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With its wide range of culture and leisure activities, the Hanseatic city is ideal for a family vacation. Go on a discovery tour with your children and experience the diversity of Hamburg. The breathtaking harbor with its huge container ships, the famous Elbphilharmonie or the impressive Speicherstadt are just a small selection of the destinations that should not be missed on a sightseeing tour in Hamburg. At a Your children will be amazed by a trip to the fish market. Because in a few minutes, turkey-Peter, Aal-Dieter or one of the many other well-known market barkers from Hamburg have brought a whole bag of fish, plants or bananas to men or women for little money. In this article we will tell you what else you should not miss on your family trip to Hamburg.

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The most exciting sights for children

The eruption of Vesuvius, a floating hot air balloon or fire engines pulling out – these are just a few of the many interactive actions that take place at the push of a button Miniature wonderland have it carried out. In the largest model railway system in the world, children and adults can admire lovingly designed landscapes, 1,040 trains, more than 9,200 cars and over 4,300 buildings on an area of ​​approx.1,500 sqm. And if you want, you can also look over the shoulder of the model builders of the system at work.

In Hamburg you can experience a very special experience with the family in the exhibition "Dialogue in the dark" Experienced. Blind or visually impaired guides lead you through a world in which you have to reorient yourself by hearing or feeling. Visit the dark bar, go for a walk in the park, go to a weekly market or go through everyday situations that are actually quite common for families with children. This experience is particularly impressive.

What frightened the people of Hamburg hundreds of years ago? Experience the storm surge of 1717, learn about the pirate Störtebeker or the insidious plague. Families with older children can explore the dark side of history in the interactive exhibition at Hamburg dungeon experience that is a combination of show and horror cabinet.

One of the most beautiful baroque churches in Germany is the St. Michaelskirche, by the Hamburgers too "The Michel" called. If you have climbed the 452 steps with your children, you will be rewarded with a really great view on the platform of the 132-meter-high Michel. The view from above of the cruise and imposing container ships in the harbor is impressive. Another advantage: Your kids can really work out by climbing the stairs;).

Explore the water with children

You can see the impressive panorama of Hamburg even better with your children Ship or a ferry look at from. On the deck of a ship you can already see the huge container ships and giant cranes that are located at the harbor docks in the harbor. A little further away are the former pilot houses and grand Hanseatic villas. A ferry ride is an exciting experience for families with children.

The "Old Elbe Tunnel" with its two tunnel tubes you will find in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. Since there are no access roads or ramps in the tunnel, brings you an elevator with a wooden roller shutter directly in the 24 meter deep Elbtunnel. Of course you can also go down the 132 steps. If you tell your children in the tunnel that a large ship might be sailing over their heads right now, they will be amazed. At high tide, the water is about 12 meters above the Old Elbe Tunnel. Even the grownups can get a little queasy. On your way through the Elbe tunnel you can discover the reliefs of typical Elbe inhabitants on the walls.

In the listed and Hamburg’s oldest surviving warehouse building Kaispeicher B that is International Maritime Museum accommodated. On a total of 10 decks, children and adults can learn a lot of interesting things about the history of shipping. For example, in the “Funk-Bude” you can see how the seafarers of that time communicated with Morse devices and signal books. The museum’s oldest exhibit is a hollowed-out tree trunk that was worked with the simplest tools. Your children will also be captivated by the ship’s command simulator.

A visit to the museum for your children is guaranteed not to be boring

The Speicherstadt is a huge warehouse complex. There is a lot to discover for children there. The best thing to do is to choose one of the interesting ones discovery tours, which are offered especially for children. In the Speicherstadt Museum, the kids learn, among other things, what happens in the Speicherstadt during low and high tide. Or as it used to be in the old warehouses, when barrels and bales were still stored there or coffee, cocoa and rubber were refined. The construction history of the Speicherstadt is also clearly documented by photos and plans.

A visit to Hamburg with a child can be very interesting. For example in Open air museum on Kickeberg. Children don’t have to pay admission here, but that shouldn’t be the main reason for you to visit this family-friendly museum. Because there is history you can touch! In 40 historic buildings, it is clearly shown how our ancestors lived between 1600 and 1950. There is still an adventure and water adventure path, historical gardens and old farm animal breeds to see. Interesting hands-on activities round off the great family offer.

