Christmas stories for adults, seniors and children to read aloud

Christmas stories for adults, seniors and children to read aloud

Christmas stories

The Christmas season is one of the highlights of the year for children and many adults. The houses are festively decorated and a magic that seems to be longing for all year round seems to be alive in the winter streets. But what is the magic? What invisible power unites people at Christmas time and what is this universal bond made of??

The essence of Christmas is no longer the Christian custom, beyond whose meaning the festival has long outgrown. Rather, it permeates every aspect of life. Above all, this festival causes families to find each other and give themselves security and warmth. Meanwhile, people often find space to free themselves from the stressful conditions of life and to reach a higher level of awareness: reflection.

In this section, distant from the rest of the year, you can take a completely new perspective on the world, separate yourself from the stuck own ideas and develop your personality. At Christmas, people become seekers. He steps on the inner path of his soul, which can lead his life in a completely new direction.

In order to help you, dear reader, with your own search and to give you valuable impulses, we have put together this diverse collection of Christmas stories for you. You don’t have to roll books anymore these days. Browsing our site is enough. And the best thing about it: Our stories depict almost the entire spectrum of human experience: they delight and make you strong, they provide security, tell about love and suffering and stimulate thought.

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and lots of fun reading or reading our stories!

Christmas stories

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1. New Christmas stories

At this point we always present you the five latest stories that have been entered on our site.

Christmas Eve
First chapter
Marley’s spirit

Marley was dead, let’s start with that. There can be no doubt about it. The certificate of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the sexton, the corpse-keeper, and the most distinguished sufferers. Scrooge signed him and Scrooge’s name was respected on the stock market where he just wrote it down. Old Marley was so …
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The story of the poor relative
He was very embarrassed that he should take precedence over so many respected family members and be the first to start with the stories they wanted to tell in a happy circle around the Christmas fireplace. He modestly contested that it would be more correct if "John, our dear host" (whose health he allows himself to drink), …
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A Christmas guest
One of those who had lived on Ekeby as a cavalier was the little Ruster who was able to transpose notes and play the flute. He was of a low class and poor, without a home and without relatives. Difficult times came for him when the troops dispersed. He no longer had a horse and carriage, neither fur nor a dining basket. He had to walk from farm to farm on foot and …
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The holy night
When I was five years old I had a great grief. I hardly know if I’ve suffered a heavier one since then.

It was when my grandmother died. Until then she had been sitting in her room on the corner sofa and telling fairy tales.

I can not imagine it other than that grandmother sat there and told and told from morning to evening, …
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The selfish giant
Every afternoon when they came home from school, the children used to go to the giant garden and play there.

It was a large, lovely garden with soft green grass. Here and there were beautiful flowers like stars above the grass, and there were twelve peach trees that had delicate, rosy and pearly blossoms in spring and bore fruit in autumn. The …
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2. The most beautiful Christmas stories

What could be nicer for adults and children than to snuggle up comfortably in the cold Advent season and read Christmas stories or have them read to you? Would you also like to immerse yourself in the fascinating Christmas world? No problem! In the list below we have collected some of the most beautiful Christmas stories. from "Christmas eve" – a somewhat longer novel by Charles Dickens – about the biblical Christmas story to the fairy tale "The star child" there is a wide variety of reading material available. Have fun with it!

  • The star child by Oscar Wilde
  • The Little Lord by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Christmas Eve by Charles Dickens
  • The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen
  • The Christmas story according to Luke 2.1-20 – New evangelistic translation

3. Advent stories

Are you looking for Christmas stories about Advent? Are you tired of books? Then you have come to the right place!

The pre-Christmas season is not only the most beautiful time of the year for many people due to its contemplative atmosphere and the anticipation of the upcoming Christmas. That’s why you should enrich your own mood with Christmas warmth. Our great advent stories can do their part, because they beautify the advent season in a loving way.
Every Christmas is something very special and with our atmospheric Advent stories, the already wonderful pre-Christmas season and every single Advent become something unforgettable.

