Class b driver’s license: information about the car driver’s license

For young people, a class B driver’s license especially one thing: independence. Finally, you are no longer dependent on public transport or your parents and you can choose alone with a car move in public road traffic. Which requirements go along with the car license and how the training in driving school find out how the process works in the guide.

FAQ: driving license class B

A class B driver’s license includes motor vehicles that have a maximum of 3.weigh 500 kg and are built and designed to carry a maximum of eight people, not counting the driver of the vehicle. In addition, they are allowed to hitch a trailer that does not exceed 750 kg. Only if the total weight of the towing vehicle and trailer is less than a value of 3.500 kg remains, the trailer may bring a higher weight on the scales.

The driving license class B includes classes AM and L. However, vehicles in classes A1, A2 and A are excluded.

A car driver’s license costs approx. Between 1.000 and 2.200 euro.

Requirements for the car driver’s license

Class B: There are some conditions attached to a driver's license for a car

Class B: some conditions are attached to the driving license for the car.

The minimum age

To get a class B driver’s license to acquire a driver’s license, a minimum age of 18 years prescribed. However, there is also the possibility of already at the age of 17 to drive a passenger car in road traffic. This is in special regulation "accompanied driving justifies. Since 2011 applies nationwide; previously, this could vary depending on the federal state.

Under certain circumstances, the minimum age for a car driver's license may be reduced

Under certain circumstances the minimum age for the car driving license can be lowered.

Although driving a car is already 17 year old allowed, but only accompanied by a registered person. This must be since at least five years have a class B driver’s license and a at least 30 years old be. In addition, your driving aptitude record (FAER) may be reduced a maximum of one point in flensburg HAVE.

Furthermore, the minimum age for a class B driver’s license can be lowered to 17 years if the applicant is in the process of training to one of the following professions is located:

  • state-approved specialist in the company
  • State-certified professional driver
  • State-recognized training with similar content

In video: new driver’s license extension B196 briefly explained

The vision test

To ensure that the respective candidate also has a Sufficient eyesight counts a corresponding eye test also to the requirements for the class B driver’s license. Such a license can be both a ophthalmologist as well as a opticians make. It is not so much a question of diopter number but to check measurement of visual performance.

This is done with the help of so-called landolt rings, the in different directions are open. in the actual test, the candidate for the driver’s license is required to inform the doctor or optician of the following, where the opening of the respective ring is located. On the basis of the answers, this can then the so-called visus value determine.

An eye test is also one of the requirements for a class B driver's license

a vision test is also one of the requirements for a class B driver’s license.

According to annex 6 of the fev must on both eyes in each case a value of 0.7 be given. Is this in the case of one eye or both not the case, the eye test is not passed.

In this case, as an applicant for the class B driver’s license, you must first obtain a get vision aid, before you take the retake the test can.

Wear basically contact lenses or glasses, you can take the test naturally from the beginning to be passed with these aids.

The first aid course

In addition to the eye test just described, you must according to § 19 fev also at a first aid training participate if you wish to obtain a class b driver’s license. At least nine teaching units are prescribed, one of which is a duration of 45 minutes includes. In § 19 paragraph 1 fev it is further said:

The training is intended to provide the applicant with thorough knowledge and practical skills in first aid through theoretical instruction and practical exercises."

The dekra, the german red cross or the tuV offer first aid courses. As a candidate for a class B driver’s license, you will learn in small groups, how you should behave, if an accident occurs in road traffic. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate, which acts as proof of what has been learned.

Off to driving school: how to obtain a car driver’s license

In order to obtain a car driver's license, you must pass a theoretical test as well as a practical test

in order to obtain a driver’s license, you must pass a theory test and a practical test.

would you like to class B driver’s license you can obtain six months before they reach the minimum age of 18 resp. reach 17 years, register at the driving school. In total they must be 14 compulsory theoretical hours complete for the class B driver’s license.

The basic rules account for twelve double lessons, the rest two double hours should be additional knowledge mediate. The whole thing is finally queried in a theory test.

The questionnaire for class B shows a total of 30 questions at. An employee of the tuv or the dekra normally takes over the supervision of learner drivers, while they are working on the PC 30 minutes time to have multiple-choice questions to answer. Also the driving instructor can be present.

At practical part you must first obtain a variable number of practice hours complete. How many this can be depending on the individual case and can mostly together agreed with the driving instructor be. However, there are also compulsory special rides, for the class b driver’s license as follows design:

  • Five hours intercity driving
  • Four hours highway driving
  • Three hours night drive

Each lesson is limited to a duration of 45 minutes bound. However, the hours can can be combined and prolonged depending on the circumstances. The practical driver’s license test for class B also takes 45 minutes in demand. In any case, remember to check your ID to be present at the practical test, in order to to be identified.

By the way theory test for class B they may at the earliest three months before reaching the age of 18. Bzw. 17. age take the practical test at most one month before.

What are the costs for a class B driver’s license??

The cost of obtaining a class B driver's license depends on various factors

The cost of obtaining a class B driver’s license depends on several factors.

At the acquisition of a driving license class B are the costs of different factors dependent. Some prices are set by law, but others can vary.

Depending on, how many practical practice hours you need for which driving school you decide and whether several test runs need, this can increase or decrease the cost influence.

