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Here you can find a repair shop for your broken coffee machine

Coffee machine calcified or clogged? The grinder does not work? The coffee no longer tastes so good? You have come to the right place. Professional maintenance, cleaning or repair your coffee machine.

It’s that simple:

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place / zip code enter in the search.

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Repair order

coffee machine have repaired and use again as usual.


Fast – reliable – inexpensive

What defects can be repaired?

Generally, our specialists repair all defective. Of course, it depends on how serious the defect is and whether the required spare part is available. Leaks on heaters and hoses, calcification or mechanical problems common defects are on the drives and can usually be repaired without any problems.

To avoid any financial risk and to get an overview of the costs, we recommend that you have a estimate.

What is repaired professional cleaning made?

First of all, the coffee machine is disassembled into its individual parts, which are then cleaned and checked become. The brew group is cleaned and greased and the grinder is disassembled and cleaned as well. Also seals are renewed, if they are porous. In addition, all basic settings are checked and adjusted.

It is therefore worthwhile!

Is it worth coffee machine repair still?

Coffee machines offer us nowadays a touch of luxury, which we do not want to do without. Since this coffee machines are not quite cheap, of course in most cases a repair is worthwhile – for the environment and the wallet.


coffee machines brands& models

Bosch | brown | delonghi | gaggia | jura | krups | melitta | miele | nivona | saeco | siemens | spidem

Coffee machine repair fast& uncomplicated

The meinmacher specialist workshops listed here are the ideal contacts for the repair of coffee machines, portafilter, espresso machines and fully automatic coffee machines. Use the zip code search to quickly and easily find a coffee machine repair service in your area.

Contact your desired technician and make an appointment for the coffee machine repair.

Repair specialists for coffee machines& co.

Your coffee machine Rattles, clatters, steams, drips or does not react as desired? Or does the coffee simply not taste any more? High time for a coffee machines repair. The technicians listed here are fast, reliable and close to you.

In principle we do not differentiate between coffee machines make and model. simply ask your chosen technician which coffee machine brands can be repaired.

Common brands are for example saeco, jura, delonghi, siemens, nivona, krups or gaggia.

What causes frequent defects in automatic coffee machines??

The most common causes of failure of fully automatic coffee machines are Dirt (due to deposits of coffee oils/fats and milk), calcification and wear and tear. By regularly and above all thoroughly cleaning the brew group, grinder and co. How to protect the coffee machine from possible damage.

Professional maintenance / customer service can significantly extend the life of your coffee machine and avoid one or the other coffee machine repair. The expert checks and maintains all components of the coffee machine – even those that normally cannot be cleaned.

Amounts related to coffee machine repair and service

Coffee with lid

Coffee no longer tastes good from the fully automatic machine

Coffee is more than a drink. It is consumed among other things in the home, in the office and at business meetings. A cup of coffee or a delicious cappuccino from the fully automatic coffee machine…

tea cup

Coffee too thin and watery – the little guide

Fully automatic coffee machines are very popular. Allow us to obtain our favorite coffee at the touch of a button. However, it is annoying when the coffee seems too thin and watery to us. Contact us..

Water droplets splash

Water under the fully automatic coffee machine

no one wants water under the coffee machine. The cleaning is a nuisance and with larger machines also quite cumbersome. Regardless of the amount of water, there is a need for action in any case, because even seemingly small..


It pays to repair!

Coffee machines service near you:
here you will find your repair service for coffee machines. Whether it’s a fully automatic coffee machine, espresso machine, filter coffee machine, coffee capsule and pad machine, portafilter or even vending coffee machines – the technician repairs and maintains your coffee machine.

What to do if the machine refuses coffee?
My coffee machine does not work anymore. What is the best way to proceed now?
If your machine is still within the manufacturer’s warranty, please contact the manufacturer’s customer service department. Outside the manufacturer’s warranty, we are your contact for repairs and maintenance of your machine.

I have a portafilter machine, it is also repaired?
The technicians repair various coffee machines. Among other things, the following devices are repaired:

  • Office coffee machines
  • Commercial coffee machines
  • Coffee machines
  • Coffee capsule machines
  • Coffee pod machines
  • Coffee filter machines
  • Coffee machines
  • portafilter machines
  • Automatic espresso machine
  • Vending coffee machines

you can find a repair shop near you by using our search function. Simply select the desired machine in the search field and enter your zip code / your city. Then you will receive a list with the nearest service workshops.

What are the reasons for frequently occurring defects?
contamination, calcification and wear are the biggest enemies of any coffee machine.

Can I prevent possible defects?
Tip: clean your machine regularly! because you can protect the grinder, brew group and co from deposits, calcification and dirt by cleaning them regularly. take your machine to a technician for a service check at regular intervals so that you can continue to start the day with a good cup of coffee. why i swear by my filter coffee machine: despite the numerous offers of coffee machines from pads to capsules to fully automatic machines, many still swear by the filter coffee machine. For one thing, it is very inexpensive per cup, unlike the other machines, and it produces much less waste. The used coffee filter can even be composted. Another advantage is that you can determine the strength of the brewed coffee yourself by dosing the coffee powder. A fine chocolate note in the coffee can be achieved with a teaspoonful of cocoa powder in the coffee filter. In addition, the operation of a filter coffee machine is very easy. After pouring tap water into the water tank attached to the machine and coffee powder with a filter into the appropriate compartment, the filter coffee machine prepares the coffee automatically at the touch of a button. Hot water is poured drop by drop onto the coffee powder in the filter bag. The water passes through the coffee powder and the filter and then drips into the pot. This process was invented in 1908 by melitta bentz.

It often happens that you turn on the coffee machine / filter machine in the morning and nothing happens, except that the red light in the switch lights up….
If the filter coffee maker no longer works, our technicians are the right people to contact for a repair. We consciously repair according to the motto ‘repair is worth it’ – it is worth it in many ways. On the one hand, it is easy on the wallet, as repairs do not cost as much as buying a new coffee machine. repairs also make a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection. In addition, it strengthens the craft and thus secures jobs. You should therefore ask yourself more often whether it is worth buying a new grinder or whether you would rather have the defect repaired.

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