Coffee machine saeco or delonghi: which is the best?

Coffee is a natural product. It is a stone fruit that comes from various plants from the rubiaceae family. According to legend, the coffee bean was discovered by local shepherds in the kaffa region of what is now Ethiopia. Coffee has an invigorating and stimulating effect and is one of the most popular drinks in the world today. The preparation of coffee has gradually changed throughout history.

What is a coffee machine and how does it work??

In the past, coffee beans were laboriously ground by hand and then poured with hot water, but today the modern fully automatic coffee machine performs these tasks automatically. The only tasks you have to perform yourself are filling the machine with water and coffee beans – everything else is done by the machine itself. While conventional coffee machines only heat the brewing water with a simple heating element, a fully automatic coffee machine has several components in operation. These include:

  • The grinder
  • One brewing group
  • One pump

Before the brewing process, the coffee beans must be ground. This task is performed by a special grinder that transports the ground coffee beans to a separate area where they are processed into coffee grounds. With the saeco or delonghi fully automatic coffee machine, the intensity levels for the grinding process can be selected accordingly.

The fully automatic coffee machine saeco or delonghi is also equipped with a brewing group that can be replaced. This increases the service life of the machine. the brewing group is where the brewing process for making coffee takes place. The first brewing group was produced by saeco in 1985.

The pump ultimately ensures that the water is transported through the coffee machine and is considered the heart of the fully automatic coffee machine. The pump is integrated in the brewing group.

Which coffee machines are the best?

Among the market leaders in fully automatic coffee machines are the fully automatic coffee machine saeco or delonghi. The fully automatic coffee machines deliver pretty much all coffee variants from the classic extended to the espresso and are usually equipped with an additional device for milk frothing. The fully automatic coffee maker saeco or delonghi is mainly located in the mid-price segment.

How are fully automatic coffee machines tested?

In a test for fully automatic coffee machines, various criteria are considered. These criteria include first and foremost:

  • Taste
  • Ease of use
  • The price
  • Coffee variants

the taste of the coffee should above all be balanced. A taste that is too intense quickly turns bitter. A coffee taste that is too shallow, on the other hand, causes the aroma to disappear. A fully automatic coffee machine should definitely be capable of preparing an espresso that stands out in terms of taste. the taste already provides basic information about the efficiency of the brewing process in the fully automatic coffee machine.

Ease of use
another decisive criterion in the comparison of fully automatic coffee machines is their operation. The control panel of the coffee machine should first and foremost be clear and easy to use. It should be possible to quickly and easily set all parameters, such as the degree of grinding, the type of beverage and the brewing temperature. Many machines allow you to individually select the desired coffee in terms of temperature, filling quantity and intensity.

The price
Although the price is decisive in any comparison, it does not always provide reliable information about the quality of the machine. Some inexpensive models, such as the saeco or delonghi coffee machine, offer excellent quality at a relatively low price. In addition, such fully automatic coffee machines in the mid-price segment are currently the most popular among customers.

Coffee variants
the fully automatic coffee machine should be able to prepare at least the most important coffee varieties without any problems. These include the regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Advantages and disadvantages of fully automatic coffee machines

All fully automatic coffee machines have a wide range of advantages. However, there are also some drawbacks that should be considered when buying. Among the advantages, first and foremost:

  • Quick coffee preparation
  • Choice of different coffee variants
  • Low cleaning effort
  • Good taste

The disadvantages are mainly:

  • Partly very noisy
  • A maximum of two cups can be prepared at the same time
  • Very expensive for repairs

Before buying, you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes to saeco or delonghi fully automatic coffee machines, different individual needs can also play a role in the purchase decision. These machines offer different coffee variants and the temperature and intensity of the beverages can also be individually adjusted. First and foremost, however, the models are very user-friendly and require hardly any technical knowledge.

Which manufacturers are on the market?

There is now quite a wide range of fully automatic coffee machines on the market. Among them are some unknown manufacturers but mainly brand manufacturers like siemens, melitta, saeco or delonghi.

Coffee machine saeco or delonghi

Fully automatic coffee machines are offered on the market in various price categories. They range from 200 euros to 3.000 euro. For the consumer, the most interesting appliances are those that are in the middle class. The fully automatic coffee machines saeco or delonghi are also available in the price range around 500 euro. This price stands for quality and is not exaggerated. In the following comparison, you will find fully automatic coffee machines from these two manufacturers. Both manufacturers offer both advantages and disadvantages. For some consumers, delonghi models are more suitable than saeco, although both products may have similarities. Below you will find a small selection of the currently offered models of the fully automatic coffee machines saeco or delonghi.

Saeco picobaristo deluxe

Saeco PicoBaristo Deluxe fully automatic coffee maker

  • Select from 12 delicious coffee specialties – easier than ever before – via the high-quality LED display with direct selection buttons
  • Easy to use: LED display with direct selection buttons – just one touch to your favorite drink
  • Customize your favorite drinks with five settings and save them in four personal profiles
  • integrated milk carafe, cleaning of the milk circuit with hot water after each use

This fully automatic coffee machine offers a choice of twelve different coffee variants. The LED display ensures easy and quick operation. The favorite beverage can be individually adjusted with the help of five setting options. Price: from € 599,00.

The fully automatic coffee machine is particularly suitable for families due to its individual setting options. Each member of the family can brew his own coffee according to his taste. The operation of the machine is also very clear and simple.
However, many customer reviews point out the delicate construction of this device. Especially the milk frother has weaknesses and is difficult to clean.

