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Happy, colorful children’s fashion from Holland

When we think of Holland, we first get colorful tulips, windmills and last but not least cheese sense. In recent years, however, the cheerful Dutch have been attracting increasing attention because of their children’s fashion. Dutch children’s fashion from labels such as Oilily, Cakewalk, Like Flo or Kizel-Tje are creating more and more enthusiasm here. Here we explain why Dutch children’s fashion is so popular with us.

As happy as the Dutch themselves

The flat country attracts many German tourists to Holland every year. Whether the region of Zeeland, with its popular holiday resorts Renesse or Domburg, diverse metropolises such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam and beautiful attractions such as the amusement park de Efteling or the Madame Tussauds attract German holidaymakers in particular. We enjoy the relaxed life that the residents of the Netherlands love to care for themselves. Close to nature, whether on the coast or in the romantic city center, the Dutch know how to enjoy life. And that’s how the brightly colored Dutch children’s fashion shows itself. The numerous labels present themselves in bright, bright colors with their lovingly designed creations. With funny prints or in wild-colored patterns, not only the little ones like the colorful mix of beautiful children’s clothing. In the colorful dress in the kindergarten? Clear, that is fun for the children and you can now show this pure joie de vivre with the cheerful children’s fashion from the Netherlands. Usually, dressing is not that much fun.

Dutch children’s fashion is ecological

The Dutch love nature. It is not without reason that bicycles are the most popular means of transport in the Netherlands. Man enjoys being outdoors and becoming one with the green surroundings while cycling. Those who love nature so much want to protect it, of course. That is why Dutch children’s fashion relies on ecological processing from natural materials. Many labels that run Dutch children’s fashion attach great importance to sustainability and a production that deals with the nature lets agree. Only high-quality substances that are free of toxins are processed here. So when you buy clothes you not only do something for the environment, you also know your loved one, namely the offspring, even in safe clothing that the skin can tolerate well.
Without chemicals, toxic dyes or bleach, the child can enjoy the cheerful, colorful clothing on its own.

Freedom of movement is important

Children want to explore the world, be able to move freely without having to wear scratchy and annoying clothes. Dutch children’s fashion is based on a casual style that looks chic, but offers the little wearer the freedom to feel comfortable in his skin and in his Dutch clothes. Children’s fashion from the Netherlands is comfortable, feels pleasant on the skin and is guaranteed to be your child’s favorite.


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