City tour for children in munich – exciting, fun, age-appropriate

City tours for children? Oh no, how desolate: walk through Munich for hours and go through boring buildings with even fatter years? Not even close! Your children will rediscover Munich and its history by becoming a city detective with us! On our detective journey through time (and Munich) it is not just a matter of numerous search tasks, but each of them small City detectives can solve his own detective case. Fun and excitement are guaranteed on our city tours!

Children’s city tour Munich – exciting tours for children through the history of Munich

The topics of our children’s city tours should have a suitable detective tour for everyone: creepy city detectives can let cozy chills run down their spines on one of our scary tours, medieval lovers can discover “Ruppige Ritter” on our children’s city tour. Fans of old masters could try to crack the “Dürer Code”…

City tour for children – ATTENTION: Children are looking for clues through Munich

Our city tours are not only FOR children – but rather city tours WITH children! Your children need to be active and active themselves detective become. We are waiting for you with a variety of captivating stories, which are also peppered with numerous questions, so that your protégés are required to do detective considerations. In addition, you still have to solve your own tricky case and find hidden clues on top. City tour for children as a detective search for clues!

Discover Munich with children – we will show you an adventurous Munich!

“You know, where a basilisk is still in mischief in Munich, where the most mysterious picture of Bavaria is and how one get free pretzels once a year? ”.
Could you, could your children answer these questions spontaneously? No? Then let us discover (new) Munich together with your children. The children (and not just them) will be amazed at how many stories apparently known places in Munich have in store for us. We may even discover places that were completely unknown to you ….

Choose an activity that suits you from the range!

Plan a city tour with us
and you will be amazed!

No matter whether you are planning a children’s birthday party or a family celebration in Munich: with our detective city tours we guarantee two hours of fun and excitement! In addition, we impart “en passant” in-depth knowledge of Munich and its history. Afterwards you will see the Bavarian capital with completely different eyes ;-)!

What can you expect from city tours?

History and art enthusiasts city guides! We love history! Especially when it comes to Munich’s city history. We would like to pass this passion on to our small “city detectives” during our city tours.

Participation story: We report on our children’s city tours of the most captivating and gripping events that have taken place here in Munich. What we definitely want to prevent: boring listeners with boring, monotonous lectures. That is why even the stories of our city tours are dialog-based, so that children and teenagers (and adults!) Can simply “join in” from the beginning and over two hours.
On top of that, you still have to solve your own detective assignment and search tasks that are an integral part of our city tours through Munich.

10 years of experience with children’s city tours: The fact that we can inspire children with history with our “detective concept” is shown by the many positive responses that we have received on our city tours for 10 years.


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