The very first Christmas tree
Santa Claus went through the forest. He was angry. His white spitz, who usually always ran barking in front of him, noticed this and sneaked after his master with his tail retracted.

Because he no longer had the right joy in his work. It was the same every year. There was no swing in the matter. In the long run, toys and food were nothing. The children …
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A Christmas trip to the old Prussian country
Since it is winter in my memory, I get pictures of a winter trip that I made in my sixth or seventh year with my parents to the grandparents on my mother’s side in Old Prussia. They were wealthy but simple citizens who spent their old days in a country town with an unmarried daughter. You have to …
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a Christmas Story
"O you happy, o you blessed, merciful Christmas time!" it sounded of fresh children’s voices and a deep, clear female voice through the rooms of the Thalbach rectory. When the last sound died away, it was quiet for a few moments in the cozy, warm living room. But not for long!
"Let’s never be my passion, even when I reach Methusalem’s age …
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A Christmas present
The railroad train ran across heathland and moorland in northern Germany. Now and then he whistled into the gray December afternoon with a melancholy tone and stopped at a small village station; then he slowly pushed on, sweeping the bare winter floor with his black smoke. The area stretched endlessly flat on both sides. Dark forest stripes on the horizon, sometimes to the right and …
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The legend of the wren and the wren
"Grandmother, will you tell us today how wren celebrates Christmas?"
The children moved closer and their happy eyes shone expectantly. But Grandmother didn’t nod immediately, first let her knitting stockings sink into her lap and fend off the impetuosity with both hands.
"At the table, you children. But fine calm and …
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4. Contemplative Christmas stories

Who does not know that? The same thing every year: Christmas – the supposedly most beautiful time of the year – is often dominated by stress, hectic pace and countless preparations and appointments. As the to-do list continues to grow, the level of stress increases.

To slow down and get in the mood for Christmas, you have come to the right place: contemplative Christmas stories. Both adults and the little ones enjoy it very much. The true meaning of Christmas is brought to our attention again and stress and hectic pace dissolve into contemplative anticipation – for a relaxed and beautiful Christmas.

The secret of the mix
While people outside the windows pushed past in black crowds, as if the whole city was in motion and turmoil, the mood of sleepy boredom settled within the brightly lit walls of a spacious coffee house. Only two of the few guests didn’t seem to share this mood. They were sitting in a corner of the wide room at a small table. …
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Two Christmas stories
Now it was getting closer and closer to Christmas. Even in the village below, people started to prepare for it. Children came up into the forest with baskets and fetched fir branches. "To decorate", said the fir-tree. "With this they decorate the rooms."
A thick black smoke rose from the chimney of the bakery all day, a sign that there …
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The mistletoe
There was a wild apple tree in the field outside.
One should not be surprised that the apple tree was wild. Because – well: you’ll hear right away.
"Mr. Apfelbaum – but you are a successful guy! You peddle with mistletoe bushes instead of apples! Ha ha ha -," laughed the red poppies in the field.
"You’re fine – Brüderle," called now …
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The story of the Christmas tree
"Aunt Luise", said Mathilde the next evening, "what story are you telling us today? Do you know anything else??"
"Yes, of course I know something else, just listen to me!" "Oh, aunt", said the Mathilde again, "it takes too long for the Christ child to come, I can hardly stand it anymore and I become very impatient." …
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Under the Christmas tree
It was an official’s study. The owner, a man in his forties, with sharp features, but mild, light blue eyes under his simple, light blond hair, was sitting at a desk covered with books and papers; busy signing individual documents which the old messenger standing next to him handed over to him. The …
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5. Christian Christmas stories

Christmas is all too easily degraded to a festival of consumption and many upcoming things to do in Advent prevent you from pausing and enjoying this magical time.

Christian Christmas stories bring the reader back to the original message of the birth of Christ. The joy that God sent his son to earth is again in the foreground and accompanies the festive preparations and Christmas Eve.

