Christmas stories – stories for young and old!

Christmas stories

Stories for young and old!

Christmas stories – for children and adults

Welcome to the world of Christmas stories.
But these stories can also be received and noticed in every season, not just at Christmas time. There are Christmas stories from all over the world. I would like to try to bring you the most beautiful stories from different countries. Combined with some explanations about the different traditions of the countries, I would like to ensure that these many different customs at Christmas time are clearly explained to everyone.
Of course, many of these Christmas stories are fictitious and should never be taken too seriously.

Such as:

  • When did Christmas start??
  • When was Christmas celebrated for the first time in the way we know it??
  • What are the different traditions and customs in the other countries?
  • How is Christmas celebrated in Australia and do the Australians have such beautiful Christmas stories as we Germans?

Just keep reading on my blog and you will get the answers.
Another category in this blog will be Christmas presents. Everyone always knows the problem in the run-up to Christmas, what do I give to my friend, husband, loved one or my children?

I will try to give everyone a little suggestion:

  • How about something that you have made yourself??
  • Or you can try a little Christmas story as a poet.
  • An experience gift, in the form of a visit to a cooking class, would also be a suggestion.

There are no limits to the ingenuity of the individual. But sometimes you just can’t come up with the simplest things.

Furthermore, the food in my blog should not be neglected. I will also try to create a kind of menu card for the holiday meal in the form of a Christmas story and thus give all readers suggestions for cooking. By the way: You don’t have to enjoy this "delicious" Christmas story just at Christmas time. You can also use this for other festivities and celebrations.

Of course I will also present the historical and traditional Christmas stories on my page. These cultural assets must never be forgotten. That is why it is important today to bring these stories about Christmas to his children and grandchildren.

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