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  • Very good coffee the magnifica concentrates on good coffee
  • Simple operation the handling is very easy
  • Easy cleaning especially the brew group is very easy to clean

  • Easy to use the touch control panel is intuitive and customer friendly
  • High beverage temperature the finished beverages are pleasantly hot and not just lukewarm
  • Robust water tank the water tank is built sturdy and easy to remove
  • Manual milk foam lance with a little dexterity you will achieve wonderful milk foam

ECAM 370.95.T Dinamica plus

  • Outstanding espresso especially convincing in terms of taste
  • Long lasting crema the crema stays for a long time
  • Good grinder the grinder can be adjusted very conveniently and granularly

  • Two bean compartments separate bean chambers, allowing you to fill two types of beans at the same time
  • Very good milk foam depending on the drink different, but always good consistency
  • Quiet grinder the stainless steel grinder works quietly

  • Clear menu navigation the clear menu is very easy to use
  • Very good presets, you do not need to experiment much with the settings
  • Easy cleaning the easy cleaning of the brewing group leaves little to be desired

  • Easy to use intuitive menu navigation and self-explanatory buttons
  • Easy to save profiles profiles can be saved individually
  • Ideal for milk drinks milk frother very good

EQ.6 plus s300 (TE653501EN) - Siemens manufacturer's warranty, free advice 08001006679

  • Quiet grinder the ceramic grinder is nice and quiet in operation
  • Quick cleaning the cleaning of the fully automatic machine is quick and easy to do
  • Perfect for espresso espresso succeeds with the EQ.6 plus particularly good

  • Price-performance tip the machine is ideal for small households thanks to the low price
  • Very good espresso espresso can be adjusted well and finely
  • Intuitive control panel the caffeo solo is always easy to operate

  • Compact dimensions does not take up much space in the kitchen
  • price/performance for a fully automatic coffee machine inexpensive and equipped with many functions

  • Consistent crema the espresso succeeds with much firm and consistent crema
  • High beverage temperature the coffee is pleasantly hot
  • Finely adjustable grinder the cone grinder can be adjusted very finely

  • Large selection of 22 pre-installed beverages
  • Grinding degree settings the grinding degree is very adjustable
  • Great milk foam the milk foam becomes super fine

CM 5510 Silence fully automatic coffee machine – With OneTouch for Two, AromaticSystem, jug function, 2 Genießer profiles, cleaning programs and much more. –

  • Fast descaling within only 17 minutes the machine is descaled
  • Onetouch for two the speciality is prepared twice at the touch of a button
  • Additional coffee powder compartment in addition to the bean hopper, the coffee machine also offers a drawer for coffee powder

EA8108 Roma

  • Very good coffee the essential focuses on good coffee cover
  • Extensive cleaning programs cleaning is very easy thanks to the cleaning programs
  • Pleasantly high brewing temperature the coffee gets into your cup at the right temperature right away

Coffee machine EQ.6 plus s700 stainless steel TE657M03DE

  • Espresso machine
  • 1,7 l
  • Coffee beans
  • Built-in grinder

Fully automatic coffee machine EQ.500 integral black

  • Beautiful color display the color display makes operation much easier
  • Easy cleaning the cleaning of the EQ.500 integral is no problem
  • Quiet operation grinder and milk frother are pleasantly quiet

EQ6 plus TE657F09DE Fully automatic coffee machine black TE657F09DE EQ.6 plus extraclass

  • Espresso machine
  • 1,7 l
  • Ground coffee
  • Built-in grinder

Melitta® Fully automatic coffee machine Passione One Touch F53/1-101, silver

  • Super espresso intensively roasted and lots of dense crema
  • Good display the display is clearly designed and offers good operability
  • Large selection of beverages ten different types of coffee are available

CM 7550 CoffeePassion fully automatic coffee maker – OneTouch for Two, AromaticSystem, 10 Genießerprofile, DoubleShot, CupSensor, WLAN-fäcapable, automatic

  • 2,2 l
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee
  • Built-in grinder