Saeco 10000051/espresso fully automatic coffee machine

Saeco 10000051 espresso/coffee machine

  • For coffee lovers or simply for the office
  • Material: plastic
  • Pack weight: 907 kg
  • Pack size: 296 L x 524 H x 504 W

This coffee maker is a relatively high quality and affordable device, which is recommended especially for office use. It prepares espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. price: € 320,28.

In customer reviews, the ease of use of this model is particularly noted. In addition, this fully automatic coffee machine has a relatively large filling volume, so that both water and coffee beans rarely need to be refilled. The coffee machine also works very quietly, which is advantageous for use in an office.
Criticized in some customer reviews, however, the costly maintenance of the machine. Some parts can also be easily damaged by rough use.

Saeco SM5460

  • Choose from 10 delicious coffee specialties – easier than ever before – via the high-quality LED display with direct selection buttons
  • Clear and easy navigation thanks to intuitive high-performance display with icons and text overlays
  • Individual adjustment of favorite drinks (filling quantity, strength, temperature) and storage; integrated milk system; 10 coffee specialties
  • Creamy cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button thanks to the removable, hygienic milk carafe

This machine offers 11 different types of coffee and has an easy to use display. The beverages can also be selected individually according to temperature, filling quantity and strength. Price: € 545.00.

In numerous customer reviews, the taste of the prepared coffee is praised above all else. Cleaning the machine is also effortless to complete. However, customers point out that the milk frother very quickly becomes defective. Also the filling of the coffee beans is relatively complicated with this model and requires a lot of patience. This machine is suitable for those who drink coffee only occasionally.

Delonghi ECAM 23.420.SB


  • EASY TO USE: thanks to the digital display, the coffee machine allows you to easily prepare different types of coffee at the touch of a button, removing the water tank from the front
  • HIGH-quality grinder: the 13-stage cone grinder can be individually adjusted, 150 g of coffee beans fit into the container – the fully automatic machine is also suitable for use with coffee powder
  • EASY CLEANING: the compact brew group requires little maintenance and can be completely removed from the coffee machine, making it easy to clean the inside of the machine

This machine from delonghi allows the preparation of all types of coffee with just one touch of a button. The operation is frontal and very simple. The fully automatic coffee machine also has a stainless steel milk frothing nozzle. Price: € 363,95.
This machine is praised above all for its ease of use. Cleaning the fully automatic coffee maker is also very easy and quick to do. The taste of the prepared coffee is also first-class. The main complaints are the loud operating noise and the filigree coffee strainer. The machine is recommended for those who like to enjoy good coffee on a regular basis.

Delonghi autentica cappuccino ETAM 29660 SB


This device from delonghi is built extremely compact. A special function ensures the preparation of extra strong espresso. This machine is recommended as a fully automatic coffee maker for breakfast coffee and for all those who prefer strong and powerful coffee. Price: € 551,00.

Customer reviews emphasize the optimal cleaning option. The price-performance ratio of this appliance also stands out. The only disadvantage is the relatively small bean and water containers, which have to be refilled at short intervals. The machine meets expectations when it has to serve only a few coffee drinkers, such as in small offices.

Delonghi perfecta ESAM 5500 S

  • Patented milk frothing system: at the touch of a button you get your perfect cappuccino
  • Very easy to use thanks to the clear text display with icons
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe milk container
  • The brewing group can be completely removed for easy cleaning
  • save your favorite coffee with the my coffee function
  • Suitable for coffee beans and coffee powder

This model is the most suitable for the preparation of cappuccino. the milk container is removable and dishwasher safe. Also, the brew group can be easily removed for cleaning. There are five preset strength levels and the machines can be used for both coffee beans and ground coffee.

many customers praise the superior quality of the coffee prepared. The milk frother ensures optimum crema. The operation is also simple and clearly laid out. On the negative side, some reviews criticize the short life of this machine. This model is an ideal fully automatic coffee machine for all coffee connoisseurs.

Manufacturer information for automatic coffee machines saeco or delonghi

Both brands have their advantages and disadvantages. While saeco machines are more suitable for families or as fully automatic coffee machines for the office, models from the Italian manufacturer delonghi are recommended primarily for real coffee connoisseurs and connoisseurs.

saeco is a brand belonging to the philips company. The manufacturer is from italy. The headquarters of the company saeco is in gaggio montano near bologna. The company was founded in 1981. The company developed the first fully automatic coffee machine in 1985 and obtained a patent for the removable brewing group. The saeco group, which had branches in germany and austria, was taken over several times by financially strong partners and in 2009 was bought by the Dutch philip group.

de’longhi is an italian company with headquarters in treviso. The company was founded in 1902. De’longhi has been a listed company for 18 years. Today, the company has a total of nine branches in italy, where it manufactures various household appliances. De’longhi currently employs around 7.000 employees and is one of the largest companies in the industry. The de’longhi brand is best known for its fully automatic coffee machines, espresso machines and portafilter machines. However, other household appliances such as kitchen machines or heating and air-conditioning units are also produced and sold under this brand name.


In general, it can be said that saeco machines are suitable for all those coffee drinkers who need to prepare this drink quickly and efficiently. The fully automatic coffee machines of this manufacturer are therefore best suited for the office area or for larger families. The taste of the prepared coffee of these machines is relatively good and meets at least the basic requirements of a coffee.

Fully automatic coffee machines from de’longhi are advantageous for all coffee connoisseurs and connoisseurs. These fully automatic coffee machines are characterized by the fact that the coffee has a perfect and intense aroma. In addition, most de’longhi models are relatively easy to clean and replace the brew group and the milk frother. machines from this manufacturer are especially suitable for gourmets and those who consider coffee not only as a beverage, but as a means of enjoyment.

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