Here are some Christian Christmas stories for you:

You are praised, Jesus Christ
It was Christmas Eve in 1703. Father Knesebeck, respected councilor of the city of Rostock, was sitting by the bright fireplace in his red, plush armchair. His white head rested on the high back. His aged housewife and daughter sat to his side. But on the table in front of them were two glowing candles, and the scriptures lay open. everything was …
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The Christmas flower
The flower I want to tell you about today is lonely. She doesn’t know the happy days of spring or the fragrant nights of summer. No whispering companions grow up next to her, no bird sings them in dreams. She has to look in snow and ice, the north wind sweeps over her and the monotonous croaking of the raven birds is her music.
And yet it is white and …
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The middle star
After years of painstaking work, a wise man from the East had put together a star from the rocks of the earth, in which the finest forces of life were bound. What had met the sage beautiful and valuable, he had turned into crystals and inserted into the star.
When the miracle star was completed, he had a … on the country road that leads from Mecca to Medina …
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God’s package
Take your chairs and tea glasses with you here behind the stove and don’t forget the rum. It is good to have warm people who are told about the cold.

some people, especially a certain type of man who is against sentimentality, have a strong aversion to Christmas. But at least one Christmas in my life is really in my memory. That was the …
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Christmas in summer
It is a bright summer day. We are with my uncle Hermann in Weißenstein. The air is full of roses, lilies and linden flowers. We are supposed to give a church concert for Uncle’s poor in the evening. The days have been full of important preparations; Programs have been made, lyrics have been rewritten so that they can be used by the church. Her Kappel, the young organ player, has breathless with …
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6. THE Christmas story

There are many Christmas stories but only THE Christmas story. What is meant is the version from the proverbial book of books: the Bible. The story contained therein can be found in the text section Lk 2,1–20 and has been changed slightly over the centuries, because the Bible has been revised several times.
We have tried to document the course of events for you and have therefore compiled numerous texts from various Bible versions, which you can find below:

the Christmas story
The birth of Jesus

But it happened in those days that an order was issued by the Emperor Augustus to inscribe the whole world. The enrollment itself only happened when Kyrenius was the governor of Syria. And everyone went to be registered, each in his own city. But Joseph also went from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, up to Judea, in David’s …
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Author: Luke 2,1-20 (Elberfeld Bible from 1905)

the Christmas story
Jesus birth

But it came about at that time that the Emperor Augustus made a bid that the whole world would be valued. And that estimate was the very first and happened at the time when Cyrenius was the governor of Syria. And everyone went to be valued, everyone to his city.
Then Joseph from Galilee, from the city of Nazareth, went to …
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Author: Luke 2,1-20 (Luther Bible from 1912)

the Christmas story
But it was happening at the time / that Keiser Augusto issued a bid / that all the world would be defeated. And this treasure was the very first / and at the time / since Kyrenius was a land keeper in Syria. And everyone went / that he had himself smacked / an young man in his city.
Joseph / from Galilea / from the city of Nazareth / into the Jewish country / to the city …
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Author: Luke 2,1-20 (Luther Bible from 1545)

the Christmas story
At that time, the emperor Augustus ordered all the inhabitants of the Roman Empire to be counted and entered in tax lists. It was the first time that such a census was carried out. It happened when Quirinius was governor of the province of Syria. So everyone went to the city from which they came to be registered. Josef also made his way. He belonged to the offspring …
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Author: Luke 2.1-20 (New Evangelical Translation)

the Christmas story
The family tree of Jesus

Book of the Origin of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham. Abraham had fathered Isaac, but Isaac had fathered Jacob, Jacob had fathered Judah and his brothers, Judah had fathered Perez and Serach from Tamar, Perez had fathered Hezron, Hezron had fathered Ram, Ram had fathered amminadab, and amminadab had fathered nachschon, but nachson had fathered Salmon, Salmon but Boas testified of …
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Author: Matthew 1.1-25 (Elberfeld Bible from 1905)

7. Short Christmas stories

Christmas is coming soon. But the festival of reflection and quiet hours can also be hectic, especially when it comes to buying gifts. Short Christmas stories are ideal to have the beautiful sides of Christmas in mind and to get yourself into the Christmas mood in between. Our short stories let you forget all of your problems after just a few minutes and spark joy in the most beautiful part of the year.

