Class b1 driver’s license: which vehicles can you drive with this license??

Can I drive a car with a class B1 driver's license?

Can I drive a car with a class B1 driver’s license??

In order to facilitate cross-border travel by car and driver’s license checks abroad, the european union, with the aid of the directive 2006/126/EC the applicable driving license classes unified. Since 2013 there is also the issue of a uniform driver’s license. This circumstance led to the fact that on the document now also the Class B1 driving license is listed.

But what is the driving license class B1? Which meaning has this for german drivers? To lead which vehicles entitles the B1 class? And include if necessary. Already other driving license classes the B1 driving license? Answers to these and other questions are provided in the following guidebook.

FAQ: driving license class B1

This is a european driving license category that has not been introduced in germany. Due to the uniform driver’s license documents, the B1 class is also printed in addition to the German driver’s license classes, however, this is always crossed out.

Which vehicles are included in this driving license class, you can read here.

No, the class B1 driver’s license is not a trailer extension of the B driver’s license. For this, the driving license class BE or the extension B96 are possible instead.

Class B1 driving license: what can I drive with it??

What does 'B1' stand for in the driver's license? This driving license class is not intended for trailers

What does "B1" stand for on a driver’s license?? This category is not intended for trailers.

Many a motorist will have wondered, when taking a closer look at his or her driver’s license, what it is about the driving license class B1 has on it. This is included on documents that issued since 2013 have been. It is also astonishing that the B1 class is in principle deleted is. But why is this so?

The class B1 driving license is a driving license that is issued by the european driving license class, which, however, as such never introduced in germany was. However, since the driving license is divided into france and italy application, the uniform EU driving license corresponding fields before.

According to the directive 2002/247EC article 1 paragraph 3 letter b the following driving licenses are allowed in the respective countries with the class B1 driving license vehicles driven:

  • Four-wheeled vehicles
  • Empty mass up to 400 kg or. 550 kg for vehicles for the transport of goods
  • maximum useful power of up to 15 kw

From these specifications, the scope of application derive for the class B1 driver’s license. Thus, this driving license class is used mainly for the driving of quads needed. The minimum age for the acquisition is 16 years, so that a quad with the B1 license can act as a substitute for a car.

Does this circumstance now mean that german car drivers you are not allowed to drive certain vehicles? In the article 4(4)(a) of directive 2006/126/ec states that:

category B1 is optional; in member states that do not introduce this category, a category B license is required to drive these vehicles

As this quote shows, the authorization for driving quads usually in the class B driving license contain. A special quad driving license there is therefore not in germany.

B1 driving license: what are the costs??

The way to the driving license: practice and theory are compulsory for the B1 driving license in Italy

The way to a driver’s license: practice and theory are compulsory for the B1 driver’s license in italy.

As previously stated, they can B1 driving license not obtainable in germany. If you want to know how the training for the driver’s license looks and which costs for it accrue, must look therefore with other countries.

The italian regulations for the acquisition of the driving license class B1, for example, see both theory as well as practical training where the learned at examinations must be put under proof. How much a class B1 driver’s license can cost depends above all on regional price differences as well as the necessary number of driving hours from. However, the average cost is 1100 euro go to.

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