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Club trips – the complete package for families and couples

Club trips are particularly suitable if you want to spend most of your time in the hotel complex. Because on a club holiday you will find everything you need in the immediate vicinity. This applies not only to restaurants, pools and wellness facilities, but also to sports, entertainment and childcare.

Club trips are often planned all day, with amateurs providing entertainment for the guests. This entertainment begins in the morning with sporting activities, with special events in the evenings in the form of small performances or singing. In addition to accommodation, the club holiday concept also offers entertainment programmes and leisure activities.

Club trips are ideal for holidays with children

If you travel with children, they want to be entertained during the holiday season as well. As parents, you have particularly earned the time for rest and relaxation. If you want to relax and enjoy instead of going on tours and excursions, a club holiday is particularly suitable for you. If necessary, animators and their programmes will ensure that the children are entertained for several hours a day. So you have more time for yourself and your little ones are in good hands. Because during the club trip they also stay on the grounds of the facility, which promises a high degree of safety.

If you are travelling as a family, it is worthwhile to compare the available offers and different club models in advance. This also applies to couples without children, who may be on the lookout for club trips for adults, while families may be particularly tempted by all-round childcare. Take a look at and other websites for possible trips. As a rule, all your efforts will be relieved. So you don’t have to worry about the flight or the transfer from the airport to the hotel. Because a club journey is a kind of extended package tour, whereby the tour operator does not only provide for transfer and accommodation, but also for the spare time organization at the vacation place.

As a rule, you will benefit from an all-inclusive meal during club trips, so that you don’t have to worry about further costs on site. There are, however, resorts that also offer excursions outside the resort. In this case you can combine the club trip with real adventure and explore the surrounding towns or landscapes in detail. When you then return to the resort, you will enjoy the all-round services again, whereby you should also pay attention here to whether wellness offers are already included in the travel price or cost extra. The same applies to sports offers.

Optimal destinations for club holidays

Especially families love destinations that can be reached in a few hours by plane. Mallorca offers ideal conditions for club trips. Here the offer is particularly large.

  • Mallorca has been one of the most popular rice islands in the Mediterranean for years. The offer of club holidays is correspondingly large and colourful, whereby the island makes trips on one’s own possible due to its size and very good infrastructure.
  • Over the years, Turkey has become a real Mecca for club trips. Here you can experience variety and holiday at an excellent price-performance ratio. The offer of clubs and resorts is huge. Belek, Antalya, Alanya and Side are just a few regions where you can combine culture and sun. Here, regular tours from the holiday clubs to the cities start, so that you can get an idea of the local way of life.
  • The Canary Islands can be reached by plane in about four hours. This makes the archipelago also ideal for club trips. Here you can go hiking and enjoy various sports programs. On the Canary Islands it is sometimes a little quieter, which is why you can relax here excellently.
  • Not only because of its distance to Germany, Greece is still very suitable for club trips. The price-performance ratio here is similarly convincing as in Turkey. Here a tourism and club culture has grown over the years, which will pay off for your individual club trip.
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