City tight: touristic highlights

Touristic highlights

Touristic highlights in Engen and tips for excursions

• Engen Municipal museum and gallery

• Historical town center

• Town Church St Mary’s Ascension

The Catholic Church "St. Mary’s Ascension" what built in the 13th century and unites different architectural styles (romanesque, goth, new gothic and baroque style). Remarkable are the leveled side-entrances and the tympanum above the main entrance.

In the Middle Ages twelve fountains provided the citizens with water. When the old quarters were renovated the city remembered this tradition. Well-known artists created modern and unique fountains.

A walk up the 846mt high mountain of Engen with a stunning panoramic view over the Hegau, Lake Constance and the Black Forest. On clear days you may even have a look at the Austrian and Swiss Alps as well as the Vosges in France.

The "Hegaublick" offers you a breathtaking view of the Hegau, the Lake Constance basin, and sometimes even the Alps. This well-known vantage point north of Engen, close to the small village of Stetten, is a very popular excursion tip for tourists as well as for local people.

This famous dating site dating from the Magdalene (end of the Stone Age 14000 to 12000 BC) is one of the oldest settlements in the local area. Numerous Findings help you to understand the way of life of the reindeer hunters. Peters Rock is located north-east of Engen in the so-called Brudertal. In May 2003 Germany’s first "Ice Age Park" What’s established around Peter’s Rock under the auspices of the Archaeological Department of the University of Tübingen.

The surrounding areas

• Hegau mountains / Hegau

Wonderful hiking paths. The unique volcanic mountains were once characterized as "God’s own bowling alley". The Hohentwiel close to Singen with Germany’s largest medieval castle, the Hohenkrähen, the Hohenhewen and the other mountains of the Hegau invite you to enjoy a beautiful view over the river Lake Constance and the Chain of the Alps.
Detailed information on the entire Hegau are to be found under

• Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen – Switzerland

This magnificent natural spectacle of the largest waterfall in Europe near Schaffhausen in Switzerland can be reached by car in 30 mins. 150 m wide and 23 m high, about 750 cbm / sec. of water on average fall down over the rocks. You can go by boat to the rock in the middle of the fall. Otherwise you are closest to the Falls on the Lauffen Castle side.

• The Aach Spring

Only 6 kms away from Engen Germany’s most powerful bubbles to the surface with an average of 9 cbm / sec. This is about 25 kms away, which loses almost all its water through porous limestone. This water comes to the surface again in Aach after it has made its way through a huge system of caves and underground channels.

• Mainau Flower Island

A real treat is a visit to the tropical paradise with its many sights from tropical gardens to a palm tree conservatory, seasonal flowers such as orchids, tulips and daffodils, roses, dahlias, lilacs, etc., a butterfly conservatory and the baroque castle with its church belonging to the reigning countess of the island.

You reach the lake by car – depending on where you want to go – in less than half an hour. It’s a leisure time paradise with all sorts of diving, sailing, canoeing and swimming activities. You can make a trip on one of the "White Fleet" boats or relax on one of the numerous beaches.

• The "drying up" of the Danube

A very rare phenomenon of nature is the "drying up" of the Danube near Tuttlingen-Moehringen. Especially during the summer months you can watch the water of the Danube disappear between the rocks and even listen to the gurgling water. (cf. Aach Spring)

• Carnival Museum of Langenstein

A former German tribe, the Alamans, settled in our region. The Alaman "Carnival" originates from period with its typical customs and traditional figures. All the different costumes are to be seen at this museum, including the "Hansele" from Engen, with the small bells and the rod with the pig’s bladder.

Further info

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