Clipatech – abcmallorca experience mallorca from its best side

Clipatech - abcmallorca experience mallorca from its best side


Experts for state-of-the-art building automation technologies

About Clipatech

Clipatech is a company from Palma that focuses on the pioneering field of the Home automation has specialized – the automation of your home latest technology.

They judge the Smart Homes from today, combining innovative technology with the professional installation of automated systems Central control. First, they want to get to know their customers – hobbies, habits, tastes, etc. – and then the perfectly tailored ones Home Automation Systems set up.

Building Automation Service

They can automate almost all components of their customers’ homes – from windows, blinds and awnings to air conditioning, lighting and underfloor heating to home appliances. All this and more can turn you into one single system connect – the intelligent home system called MiniServer. Clipatech programs and the customer controls everything with an app.

ClipaTech uses Tree Technology, which reduces the cabling of the smart home by 80 percent. The entire system can also work with Air tech be installed, their own wireless technology, specially for the subsequent installation home automation was developed in homes where the walls can not be pierced.

The company offers the installation of the technology with special Attention to safety to – from video surveillance with remote access to alarm systems, which include proximity, window and door sensors. For additional security provide sensors for smoke, water and gas.

Your official partner is the smart home expert Loxone, its technology with the design and the programming skills by Clipatech. They are always eager to meet and exceed customers’ expectations, and one Top Service – with installations that leave no unpleasant marks or unsightly scratches.

Whether it is a New building acts, a renovation or a Interior design project – Clipatech is working with several other companies to create one Full service to be able to offer for the entire process.

Innovative technology

With the innovative and everywhere installable Touch surface switch Clipatech can also offer LED lighting projects for the whole house. This works like a light switch, albeit with up to eight functions, is invisible and can be mounted on all surfaces.

Other technological solutions such as intelligent automation for electric vehicles, solar systems, smart swimming pools, smart kitchens and energy efficiency belong to the offer. As environmentally conscious company Clipatech ensures that its smart home technology consumes daily consumption continuously controls and stabilized.

“When setting up your dream home it should not just be about the house, “says Clipatech,” but one good investment, those to yours personal satisfaction contributes. “

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