Climate change and rainforest are closely linked

What is climate change? And what does it have to do with the rainforests? In fact, climate change and the rainforest are closely related. As important carbon stores, forests stabilize the earth’s climate. Deforestation can therefore drive climate change. The protection of the rainforests is not only important for the preservation of tropical flora and fauna, but also for the fight against global warming. In return, changes in the climate affect the forest – the relationships between climate change and the rainforest are reciprocal. We explain how it works!

What can you do at home?

  • Save energy: This reduces CO2 emissions from energy generation. It is best to always switch off unused electrical devices completely (no standby) and unplug them. Use LED lamps.
  • Use green electricity: Put your trust in wind power and solar energy "green" Change electricity.
  • Drive less car: Use your bike or ride the bus and train for longer distances.
  • Protect tropical forests: Because the destruction of the tropical forests leads already a gigantic CO today2-Output – climate change and rainforest are closely linked!

What is the difference between climate and weather?

Climate and weather are not the same – even if both are described by the same elements, for example Precipitation, temperature, wind, moisture etc. If these elements are viewed at a certain location over a short period of time, for example one day, one speaks of "weather". The term "climate" describes, on the other hand, the typical weather phenomena at a certain location about you long period of 30 years, for example. Climate generally depends on factors such as solar radiation or the distribution of land and sea, because all of this has an impact on the water cycle, air circulation and ocean currents

What is climate change?

The climate on Earth has always changed, but these changes are happening very slowly over several centuries. However, the rate of climate change has increased significantly in recent decades. The high emissions of CO2 through humans – for example due to large industries, high energy consumption or deforestation – reinforce the so-called greenhouse effect. This leads to an increase in temperatures and thus to one long-term change in climate, which is why we speak of man-made climate change. The greenhouse effect is actually a natural process – but how does it work exactly?

The greenhouse effect

The warmth of the sun comes to earth. From there it partly goes back into space, partly it is stopped by the earth’s atmosphere and blasted back to the ground (arrows). How strong this effect is depends on the gases in the earth’s atmosphere.

To understand the greenhouse effect, imagine the earth like large greenhouse front: The sun’s rays come in from the outside through the earth’s atmosphere – this corresponds to the glass pane of the greenhouse. Once on the surface of the earth, the sun’s rays warm up the ground with their energy. The heat generated escapes only slowly through the atmosphere or the glass panes back outwards, so that the earth or the greenhouse changes over time heats.

The atmosphere around the earth is a layer of different ones gases. Their composition is changeable. If we humans, for example, a lot of CO2 produce, this is released into the atmosphere. The mixture of the gases is then no longer correct Heat balance of the earth changes. Scientists found that the influence of humans is actually the main reason for this phenomenon global warming, which has been observed since about 1950/60.

And what do climate change and the rainforest have to do with each other??

Changes in temperature and rainfall on Earth have a major impact on the tropical forest. The tropical rainforest, which is actually always moist, could, for example, turn into savannah convert. This would be the one there biodiversity reduce significantly. Many animal and plant species that could not adapt to the new climatic conditions would die out.

But the relationship of Climate change and rainforest is mutual. The Destruction of the forest but also contributes to climate change itself. You can find out how this works in our video:


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