Do you want to learn something about Hamburg’s past? Museum of Hamburg History precisely. Children and parents get a good overview of the development of the city here. The "museum rat" accompanies your children through more than 40 stations, where they receive child-friendly explanations. Creative children’s programs and special children’s tours are also offered. Knowledge makes you hungry. After an extensive museum visit, you can fortify yourself with cake and lemonade in the Museums Café Fees.

in the Click Children’s Museum it is about experiencing, understanding, looking at, understanding, thinking and trying out. The children are invited to discover and experiment. In the Klick Children’s Museum there are no valuable exhibits that could bore children, but many interesting thematic stations that encourage them to participate.

The best children’s theater

The Children’s theater was founded in Hamburg in 1968. Since then, it has been entertaining children from the age of 5 and their parents with great, but also really high-quality plays that are presented to the children by professional artists. In addition to the normal theater performances, children are also offered classical operas. These are of course prepared in a child-friendly manner and are intended to arouse children’s interest in classical music.

When traveling to Hamburg with a child, you should definitely do that Children’s theater Hoheluftschiff watch in Hamburg. It is located on a former ship, which is located on the Isebek Canal on Kaiser-Friedrich-Ufer. Children and young people are in charge on this floating stage, because here children play theater for children. There are many offers and demonstrations on art, music, theater and the circus on the Hoheluftschiff.

The most beautiful playgrounds in Hamburg

If your children have struggled through the balls pool and the crawling tunnel in the indoor playground, you will find them in the Play barn of the stories adventurous climbing routes in Neuallermöhe, extra-large building blocks, trampolines and other attractions. Some children may prefer it to be a little quieter. You can make yourself comfortable in the play barn and calmly listen to fairy tales, legends and stories that are told here every day for the children.

Daring pirates and water rats are on the Playground HafenCity have a lot of fun. A special highlight is the large pirate ship with its lookout. In the climbing forest on Treasure Island, children can shimmy along ropes and nets and run over shaky suspension bridges. Don’t forget to pack your towels in the summer, because then there are lots of great water features on the HafenCity playground.

The Forest playground in the Niendorf enclosure is the right thing for an excursion in Hamburg with children who like to spend time in nature. A large lawn offers plenty of space to play and run around. The climbing house with its 5 meter high observation tower is interesting. On the forest playground there are also swings, slides, seesaws and a beautiful cable car. Nearby you can visit a game reserve and feed the deer there.

Watching animals with the whole family

Moray eels, rays, sharks and seahorses: these are just a few of the approximately 2,600 inhabitants of the Sea Life aquariums. In a total of 38 pools you can get to know the different underwater worlds with your children. You can see the impressive black tip reef sharks, nurse sharks and clown fish in the ocean tunnel. If you dare, you can touch starfish, sea anemones or crabs in special pools. Show feedings are offered at certain times. Do you want to look at the dreaded piranhas? Then go to the "Rainforest" area. Turtles, snakes and monitor lizards also live in the enclosures.

The visit to Hagenbeck Zoo is a great experience with a family vacation in Hamburg. In the many outdoor enclosures you can discover more than 1,900 animals. Tigers and orangutans, walruses and polar bears, crocodiles and many other animals from different continents await you here. The large herd of Asian elephants is a special attraction. If you want, you can even feed the cozy pachyderms with fruit and vegetables. The highlight in the Hagenbeck Zoo is the tropical aquarium. Nile crocodiles and poisonous beats, insects and frogs bustle here. But you can also see free-flying African birds and free-running lizards here. Observes sharks and rays through the huge panoramic window and plunges into a fascinating underwater world.

The Zoological Museum of the University of Hamburg is particularly interesting for families with children, because there are special offers for children. For example the whale discovery tour or an animal research safari. In the museum, specimens of domestic and exotic animals are shown on an area of ​​approximately 2,000 square meters. You can see u. a. giant whale skeletons, rhinos, crocodiles, big cats, birds and insects.


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