In the following we have given you a approximate price list in order to give them at least an idea of what they can do rough overview of the costs for a class b driver’s license to enable:

  • passport photo: between 6 and 15 euro
  • eye test: depending on the provider (therefore sometimes free of charge possible)
  • first aid courseabout 20 to 30 euro
  • fees of the driving license authority: about 40 euro
  • Registration at the driving school: about 200 euro
  • Instructional materialsup to 70 euro
  • practice hours: about 30 euro
  • Special tripsbetween 40 and 60 euro
  • presentation for the theory exam: about 40 euro
  • Presentation for the practical test: about 100 euro
  • Fee for the theory test22,49 euro
  • Fee for the practical test91,75 euro

driver’s license class B: which vehicles does it include?

Since 2013 exist a total of 16 driving license classes in germany. Which motor vehicles may be driven with the respective class, defined § 6 of the driving license ordinance (fev). Accordingly, a class B driver’s license includes following vehicles one:

Class B driver's license: what am I allowed to drive?

driving license class B: what can i drive?

  • The total permissible weight may maximum 3.500 kg amount
  • The motor vehicles may be used for the transport of a maximum of eight people be built and designed (drivers excluded)
  • Vehicles of the classes A1, A2 and A are excluded

There are furthermore special regulation, which allows selected groups of people to drive motor vehicles with a total permissible mass up to 4.75 tons to drive with a class B driver’s license. The following persons are affected by this exemption, provided that they perform the respective activity on an honorary basis:

  • Members of the volunteer fire department
  • members of the recognized according to national law rescue services
  • Members of the technical assistance
  • members of other units of the civil protection

However, the drivers concerned must already have for two years have a B driving license. In addition, the need for a instruction in the technology and driving of the corresponding motor vehicle as well as a practical test.

Can you drive a trailer with the class B driving license?

Holder of the driving license class B may, in addition to the motor vehicles just mentioned, under certain conditions additionally to couple a trailer. This may normally be weight not more than 750 kg. This weight may only be are exceeded, if the permissible total weight of towing vehicle and trailer under a value of 3.500 kg remains.

Also persons who drive are honorary and therefore motor vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of up to 4.75 tons are allowed to drive with a class B driver’s license with a trailer to be coupled. The combination of vehicle and trailer may in this case, however, be not exceed a weight of 4.75 tons.

key number B96

Which trailer am I allowed to drive with class B including key number?

What trailer can I drive with class B including key number?

To pass the extension B96 must first of all have a class B driver’s license be present. However, it is also possible to use this together with the key number to be obtained in the driving school. In any case it requires a theoretical part of at least 2,5 hours and a practical of at least 3.5 hours. In addition must have one driving hour be passed.

However, you will have to pass a theoretical or practical test if you want to not to file, if they have the key number B96 want to have it subsequently entered in the driver’s license. If you have mastered both theory and practice, you will be given an certificate of participation issued to you with the competent driving license office must present.

As the owner of a car driving license in combination with the extension B96 you are allowed to, the following trailers with a vehicle of driver’s license class B to pull:

  • The permissible total weight of the trailer may not exceed above a value of 750 kg and
  • The permissible total weight of motor vehicle and trailer may not exceed more than 3.500 kg one weight of 4.not exceed 250 kg.

Extension to the driving license class BE

Who this still too little has the option of a class B driver’s license to extend to BE. In this case you should have a towing vehicle from driving license class B combine with a trailer or semi-trailer. However, the corresponding trailer must have a permissible total weight have which between 750 kg and 3.500 kg lies.

Here you can also get the extension either acquire subsequently or directly in combination with the car driver’s license. Decide for the first variant, the theoretical part is omitted, as you have already seen it at the acquisition of the B driving license have completed.

driving license class B: which classes are included?

Who owns a B license owns, is automatically entitled to, motor vehicles of the driving license classes AM and L to steer. Which these are exactly, shows them the following overview:

Driving license class AM

  • two-wheeled mopeds (incl. sidecar) with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h; engine capacity of maximum 50 cm³ (up to 4 kw with electric motor)
  • Three-wheeled mopeds with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h; cubic capacity of maximum 50 cm³ (spark ignition engine); maximum 4 kw useful power (other combustion engines) and maximum 4 kw rated continuous power (electric motor)
  • Four-wheeled light motor vehicles with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h; displacement of maximum 50 cc (spark ignition engine); maximum 4 kw usable power (other internal combustion engines) and maximum 4 kw rated continuous power (electric motor); unladen mass of maximum 350 kg (without batteries for electric vehicles)

Class L driver’s license

  • Tractors for agricultural or forestry purposes; maximum design speed of 40 km/h
  • combinations of these motor vehicles with trailers; maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • Self-propelled work machines and feed mixers, forklifts and other industrial trucks; design limits maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • Combinations of these vehicles with trailers

How long is a class B driver’s license valid??

A class B driver's license is valid indefinitely

A class B driver’s license is valid indefinitely.

The car driving license is valid for an unlimited period. However, what is every 15 years must be renewed, the driver’s license document itself. This regulation applies to any driver’s license that is after the 19. January 2013 acquired or renewed.

For licenses that are before this date have been issued, this obligation to exchange only from the age of 19. January 2033. These regulations have been reform of the driving license classes in 2013 emerged in order to EU-wide standardization to be guaranteed.

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