only hears Michel’s name here in Germany. Lindgren originally called him Emil. Because there is no confusion with Erich Kästners in Germany Emil and the detectives should give, the publisher Emil was simply renamed Michel.

The cheeky Michel (Jan Ohlsson) always causes excitement in Lönneberga with his pranks | © ZDF / Studio 100 Media

That’s why you should see Michel from Lönneberga:

Although many small ones Heroes of Astrid Lindgren Having your heart in the right place is not as rabid as Michel when it comes to it, doing the right thing. Sometimes he gives the poor people of the village a princely meal, sometimes he saves his best friend Alfred from certain death. That still has just as much today charm like in the early 1970s.

Leave your fingers off if …

… to you Farm stories just don’t lie or you don’t feel like looking at stories from the past. Michel’s adventures are playing too Early 20th century and are a journey back in time without electricity or cars.

Christmas 2019 broadcast times

Michel in the soup bowl: Tue 24.12. 13:30 – 15:00 (ZDF)
Michel has to make more males: Thu 26.12. 10: 35-12: 00 (ZDF)
Michel tidies up the world: Thu 26.12. 12: 05-13: 40 (ZDF)
Michel has to make more males: Wed 01.01. 06: 10-07: 35 (ZDF)

Michel from Lönneberga is also one of our 5 most beautiful children’s films for adults.

Santa Claus & Co. KG

Santa Claus & Co.KG: Animated Christmas series for young and old

The Santa Claus and his elves work hard so that all the children get their presents on time for the festival. But the nasty troll beard has something against it and is constantly trying to help with his assistant Gugor Sabotage Santa’s work.

But it’s not so easy to get him off course. After all, there is nothing more important than happy children on Christmas Eve. And so trick Santa Claus and his helpers Grantelbart from time to time …

Jordi tries inconspicuously to measure the new suit for Santa Claus | © Super RTL

That’s why you should Santa Claus & See Co.KG:

If you are with this Cartoon grew up – after all, it was first broadcast in 1997 – then you could watch it many beautiful childhood memories to have. Is there a better one? compliance to the festival? For this alone, switching on is worthwhile in any case!

Leave your fingers off if …

… you no memories associated with it and have long been part of the adult ranks. Because this series is really aimed only to children and contributes Initial sighting no longer as an adult almost like that much joy.

Christmas 2019 broadcast times

Several episodes of Super RTL and TOGGO Plus every day in December.

Are you looking for more child-friendly entertainment for the holidays? You will find what you are looking for in our 12 most beautiful children’s series for all ages.

Princess Fantaghirò: Iconic fantasy Christmas series on ZDFneo

To Christmas 1993 the first of ten episodes flickered over one brave princess named Fantaghirò for the first time on the German screens. Meanwhile, she has become Fantasy cult series blossomed.

Fantaghiròs fight for their kingdom and the love In the nineties, her life thrilled audiences – usually on the holidays. Today it belongs European production hence the fixed Christmas program in many households.

Fantaghirò with her sisters from princes, but has to save her kingdom – as a knight | © Studio 100 Media

That’s why you should see Princess Fantaghirò:

The series is based on one very old tuscan fairy tale of the 9th century – and you can see that in the series. Because the adventures of princess Fantaghiro are indeed family-friendly narrated, but sometimes at the core pretty dark.

This is the Furnishing the series is not a Hollywood standard, but it does Attention to detail implemented. For fans of traditional fantasy and fairy tale films still worth seeing today.

Leave your fingers off if …

… you don’t like fairy tales. Because Princess Fantaghiro is exactly that – a very long fairy tale, that also no real ending got. planned Unfortunately, four more episodes were never filmed and still leave fans with them uncertain outcome back.

Broadcasting dates for Christmas 2019

Saturday, December 21 at ZDFneo:

  • 06.55 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 1
  • 8.25 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 2
    9.50 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 3
  • 3.45 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 1 (Wh.)
    5.15 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 2 (Wh.)
    6.40 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 3 Wh.)

Sunday, December 22nd at ZDFneo:

  • 07.20 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 4
    8.50 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 5
    10.20 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 6
  • 3.40 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 4 (Wh.)
    5.10 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 5 (Wh.)
    6.40 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 6 (Wh.)

Thursday, December 26th at ZDFneo:

  • 7.40 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 1
    9:05 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 2
    10.35 a.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 3
  • 12.10 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 4
    1.35 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 5
    3:05 p.m. Princess Fantaghirò – Part 6

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