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You are looking for one Clown for a children’s birthday in Hanover? Then you are here right. Because clown and magician Johannes Arnold regularly performs at children’s birthday parties in Hanover and Lower Saxony.

As a professional magician & Clown on children’s birthday parties in Hanover

Johannes Arnold has been working as a professional entertainer and clown for children at children’s parties and children’s events in Hanover for more than ten years. Johannes Arnold is not the classic clown you know, with a white make-up face, shoes that are too big and suspenders in different colors: and yet he offers his little guests an equally entertaining program for children’s birthdays.

Magic and magic for children’s birthdays

When clown and magician Johannes Arnold rings the doorbell, he always has his big magic case with him, which can be set up in just a few minutes. A magic and clown program can be performed anywhere, be it in the nursery, in the garden or in a built-up marquee. For about 45 minutes, Johannes Arnold shows his little guests a colorful mix of different tricks from the fields of magic and juggling.

The magic- & Clown show for children’s parties

During the magic and clown show they experience Guests different tricks from many different areas of magic. Often it is classic magic tricks for children that are shown by Johannes Arnold in a modern and of course fun way: Steel rings combine to form long, indissoluble chains, the length of ropes changes in the hands of the children, or spoons change to Forks and back again.

The children can do magic here

During the magic show, the children are always allowed to actively participate in the program and do their own magic: they come up to the stage as guests, come up with magic spells to get magical effects going or are allowed to blow hard so that everything really works. There is always a special magical attraction for the birthday child to join in – after all, he is the main character!

magic workshops & Learn to juggle

In addition to his clown program for children’s birthdays, Johannes Arnold has many other activities for children in the program – such as magic workshops, juggling workshops and balloon modeling: in just a few seconds, as a balloon artist, he creates an individual balloon animal for each child. This is always a special highlight on children’s birthdays and is always well received.


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