Now rejoice, dear Christians g’mein
That, I mean, is a real Christmas song: "Now rejoice, dear Christians g’mein, and let us jump happily that we can confidently and all sing with pleasure and love what God has addressed to us and his sweet wound; he even bought it expensive." – How beautiful the sweet miracle sounds! But there was once a citizen of Mansfeld, where the later famous …
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Christmas in the pantry
There was a small hole under the threshold. The mouse Kiek sat behind it and waited.
She waited until the host took off his boots and put on the watch; she waited until the mother put her key basket on the bedside table and covered the sleeping children again; she still waited when everything was dark and there was deep silence in the house. Then she went.
Soon …
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Christmas morning 1772
Christmas Day early. It is still night, dear Kestner, I got up to write again in the morning in the light, which brings back pleasant memories of the past; I have coffee made to honor the holiday and I want to write to you until it is day. The keeper has already blown his song, I woke up to it. You are praised, Jesus Christ! I have this time of …
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Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

An abandoned one
Christmas! A circle has come together to carry Christmas into the huts of the poor and abandoned. We gathered in a school room, made our packages, got our addresses, our little Christmas tree, and were assigned to a young theological candidate who was to lead us and give Christmas prayer to the poor. The mail sledge is waiting outside …
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A Christmas ride
We were once again on our Christmas rides to the poor. This time our way led us to one of the most distant suburbs of Riga. We stopped in front of a high stone house, where we wanted to visit a poor woman with our Christmas tree. A neighbor pointed us up a stone staircase, which we climbed with difficulty, and we soon stood in a large, dark room that …
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8. Funny Christmas stories

The time has come again: Christmas is just around the corner. A period of love, affection and contemplative hours. The fun should never be neglected. Because even in quiet hours a laugh is the best solution to problems that suddenly seem so small. Sit back and laugh with us about funny Christmas stories, the joy and silence as well as laughter and silence in this contemplative time try to get under one hat.

Brad Schmidt and the missing gift
Once upon a time there was a not very young man, let’s say just over 30, who knew everything, just no self-doubt. But since he knew that it was particularly well received – especially among women – to question himself occasionally, he sometimes faked one of the great questions of humanity – where do we come from? Where are we going? Who will be German champions? – desperate …
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How the angel got on the top of the Christmas tree
It was a long time ago, just before Christmas, that Santa Claus wanted to go on his annual journey but only encountered problems.

Four of his elves celebrated sick and the temporary elves couldn’t keep up with the toy production. Santa Claus was beginning to feel the pressure he would have if he got out of the schedule. Then told …
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Why there is no Santa Claus
No known species of the reindeer genus can fly. But there are 300,000 species of living organisms that still need to be classified, and while these are mostly insects and bacteria, this does not definitely preclude flying reindeer that only Santa Claus has seen so far.

There are 2 billion children (people under 18) on the …
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Rudolf, the reindeer with the red nose
Santa Claus lives near the North Pole in "Toyland". There Santa has a large factory where all the big toys for the children are built. Of course, Santa Claus cannot build the many toys alone. He has a lot of little helpers, the angels. So he tells them what toys he needs for every boy and girl. In the vicinity of …
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Everyday life in Advent
Not only we ordinary people have to do with the police.
It can also happen to Santa Claus that he has a very earthly one "blue" comes into controversy.
So on Monday evening, the famous December 6th, a police patrol officer was waiting in front of an ordinary little car, which the driver was completely uninformed and bold in a clearly marked parking ban …
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9. St Nicholas stories

For many children, the pre-Christmas season is the most exciting time of the year. Every day it tingles to find out which gifts will be discovered under the Christmas tree. In addition to the advent calendar and Christmas motifs, it is above all stories that ring in the magic of Christmas.
St Nicholas stories are particularly popular here and help to increase the anticipation of the festival even more.