ESAM 3000.B Magnifica black fully automatic coffee maker

  • Espresso machine
  • 1,8 l
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee

CM 7550 CoffeePassion fully automatic coffee maker – OneTouch for Two, AromaticSystem, 10 Genießerprofile, DoubleShot, CupSensor, WLAN-fäcapable, automatic

  • Espresso machine
  • 2,2 l
  • Coffee beans
  • Built-in grinder


  • Fine stainless steel grinder the stainless steel cone grinder is finely adjustable in 13 steps
  • Excellent espresso espresso is the parade discipline of this fully automatic machine
  • Good beverage temperature the coffee comes out of the machine at around 70 °C

Caffeo CI silver (E 970-101)

  • Large milk container there is no lack of milk foam thanks to the large container
  • High quality workmanship the coffee maker has a high quality appearance
  • Double bean hopper so you can always prepare two different coffee drinks

  • Almost infinite water tank and bean hopper have a high volume
  • Intuitive operation the operation is immediately child’s play
  • Whisper-quiet operation during coffee preparation the machine is pleasantly quiet

EA8160 fully automatic coffee maker (1450 watts, 1.8 liters, 15 bar, LC display, cappuccinatore) black

  • Espresso machine
  • 1,8 l
  • Coffee beans
  • Built-in grinder

  • Espresso machine
  • 1,8 l
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee

  • Espresso machine
  • 1,8 l
  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee

  • price-performance tip the machine is ideal for small households for little money
  • Very good espresso espresso can be adjusted well and finely
  • Intuitive control panel the caffeo solo is always easy to operate

  • Super quiet grinder the grinder is virtually inaudible in operation
  • Shiny stainless steel the machine is made of high quality stainless steel and therefore very robust
  • Homeconnect app practical app connection for better operation

  • Freestanding
  • Espresso machine
  • 1,9 l
  • Built-in grinder

  • Free standing
  • Espresso machine
  • 2,4 l
  • Built-in grinder
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  2. Coffee machine test – we have tested 5 fully automatic coffee machines
  3. We recommend these fully automatic coffee machines
  4. Fully automatic coffee maker – hot drinks as if by magic
  5. Smart coffee machine – fully automatic machines with app control
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of a fully automatic coffee maker
  7. How is a fully automatic coffee machine constructed and how does it work??
  8. What do I need to consider when buying a fully automatic coffee machine?
  9. Cleaning and descaling coffee machines
  10. Coffee machines in the test at stiftung warentest
  11. FAQ on fully automatic coffee machines – bonus knowledge for coffee drinkers:inside

Coffee maker buying advice

Fully automatic coffee maker test 2022: what makes a good fully automatic coffee maker?

If you don’t want to brew your coffee by hand anymore, you should get a fully automatic coffee maker. The cost of such an appliance is often high, the investment pays off nevertheless. To operate your fully automatic coffee maker with grinder, you need whole coffee beans. Here we reveal the most important criteria for a good fully automatic coffee maker:

  • Many setting optionsnot all factory settings are suitable for your (coffee) taste on every fully automatic coffee maker. Here we recommend a preferably detailed customization the different parameters coffee strength, amount of coffee or milk and beverage temperature. The possibility personalized profiles to set up your own account, also makes it much easier to use. The grind can be adjusted in up to 13 steps depending on the machine.

Fully automatic coffee maker test – we tested 5 fully automatic coffee makers

In our coffee maker test 2022 we have 5 popular fully automatic coffee machines a closer look and a thorough test. Of course for us taste and also optics of the coffee the most important criteria. We also rated the operation and menu navigation and equipment and processing. All fully automatic coffee machines also had to be cleaning get through.

