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City tour for families in Hamburg

City tours with children are often not very informative and, above all, stressful for parents.
Most of the tours are designed for young people and adults. The family tours of umbrella and charm are completely different: here the children are included in an age-appropriate manner.
It is a tour for the whole family: the children collect with small ones Tasks or puzzles stamp in their pirate book, while mom and dad get to know the city.

The city tour for families in Hamburg leads to popular sights the city: Jungfernstieg / Rathaus, Old Harbor, Speicherstadt, Hafencity.
The tour can be planned barrier-free, so it can be walked with a pram.
If you like, you can book an individual route.

Meeting point and end of tour can be arranged individually, as can breaks at children’s playgrounds or at an ice cream parlor.

If you wish, you can book a handcart or an exercise bike.

The family tour with 3-6 year olds – the little pirate test
The little ones, who can not read yet, are given an examination slip that accompanies them all the way. At each of the approx. 6 stations, part of the small pirate exam can be taken and an exam stamp can be collected. This requires observation skills, counting, memory skills and skill – all characteristics that a real pirate needs.
The tasks are solved with the help of the adults, who will also learn a lot about the city of Hamburg at the stations.

The family tour with 6-12 year olds – The big pirate pr

Children in the reading age receive a task book and can solve tasks to the stations or on the go during the tour. The task books are compiled individually according to the age of the children and vary in level of difficulty so that the beginners do not feel overwhelmed, but the 10-year-olds do not feel underwhelmed either.

City tour prices for families in Hamburg

Tour duration:
1-2 hours, depending on the arrangement or age of the children

€ 25.00 for adults, € 15.00 per child *
Extension of the route or individual route guidance plus 25 €.

* excl. costs for handcart or wheel or other upgrades

You want to discover beautiful Hamburg with the whole family?
Then use the form to request an appointment without obligation!

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