The characters around Christmas are what make the festival so charming. Children are particularly fascinated by angels, the Christ child, shepherds and their animals. Santa Claus is very important to girls and boys and makes children’s eyes sparkle. After all, he should be the one who cocks his reindeer in front of the sled and brings the presents. That is why Santa Claus stories about the white old man with a red coat, pointed cap and whiskers are a classic that should not be missing in the run-up to Christmas.

It was Niklausabend day, and the baker had just pulled a large baking tray full of freshly baked Santa Claus out of the oven.
Their eyes were open to them – that God had mercy! – as thick as frog eyes out of the head. The baker had considered a nose to be superfluous – even ears. But the mouth was on the right – the other on the left, and had one
desperate …
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The story of the herb attachment
Little Georg had been very naughty and very stubborn, despite the aunt’s beautiful tales, when his mother said to him: "Just be careful, otherwise Santa Claus will bring you a stick of the willful herb at Christmas!"
When the children were sitting with their aunt the next evening, Mathildchen said: "Dear aunt, explain to me what a …
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The story of the servant Nikolaus
So now the Christ Child was there and was cared for with the greatest tenderness by Frau Holle and the Engelein. If they had been hard-working before, now it became much more so. They work all day for the child, who grew up with astonishing rapidity, was already able to speak and run in the spring, and when summer went around was almost as big as …
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The story of the Christ Child and Nicholas
Now the good Frau Holle was happy, because now she had found a servant for her Christchild, and at the same time a helper for the amount of shops that are available for Christmas. First she made two beautiful baskets for the donkey with the angels, which were woven from fine straw and decorated with blue and red silk ribbons. Then they got out of town from …
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The story of the little, wise girl
The time until Christmas Eve was too long for Mathildchen; nowhere was there more rest and rest, only as long as the aunt was talking did it remain calm in his chair. Wherever a drawer or a cupboard door was opened, it had the little blond head in between at lightning speed and, listening and listening, it stood behind all the room doors. It crackled and rumbled even …
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10. Beautiful Christmas stories

It’s Christmas time again and fittingly there are some nice Christmas stories listed below. These will make your evening by the fireplace unique and bring a feeling of warmth into the cold season. Relax with our Christmas stories, which include both old classics and newly written stories. Cuddle up deeper into your comfortably warm blanket and look forward to the most beautiful festival of the year – Christmas.

Christmas on the line
December 24th rose with sunshine and sky blue. It was designed almost like a spring day – the light lay so warm on the deep blue mountain lake, which washed gently to the shore. Of course, the mountain walls were now looking down in dazzling white. The snow coat enveloped the earth deeply and tightly. As soon as the brown houses peeked out of the ceiling; the fir branches hung …
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The reversed Christmas child
Klein-Elsbeth was five years old and had a good life in the world, because firstly she didn’t need to go to school, secondly she had her own little room in the beautiful, big apartment of her parents, which was full of cute furniture, underneath a closet full of toys, and thirdly she always had entertainment, namely a lady who was always with her and was …
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Thank you dear Christ child
"Oh, Mamali, if the Christkindli would come soon! And if it did bring me what I want so much! Do you think it’ll get me??" so little Jolanda asked her little mother while she was sitting in her lap, her rosy face with her big dark eyes framed by curly brown hair, looking up longingly pleadingly at Mama. …
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Marthe and her watch
During the last years of my schooling, I lived in a small town house, but only one aging, unmarried daughter of father, mother and many siblings remained. The parents and two brothers had died; the sisters, with the exception of the youngest, who had married a doctor in the same place, had followed their husbands to distant regions. So …
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Christmas in Winkelsteg
On Christmas Eve, people came back from all sides. The glowing coals that fell from the chip lights have been gliding over the snow crust like falling stars.
Many woodlanders are a little early in their longing for the midnight celebration. Since the church is not yet unlocked and it is cold outside, they come to me in the …
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11. Sad Christmas stories

