Church orders are successful development workers

Many order people work at the hot spots of the earth and are competent interlocutors with social and development-political questions, said the director of the working group of German mission procurations (AGMP), the Salesianer Jean Paul Muller, on Monday with the presentation of the AGMP financial report in Bonn. "There are communities with us that mobilize several million euros a year with three or four sisters."

Self-confidently representatives of catholic orders demanded a stronger operational readiness level in the German specialized committees of the development assistance. Muller pointed out that many religious orders largely do without bureaucracy and get by with little paid helpers. In many cases it is religious who ensure the famous sustainability of projects. Muller regretted that lurid fringe topics such as church discipline or sexuality were more prevalent in the public eye. In addition to ies such as the use of condoms, the position on celibacy and the punishment of pedophile priests, he said, there are other important and pressing ies. According to the data, German religious communities supported projects in the so-called Third World with 118 million euros in 2007. A good third of the money went to African countries, followed by Asia with 26 percent and Latin America with 24 percent. Four percent went to Eastern European countries.

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Christina Cherry
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