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Cloth diapers or natural diapers are reusable diapers that can be easily washed and reused after wearing.

  • much cheaper
  • environmentally friendly
  • hygienically

Cloth diaper Comparison
Advantages and disadvantages
Care of the cloth diaper
On the way with cloth diapers
Other questions and answers

Attention parents

Dispense with disposable diapers made of dangerous plastic and thereby protect the child and Save over 1,000 euros per year.

Cloth diaper Guide

In our free guide you will find all the information about the different types of cloth diaper, absorbent pads and proper care.

Advantages of cloth diapers

Cloth diapers seem more expensive at first purchase, however, you can spend an estimated amount of money over the entire period the child is wearing diapers Savings up to € 1,000 expected. The purchased cloth diapers can be used without hesitation for further family offspring. In addition, no diapers need to be bought, because cloth diapers are washed and reused.

Cloth diapers are an excellent alternative to disposable diapers and we’ll show you below what’s for the cloth diaper.

Cloth diapers are sustainable

Cloth diapers are not used once and then thrown away. They are used, washed and used again. They can be used over the entire diaper time and then sell used again. Disposable diapers, on the other hand, cause 8 million tons of waste per day; Recycling is difficult and it takes centuries before a diaper is mined.

Save up to 1000 Euros with cloth diapers

It is actually possible to save 1000 euros by switching to cloth diapers. For disposable diapers cost a lot of money and cloth diapers are once purchased and the only consequential costs that are incurred, the electricity and water costs for cleaning.

Easy handling during winding and washing

There are many cloth diapers that are constructed in such a way that their handling takes up as little time as conventional diapers. Such models usually have Velcro fasteners or snaps and can therefore be very easily created. Even when washing and drying diapers need little time, as they should be washed and dried like normal laundry.

Great design of the diapers

Disposable diapers nowadays already have beautiful patterns, but can not be compared to cloth diapers. These are usually very colorful and the manufacturers have the right product for almost every taste.

Skin friendliness of cloth diapers

The variant of fabric is in contrast to the normal diaper skin-friendly and breathable. This is partly due to the fact that no chemicals are used to increase the absorbency and reduce odors. This reduces the likelihood of a general skin irritation and thus automatically a skin disease, such as diaper dermatitis.

Different organic cloth diaper types

Pocketwindeln or All in One diapers combine sucking material and diapering in a panty. These diapers are like disposable diapers to create. Velcro closures or snaps hold the panties together. If the diaper is wet, the absorbent core is removed and washed separately. Panties are similar to pocketwindels. These are sewn and therefore easy to put on. In addition, the diapers are extremely leak-proof, thanks to a pair of overpants. This in turn is not necessary with binding diapers. Bindewindeln are washed at 95 degrees and AIO and Pocketwindeln at 40 to 60 degrees. Tie diapers are made of cotton fabric, which is wrapped around the waist with a soft band. Folding diapers are fixed with a diaper clip or stabilizing pants and the costs are low.

In our assortment you will find different types of organic cloth diapers. A short overview helps with the selection.

nappy system All-in-one and pockets Nappies Fitted diapers binding diapers
material Cotton polyester cotton Cotton / bamboo cotton
inlay integrated Yes mostly integrated Yes
Overpants needed integrated Yes Yes Yes
Nappy clip necessary No Yes optional optional
sizes Plus sizes and OneSize 70x70cm or 80x80cm Plus sizes and OneSize One size fits all
one-piece or two-piece one-piece two-part two-part two-part
night capability no, some yes: with night boosters (for example pop-in bamboo) with deposits with deposits with deposits

Care of cloth diapers

Information about the care of the cloth diapers are necessary because they are not simply disposed of like normal diapers. In principle, you wash diapers as well as every wash. But you have to pay attention to a few little things:

Before the wash

All should be used before the first use Suction materials washed in 3 times wool over pants must be greased with a wool cure (eg Von Wolwikkel Amsterdam). After at least three to four days after use, the diapers should be washed. For stubborn dirt, the cloth diapers should be prewashed.

At the laundry

Then the diapers are washed in the main wash program at 40-60 degrees. To protect the environment and the diapers 40 degrees are sufficient and 60 degrees are only for persistent odors or z. B. a diaper fungus on Babypopo necessary. It is advisable to use a program with as much water as possible in pure diapers, or to press the water plus button.

More information can be found on the washing page.