Sad Christmas stories often touch us particularly deeply. They show us what is important in life and let us appreciate the supposedly self-evident things in life. We are again aware of how rich the company of family or friends makes us and what it means to eat enough and to have a homely home. They give us reason to reflect on the essentials during the sometimes hectic Christmas season. Here we have collected the most beautiful sad Christmas stories:

The violinist
A young musician was recommended to me, he was a violinist in a band. It was only a few weeks before Christmas when he came to Riga. He was standing in front of me, almost a boy, it was his first foray into the world. Friends of mine interested in his education wrote that I should take care of him. It was a beautiful, dark boy’s face that I …
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From the fireman and the gris gray mouse
"Today I want to tell you the story of the fireman", one evening our good old Aunt Minna said; " it’s a bit creepy, but I want to tell you.
You should know, at home in Pankenbrück we had a large tiled stove, a rather old-fashioned green tiled stove. And he had bare hooks to hang wet clothes on …
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Lonely on Christmas Eve
Every time Christmas comes, I have to think of Mr. Sörensen. He was the first person in my life to celebrate a lonely Christmas, and I have never been able to forget that.

Mr. Sörensen was my first grade teacher. He was good, in winter he crumbled all his breakfast bread for the hungry sparrows by the window. And if the swallows in summer …
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How someone learned to understand the real thing
The train thundered into the station hall. The young student slowly packed his suitcase and got out. He walked slowly to the exit. He looked around for a moment. Then he walked slowly into the city. No, he was in no hurry, although the mother and sisters were waiting for him at home.

His thoughts wandered: how different it had been in the years before" There …
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The little girl with the sulfur woods
It was terribly cold. It was snowing and the evening was already dark. It was the last evening of the year, New Year’s Eve. In this cold and in this darkness a little poor girl with bare heads and bare feet walked on the street. There must have been slippers when she left home, but what good could that do! They were very big slippers. They used to be from …
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12. Christmas stories for children

For many adults and children, reading Christmas stories or having them read to them is part of the pre-Christmas period, as they are particularly in tune with the big festival.

Children especially love Advent. They like it when it gets dark outside early and they can admire the many windows decorated with lights, when cookies are baked, Christmas carols are sung and they are allowed to help decorate the Christmas tree. The little ones also enjoy it when adults read Christmas stories to them – either during the day with a warm cup of tea or milk or as a bedtime story.

The following stories are extremely good for reading aloud or reading together with children from about 3 – 4 years old:

A story for children
A girl and a boy drove from one village to the other in a carriage. The girl was five and the boy six. They were not siblings, but cousins ​​and bases. Her mothers were sisters. The mothers had stayed as guests and had sent the children home with the nanny.
When they came through a village, a wheel broke on the car and the coachman said …
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The little snowflake
It was winter, thick snowflakes whirled through the air and covered the city with a thick, white blanket. Candlelights sparkled in the windows, there was baking and decorating the Christmas tree; because tomorrow was Christmas Eve. Everyone was looking forward to Christmas, children were playing happily in the garden. The streets smelled of fresh gingerbread. But not all children were …
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What’s up with Santa Claus?
Winter had come early this year. It had been storming and cold in October; the first snow fell in the first week of November. For the Easter Bunny, this was one more reason to take a nice, long vacation this time, where the sun is shining and you don’t have to go to bed with cold feet.

In the past few years, he had always missed leaving …
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The most beautiful present
Only two days. Papa still has to work today, but tomorrow on Christmas Eve he’ll be home. And he had promised that they would all go out into the forest together. They wanted to choose a beautiful Christmas tree together, Papa, Mama, Tom and his little sister Sarah.

