Cloth diapers: wrap with knitted diapers

Cloth diaper report

I had to scrape off shit extremely rarely. Still, that’s always the first dumbfounded question when I say we’re using cloth diapers: “And how do you get that shit off the fabric. “

Cloth diapers with diaper inserts

Surprise! The problem with the shit in the fabric had others, so there is a very clever solution: diaper inserts or diaper flow. These are thin paper towels (something like kitchen paper), which you put between the child and the fabric. There then stay the firm Hang components. The diaper insert can be – just like toilet paper – easy to dispose of in the toilet. The fabric part of the cloth diaper is put in the washing machine.

The diaper inserts made of paper I buy either in the health food store or in larger quantities online. You can store well and since it is a standard size, there is also no risk that the child grows out.

Wash cloth diapers

The second incredulous question that I hear constantly is, “Then you have a lot of laundry. “

Knitted diaper, folded, with absorbent pad

Well, I’ll put it this way: If you hate laundering laundry, cloth diapers are not for him. Personally, the logics are fun. But I also have my own laundry room with a large table in back-friendly height to merge. There are also the washing machine, a dryer and the closets of all family members. If I pull myself back here, I’ll hook up a podcast or find a series on Netflix. So you can actually stand it very well …

Knitted diaper, folded, with absorbent pad and diaper flow

As a household with a two-year-old, who is just getting dry, a cloth-wrapped baby and a man who needs fresh clothes for the office every day, we run two to three machines a day.

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Put knitted diapers on the child. Step 1

Knitted diapers with wool over pants

Actually, we did not actively choose the diaper system. We got a big package of knitted diapers and wool overpants from a friendly family at our first child. The idea was: Just try it, if it suits us. And it suited.

Put knitted diapers on the child. step 2

For the second child, we just stayed there. So I can not say anything about the selection process. But I find it very convenient that most health food stores carry the knitting diapers and accessories. So you can easily buy something. So far, I know the other cloth diaper systems only from the Internet. The only cloth diaper kid I know (except my own) is also wrapped with knit diapers and woolen overalls.

Put knitted diapers on the child. Step 3: The wool overpants

Knit Diaper Facts

  • We use 21 cloth diapers (Hess Natur’s knit diapers are best for us)
  • We use 30 absorbent pads (you can easily make yourself from old bed sheets or towels or knit by yourself)
  • We use diaper inserts (one insert per diaper change)
  • We wash one machine a day, which consists to a large extent of the diaper accessories

Conclusion for wrapping with cloth diapers

Basically, everyone is always overwhelmed with the system. Almost all persons who wrap the baby besides us, can not handle the knitted diapers. So as soon as grandma or aunt visit, we switch back to the good old disposable diapers. That’s exactly how we do it when we’re on the road. As the changing tables are often too small and you save yourself with a disposable diaper just a lot of space in the diaper bag. At the moment, we also wrap at night with disposable diapers, because they simply last longer and we sleep serene is. That may sound like many exceptions. In fact, we come to about 6 cloth diapers per day.

Our baby does not seem to care at the moment which diapers she wears. Let’s see how she gets along when the crawling phase starts. Some families report that then the big butt with knitted diaper and wool overpants when crawling in the way. With our first son, we packed away the cloth diapers after about 5 months.

Due to the fabric, the diaper area is better ventilated than in a disposable diaper. You can tell that with every winding. For both children we never had (!) Problems with soreness. I think we can imagine that.

Whether we actually save money, I can not say, because we have never calculated what a washing machine load costs (electricity, water, detergent …). But that’s not the point. The substance just seems to us the natural variant.

The long-term goal, however, is a diaper-free child. But from this adventure I tell you in another time …

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