After the wash

After the wash you dry the diapers either in the air or in the dryer at the lowest level. Cloth diapers and insoles tolerate drying in the dryer. To extend the life and protect the environment, it is of course better to air dry them.

Pretreating the Stoffys

It should be washed before using a cotton diaper for the first time. For some cloth diapers, this is even necessary, as they can only develop their maximum suction power. You can test the suction power of the diaper by putting water on the diaper. If the water is absorbed and the pants remain dry, then the suction power of the diaper is in any case available.

On the way with cloth diapers

If you want to take a longer walk or a long drive ahead of you, you do not have to do without cloth diapers. The difference between disposable diapers and cloth diapers is storage.

How many diapers do I have to take with me??
How many diapers you need depends on the child. If you are away from home for a longer period of time, you should take more cloth diapers than you normally would – to be prepared for any incident.

Which cleaning utensils should I take??
All necessary cleaning utensils you need on the go. Homemade wet wipes are very convenient for cleaning as they can be easily transported in a wet wipes box.

Where to go with the dirty diapers?
Dirty cloth diapers should be stored in a separate bag. Wetbags or wet bags have been designed just for this purpose: Here, no liquid leak and penetrating odors do not make it out. They can be easily closed with a zipper. In addition, wetbags are a real eye-catcher with their colorful embellishment.

What about the spare clothes??
It should be taken from each piece of clothing another, if the child is soaked through the sweat and / or something goes wrong while winding.

Be environmentally aware with Stoffys

Parents who use cloth diapers pay attention to the environmental aspect. Here are variants for the environmental audit:

  • Buy organic productsOrganic cotton diapers from certified organic farming and products made of organic virgin wool
  • Good cleaning agent: Use eco-detergent
  • Saving electricity while washing: Wash diapers at 60 ° C maximum
  • Saving electricity during drying: Dry in the air instead of using a dryer, because these have a high power consumption
  • Avoid disposable diapers: These cause a lot of waste and the waste that we already produce is more than sufficient. Many parents use disposable diapers on the way. By arguing that cloth diapers are impractical. (see “Traveling with cloth diapers”).
  • Used, borrowed and reused: Reuse diapers, borrow or buy used Stoffys
  • diaper service: These clean the diapers water and energy-saving, as it is cleaned in considerable quantities

Avoiding skin diseases through cloth diapers

Causes of diaper dermatitis are rare diaper changes, dry skin, possibly also ointments and a low air circulation. In times of cloth diapers diapers were changed more frequently, which led to rare Hautaufälligkeiten. Cloth diapers also promote air circulation through wet weather protection, as this material is more breathable than disposable diapers. Wool diaper pants made of chemical-free wool have a high suction power and release this moisture thanks to their air permeability again. It does not overheat, which has more negative consequences, such as poor sperm quality in boys. Rubber pants, on the other hand, are not breathable and therefore not breathable.

What can you do to avoid diaper rash:

  • Change diapers: Long contact with faeces and urine cause skin changes
  • Airing and drying: use breathable cloth diapers and let the skin dry after wrapping
  • cleaning: The use of self-made wet wipes or a damp washcloth makes sense. Then use a moisturizer that does not dry out the skin

Other questions and answers

Cloth diapers also for premature babies

For new parents, changing a newborn is a challenge. Cloth diapers are for Babies from about 2 kg appropriate. That means only Preemies do not fit in the panties. For them, there are diapers that are still wrapped according to the tried and tested pattern. These are z. B. wipes from absorbent and skin-friendly molton. Molton can be boiled, so thorough cleaning is easy. The towels are folded and also provided with a paper insert. At the latest after each breastfeeding they should be checked once. Even before the birth of the baby, it is worthwhile to purchase a large number of wipes, which you can also use as burp cloths. Instead of molton cloths, flannel diapers can also be used. They are just as easy to maintain and can serve as a hygienic changing mat on the go. Even if parents opt for paper diapers, flannel diapers and molton cloths are indispensable in healthy baby care and are combined with impermeable, yet skin-friendly overshoes. The wipes are almost indestructible and make valuable contributions to infants.

Cloth diapers for newborns

In fact, all cloth diapers can be worn by newborns. All-in-one diapers (AIO) can be adjusted to any waist size with the integrated Velcro fastener like regular disposable diapers. These diaper systems consist of a diaper pant and an integrated absorbent inlay. Since they are a bit thicker, these models need a little longer time to dry. Folding and binding diapers are also suitable as cloth diapers for newborns. The respective folding or winding technique ensures that the diaper rests against the body. Separate pants, made of either wool or an artificial fabric such as polyurethane, must be worn with these diapers. Overpants are needed in a slightly smaller number of pieces, usually enough three to five copies. Mulled diapers are very versatile. These can not only be used for wrapping, but also, for example, as a base or as a burp cloth. But even a terry diaper can already be used in newborns, this one needs from time to time always suitable overshoes.