It should be a beautiful tree: large so that it reached the ceiling of the room. And wide, …
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Nick wants to see the Christ child
The five-year-old Nick stood on his sled, half-hidden behind a thick chestnut tree, staring steadily at the debris from his parents’ living room windows in the two-story house. The Christ Child had to drive past there soon on his broad-skinned, golden sledge. The mother had just locked the living room door, which as …
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13. Christmas stories to think about

Christmas, the feast of love, is the part of the year when your heart is particularly warm. You can enjoy the beautiful phase with your loved ones. However, Christmas can also be very sad for some. Christmas means not only baking, feasting and giving cookies, but also comforting those who are sick or alone over Christmas. Who doesn’t like to hear or read Christmas stories that make you think? With us you will also find moving stories for a wintry, emotional time, which have already opened the hearts of many and which make Christmas appear in a completely different light to many.

Now there was no longer a colorful flower anywhere, the beds in the garden were covered with fir branches, the rose bushes had got a warm straw hood over their heads, and the flower sticks in front of the window had also withered and had been taken away.
"A pity", said the sofa, which was standing quite comfortably behind the large dining table in the parlor and just on the …
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The gardener and the rule
An old castle with thick walls, towers and jagged gables stood a mile from the capital.

A rich, noble rule lived here, but only in summer. The castle was the best and most beautiful thing they had. It stood there like a new cast from the outside, and there was coziness and comfort inside. The family coat of arms was over the gate in stone …
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Christmas in the machine house
Christmas, New Year, Epiphany. Festivities, celebrations, endless celebrations. It wasn’t a good time for the boiler smithy, twenty years ago when I was still an apprentice. The factories were shut down on the holidays: on Christmas Eve, the large steam boilers, which were otherwise full of boiling water and steam under steam, were blown off. At that time there was no reserve boiler, …
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The holy Christmas time
If the townspeople want to know something safe about public holidays, they have to ask the farmers. The urban worker enjoys the holiday without pondering much about it; the farmer, who is not used to grasping the reason and purpose of things, wants to know why he is resting, going to church or drinking intoxication. He has his holiday science …
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14. Christmas fairy tale

Telling fairy tales on Christmas days, consuming them yourself or reading them to others is a wonderful idea to enjoy the contemplative time of the year. And before and after Christmas, fairy tales around Christmas Eve are a source of contemplation and indulgence in the magical descriptions of the great and small masters of the story.
Here you will find the most beautiful Christmas fairytales, made for snowy evenings by candlelight and warm tea. Whether in the company of loved ones or for yourself in a comfortable armchair. Have fun with it!

The Guide
There was a signpost where the country road met another country road, just on the corner in the meadow. It stretched out its two wooden arms, one pointing to the one, the other to the other highway, and on each of the two arms it was written where the highway led and how far the road was.
To Finkenbach 3 km
To Walddorf …
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The little fir tree
Once upon a time there was a small fir tree in the deep fir forest that wanted to be a Christmas tree. But that’s not so easy as you usually assume in the fir company, because St. Nicholas is very strict in the relationship and only allows the fir trees to walk in the village and town as a Christmas tree, which are duly written down in his book , …
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The Snowman
Once upon a time there was a snowman standing in the middle of the snow-covered forest and made entirely of snow. He had no coal legs and eyes and nothing else and that’s little. But he was cold, terribly cold. That was what the old grouchy icicle said of him, which hung nearby and was much colder.
"You are cold!" he said reproachfully to the snowman.
The …
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On a stormy, rainy December evening, a young handsome man was sitting in his little room, and had just finished decorating the Christmas tree for his two younger, under-age siblings.
His gaze paused pensively on the little tree adorned with stripes, loops, chains and cups made of colored paper, to which he tied the colorful little …
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A poor day laborer lived in a small house at the entrance to a forest, and he worked hard to make his living with wooden carving. He had a wife and two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was named Valentin and the girl Marie, and they were obedient and pious to their parents’ joy and diligently helped them with their work. As the good people one winter evening since it was outside …
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15. Enter the Christmas story

Would you like to help us keep our collection of stories growing? We welcome everyone who helps! Entering new stories is also completely straightforward. You can find out more if you click on the following button.

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