City brings car fleet up to date at a cost of almost 1.5 million euros

furtwangen fire department city brings vehicle fleet up to date at a cost of almost 1.5 million euros

furtwangen has invested almost one and a half million in the fire department’s vehicle fleet. Technically, the fire department is in a good position. Interested parties can take a closer look at the vehicles in may.

Furtwangen – fire engines worth 1.4 million euros have been purchased by the town of furtwangen over the past two years. Here, mayor Josef Herdner emphasized the high value of the fire department: "These investments show that the municipal council honors the work of the fire department."

Biggest chunk: the turntable ladder

The biggest challenge was the turntable ladder. Here, a grant of 250,000 euros was obtained from the state subsidy. The vehicle for linach received a grant of 60,000 euros and neukirch 96,000 euros. Thus, about 30 percent of the costs could be covered by grants. In the case of the turntable ladder, the purchase price was further reduced by a collective order. The schwarzwald-Baar district ordered five vehicles, with one each from the districts of Lorrach, emmendingen and tuttlingen. The contract was awarded to rosenbauer from among two bidders. The vehicle supplier in this case was mercedes. The ladder can be extended to a height of 23 meters, with a swing depth of twelve meters. It is not possible to determine how high the lower purchase price was due to the collective order, as this was a tendering procedure and not a fixed price offer with corresponding discounts.

The turntable ladder was delivered in december of last year. Neukirch received the LF10 with 1600 liter water tank in may 2020. Exactly one year later linach received the MLF with 1000 liter water tank on board.

Youth fire brigade receives linacher vehicle

The previous linach vehicle was then handed over to the youth fire department. rafael brischke was responsible for the planning and Jurgen wahl for the organization. They were able to rely on a team of five people. They received great support from the companies ganter-norm and scherzinger pumpen. These took over the material and personnel costs for the reconstruction. The conversion was carried out in the training workshops of these companies. "And the trainees have learned a lot in the process", according to reinhard dotter, who is also a trainer at the scherzinger company. Mayor Josef Herdner was impressed: "Doing good in an uncomplicated way"."

the youth fire truck now has a load suitable for training. This is where the young and future firefighters can hold their rehearsals and get fit for future tasks.

Acquisitions completed for the time being

The vehicle procurement has been completed for the stock for the time being. According to mayor herdner, the fire department is now technically up to date. In the past few years, the good financial situation made it possible to invest a lot in the fire department equipment.

Questions are still unanswered about the new team transport vehicles (MTW) to be purchased. For example, explains general commander jochen Loffler, there are newer hygiene regulations. To the employments should not, as partly still practiced so far, with the private car be driven, but with a MTW. Particularly after the operations, there is unintentional contamination in the car. These were rejected by the municipal council during the last budget discussion. It applies now first of all a shelter concept to compile.

Vehicles can be brought into service on 15. May can be visited

The four vehicles can be seen on sunday, 15. May, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the market square in furtwangen. The fire department is available for questions. The public is invited to attend.

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