When can I start with cloth diapers??

Diapers made of fabric are the ecological alternative to disposable diapers and therefore also usable from the beginning. The diapers can be made of different materials and represent the original form of diapers. These are made of skin-friendly materials that are easy to clean.

Changing the cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are fundamentally different from disposable diapers. More environmentally friendly are diapers made of fabric, which are free of chemical additives and are produced in harmony with the good of nature. Depending on the age of the baby diapers have to be changed with different frequency. Parents will notice: their own maternal or paternal sense of smell has been sensitized during the first baby years, the parents know with almost sleepwalking certainty, whether it is “happened” and a mishap can be found in the diaper. Now the cloth diaper should be changed.

There are different types of diapers made of fabric to distinguish and each has their peculiarities in small nuances: There are the well-known pocketwindeln, which also know many organic shopping parents as all-in-one diapers, which are practical and as pants with an integrated Suction pad work. These are available in different sizes and are already suitable for the little ones. Depending on personal preference in versions with Velcro or Velcro. To be fair, it should be mentioned here that drying the pocketwindles takes a little longer after washing than with the disposable diapers. However, anyone who acquires a sufficient supply here will appreciate the overwhelming benefits for children and the environment and no longer want to do without diapers for his little children. Another health-related issue is the fact that the infant’s buttocks area is less likely to get sore. Moisture in disposable diapers lasts much longer and strains sensitive baby skin. With a cloth diaper that can not happen, which is why no additional creams and various powder variations are necessary for the diaper area.

How many cloth diapers do I need?

That depends on

  • Claims to hygiene: Parents change the diaper if it is soiled because urine and faeces can cause skin changes and diseases.
  • age of the childThe older the child, the less diapers you need.
  • nappies: Depending on the type of diaper is different.
  • Individual habits: If one is used to changing diapers very often, one automatically needs more copies.

How many cloth diapers does my child need??

  • 0 – 2 months: about 9 cloth diapers per day
  • 3 – 6 months: about 7 per day
  • From about 7 months: about 5 – 6 per day

How many do I need to start??

  • Two-piece diapers: 20 diapers and 3 pants (from the pants over the little ones grow out quickly, so at the beginning not too many should be purchased)
  • All-In-One Diapers: At least 15 Stoffys and 15 absorbent pads are required initially.
  • Pocket diapers: 15 Stoffys and the same number of absorbent pads is added.

How do I save the cloth diapers best?

Anyone who chooses cloth diapers must make a decision regarding the storage location at the same time. First, it is about collecting the diapers to washing day: Here is a so-called diaper pail emergency – can be stored in this but the diapers until the next wash comfortably. An attached laundry net – for example from Popolini or TotsBots – makes the job even easier, because you do not need to carry each diaper one by one towards the washing machine, but only the net with the previously collected diapers. Everything is quite simple: Just throw worn diapers into the laundry net – without soaking or flushing. If a diaper is dirty after an “accident”, then a previous rinse may be useful. But that’s the exception rather than the rule.

In any case, a normal plastic bag is sufficient on the way – if not exactly aesthetic. But leak-proof are Wetbags: These bags, which are lined with water-impermeable fabric and zippered, are available in a variety of sizes and patterns. If you are still scared of smells, you should take a little trick to your heart: just let the diapers take their breath away. That means: Do not close the lid one hundred percent or press firmly on the bucket, but just hang up. However, if, contrary to expectations, an unpleasant scent has formed, then a panty liner glued to the inside of the lid and dabbed with essential oil promises to be a remedy. At the end everything is smelling.

The diapers – another variant to the disposable diapers

Panty diapers are available in both one-size and two-size sizes. These models are a bit more expensive to buy than the disposable diaper, but more than make up for this disadvantage due to the long usage time. For newborns with a low birth weight, for example, the TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch diaper size 1, which can be used from a weight of about 2.5 kg to a maximum of 13 kg. However, many parents opt for size 2, because it can be used as a one-size diaper from a weight of 3 up to a maximum weight of 21 kilograms and is therefore suitable for normal-weight neonates.

