Clips: Apple’s social video app for iphone and ipad

Clips: Apple's social video app for iphone and ipad

Clips: Apple’s Social V > Ben Miller on 06.04.2017, 21:53

With “Clips” Apple has today released its new “Social Video App” for free as a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Clips * is a video editor that lets iPhone and iPad create stunning videos for social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Messenger in just a few steps. The app includes numerous real-time video filters, text overlays and free-to-use pieces of music that can be combined and integrated as desired.

Five video components

The app basically offers five video components, each with several options and effects, which can be combined as desired.

Of the first building block are the so-called Real-time Title . Clips integrates the dictation feature of iOS. As a result, you do not necessarily have to type in the text you want, but you can easily pronounce it. This dictation function also recognizes the language rhythm and then inserts the respective word accordingly to the respective position in the video, if desired. In addition, the dictation function recognizes names of persons. For example, if you mention a Jennifer, all the contacts in the address book named Jennifer are automatically suggested as potential recipients when the finished video is finally shared, which makes sending it much faster and easier.

The second feature are the Real-time video filters , which remotely remind of those in iMovie or Apple’s Photobooth app, but are clearly funkier. All filters are displayed in real time and can therefore be previewed during editing.

The third feature are a lot Sticker (Arrows, speech bubbles, pictograms, etc.), which you can insert in the desired places in the video. Of course, emojis are also integrated. Moron.

Of the fourth building block are animated transitions . This allows videos to be structured and subdivided in content.

Last but not least: Soundtracks . A good video needs music. Therefore, Apple has integrated several soundtracks directly into clips that can be used freely. The choice is not that big, but you can also integrate your own songs from your own music collection into a video. In the latter case, of course, one must clarify the rights of use.


In clips you can create several video projects in parallel. Photos and videos can be imported from the Photos app or recorded directly in the app.

At the bottom of the screen, the individual video snippets (clips) are listed chronologically. The order can be changed, of course, you can easily remove individual clips or edit later.

Clips can only be square. Of course, upright or landscape videos can be imported and the section can be freely defined, but clip projects themselves are square and can only be exported as square videos.

The maximum length of a clips project is 60 minutes. Syncing projects to iCloud with other iOS devices is not (yet) possible. The respective clips project is (for now) only available on the iOS device on which it was created. Maybe Apple is still synonymous with an iCloud sync after, so you can start a project on the road on an iPhone and then finish it comfortably on the couch at home on an iPad.

Once you’ve completed your video project, you can export it as a finished video to the Photos app or share directly from clips with any app that can do something with videos – including (almost) any messenger.

Incidentally, the videos have a resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels, a frame rate of 30 FPS and are in H.264 format. Here is my example video:

Clips is NOT a social network

Clips is not a Snapchat competitor, nor a ping successor. Clips is a pure video app that lets you create videos for OTHER social networks. And that is quite remarkable.

Many social apps make it possible to create effective videos and photo slideshows, but they lock in themselves and do not allow export to competing social apps.

Clips keep you in control of your own videos and share them with any app or social network.

First impression

Clips is a lot of fun, but still has a few small problems, corners and edges. Nothing serious. For a version 1.0 not tragic.

Thus, it is possible to edit the dictated text manually in the event of transcription errors, but not to change its pauses and the display interval. Anyway, I could not figure out how. The user interface and operation can be confusing at first glance. But those who find their way around Snapchat do so in clips.

Once you have strapped that everything that is visible in the preview window is also saved as a clip at the bottom of the timeline while holding down the record button (even if you move or enlarge a photo or panorama photo during a shot ), you have in no time – and with fun – created a worth seeing Videochen, which you want to follow another. And if Apple with a few updates still something on the performance screw turns, clips will certainly come synonymous in one or the other social media editorial use.

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