Terry towels are soft and gentle

Toweling diapers are the favorite among diapers made of cloth for some parents. These are easy to wrap, gentle on the skin and very absorbent. They also keep the baby’s skin dry for a long time and do not irritate it. Toweling diapers can be used even in small newborns. Terry towels are folded according to a simple scheme. For the closure practical nappy clips are suitable. So that the environment remains dry even at night, you should use matching diaper panties.

System of natural wraps

The necessary components include the moisture protection through the diaper panties and the suction power through the absorbent core.

  • absorbent core: Mull, twill, molleton, terry and knitwear
  • wet Weather: Velcro pants, slip pants
  • nappy Liner: Paper nonwoven and pulp nonwoven
  • Absorbent pads
  • Other deposits: Bourette silk, wool fleece, knitted wool, absorber fleece
  • aid: Snappies, safety pins

The simpler version is the All-In-One Pocket Cloth Diaper. In the cloth diapers, the absorbent pads and pants are already integrated.

Where can I buy cloth diapers?

There are many different ways to buy cloth diapers. Which is the right option for you depends on your own options. It is always beneficial to be in the store professional advice leaves, because here you can better meet your requirements. However, since not everyone has a shop in the area, of course, offers good online shops, because you can also online very detailed information about the different products. If you have questions, you can also contact us via email.

  • order online: You get a lot of information on our site, which is why it is not a problem if you simply ordered them in the shop.
  • Buy in the store based in BerlinIn case of uncertainty, if Stoffys should be bought, one will consult here.
  • Buy used StoffysIf you have people in the circle of acquaintances who have already used cloth diapers, you should ask.
  • diaper service: Cloth diapers can borrow here, but you have to keep in mind that the diaper service usually only comes on a weekly basis. So dirty diapers are stored for a week.

Which cloth diaper is the best?

Unfortunately, we can not recommend the best cloth diapers because every diaper has certain advantages and disadvantages. Those who pay close attention to good quality and sustainability are in the right place with the manufacturers in our range. Nevertheless, there are also some differences here. For example, the shutter is not always the same. Some have Velcro, other snaps or need to be held together with snappies. Cloth diapers with press studs are the best and safest closures because they are particularly easy to use and have a long life. Velcro fasteners wear off much faster, but they still last for many years. Another point that seems important to some is the design of the cloth diapers. There are many monochrome designs and some with different patterns and designs.


With the diaper pants, the tedious folding of cloth diapers is over. Diaper pants are already shaped to the appropriate size and can be put on your child quickly and without problems. The diaper pants are like the disposable diapers to close, either with buttons or with Velcro. For this reason, it is also possible to customize the size of the diaper individually to your child.

Modern cloth diapers

In addition to diaper fleece, there are also modern cloth diapers from well-known manufacturers in the Hug and Grow range. These are characterized by a particularly beautiful design and do not need to be closed with Snappies, since they have Velcro fasteners or snaps. Modern cloth diapers are thus even easier to handle than conventional cloth diapers.

Bathing with diapers

The normal diapers are for swimming in the bath water not suitable. You have to buy special diapers for bathing so swim diapers or bathing nappies. The conventional diapers would soak up in the water which makes the diaper very heavy and can no longer fulfill its purpose. If the baby stays with the wet diaper for a longer period of time, it may cause the diaper to dissolve. The dissolution of the diaper could also clog the filter system of the swimming pool. The special diapers are assembled in the interior of the liquid-absorbent core and the sheath protects the inner core from external fluid.

Alternative diapers: The cloth diaper

If you are looking for alternatives to diapers, you can use cloth diapers or test them diaper-free. If you want to test the latter, you must be able to interpret the given signals of the child quickly and well. The parents get used to it quickly and interpret the signals better and better from time to time. Nevertheless, one must constantly watch the child. Thus, it is also more difficult to leave the child in the care of others, which is why the cloth diaper is the better alternative to diapers.

Cloth diapers instructions

Wrapping instructions are rarely available for the cloth diapers. But that’s no problem, since Hug & Grow in the area “Winding” offers many different instructions. If you need a video, you will definitely find it on the internet.

Cloth diapers experiences

Different mothers had different experiences with different cloth diapers. Since every mother has different needs, one should not necessarily orientate oneself to the experiences of others, but of course they provide a good insight. Some have their own blogs where they introduce different cloth diapers and document their experience. Others have so-called vlogs (video blogs), which are easy to find on Youtube. Since cloth diapers but not very much cost and simply information is available on the Internet, it is recommended to make your own experience with it.

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