Here are our test results in short form:

  • 1. Place: saeco picobaristo deluxe SM5573 – our test winner
  • 2. Place: siemens EQ.6 plus s700 – with high ease of use
  • 3. Place: melitta caffeo CI E970-101 – the choice of bean
  • 4. Place: de’longhi magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B – our price tip
  • 5. Square: krups essential EA8108 – the compact one

We recommend these fully automatic coffee machines

De’longhi magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B – affordable classic

ECAM 23.466 B fully automatic espresso/coffee machine black 0132215394

This fully automatic coffee machine from de’longhi with the complicated name magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B has despite the low price a lot on the box. Without much fuss, you get a thoroughly good device with only a few compromises. The facts:

  • Taste miraclethe inconspicuous machine from de’longhi turns out to be a true coffee and espresso miracle. Among other things, the very fine adjustable grinder stainless steel to thank. Although the beverage selection is manageable, all of the beverages available are convincing.
This is what bothers us about the de’longhi magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B

Here and there one notices the price savings unfortunately nevertheless. Apart from the grinder, you will look in vain for stainless steel in this compact machine. It is unfortunately a correct plastic desert. de’longhi has also omitted the display to save costs. We were bothered by the handling of the water container, as it has to be pulled out of the machine and does not have a handle.

Our conclusion on the de’longhi magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B

Even if you have to make some savings on processing and equipment at this low price, you can’t do much wrong. in terms of taste, the de’longhi magnifica S ECAM 22.110.B also measure up to much more expensive machines. By the easy cleaning you also have something from it for a particularly long time, without having to fear mold formation.

The milk foam must be manually foamed, but with a little practice it delivers just as good results as an automatic system. In short: de’longhi offers an appliance that delivers what it promises and is easy to use especially attractive for beginners is. In our coffee machine test it gets the title price-performance winner.

Philips 2200 series EP2220/10 – simple and clearly arranged

Philips 2200 series EP2221/40 fully automatic coffee maker, 2 coffee specialtiesäten, black/piano lacquer-black

Another entry-level machine at a low price, but this time it comes from philips. Although a display has been omitted here as well, the pleasantly clear control panel can adequately replace it.

  • Easy operation thanks to touch: although philips has also dispensed with a display for its entry-level machine, it has replaced it with an touch control panel installed.
    The decisive advantage: by the exemplary clarity navigation through the menu is very intuitive. Where other machines overwhelm you with unnecessary complexity, the 2200 series from philips picks you up with simple simplicity.
What we don’t like about the philips 2200 series EP2220/10 fully automatic coffee maker?

It’s already been mentioned, but you won’t find stainless steel or similar high-quality materials here. It is now times plastic desert. Furthermore, the device tends to turn up a little louder during operation. Among other things, the grinder contributes to this.

our conclusion on the philips 2200 series EP2220/10

The philips 2200 series EP2220/10 is right up there with the entry-level machines. For one low price you will get a machine that not only taste, but also with temperature of the drink convince can, a feature that, shockingly, is not a matter of course. If you can live with the somewhat loud grinder, you can buy this fully automatic coffee machine without hesitation.

Siemens EQ.6 plus S700 – best operation in the fully automatic coffee machine test

Fully automatic coffee machine »EQ.6 plus s700 TE657503DE«, automatic cleaning, two cups at the same time, 4 individual profiles, illuminated cup platform,

Menu navigation of the Siemens EQ.6

The new version of the EQ.6 s700 in the plus version therefore. With the chic stainless steel cladding knows how to shine in your kitchen.

  • Siemens grinder grinds quietly and finely: the ceramic disc grinder is particularly quiet in operation. Due to the low noise level, the machine is also suitable for early mornings. In addition, it grinds the coffee pleasantly fine.
What we don’t like about the siemens EQ.6 plus S700

Cappuccino brewing with the Siemens EQ.6 pluss S700

Complaining here is only on a very high level. The milk frother works without its own container, which means you have to hold the hose in a jug or in the milk carton. The temperature needs to be readjusted during the first espresso brews, but then tastes good.

Our conclusion on the siemens EQ.6 plus S700

The EQ.6 plus S700 from siemens is aimed less at beginners than at experienced fully automatic coffee machine users. Even if espresso is the parade discipline, you can also enjoy many other drinks thanks to the high cup height. There is nothing to complain about in the processing. Especially the ceramic grinder enthusiastic. Due to the easy cleaning of the machine and the milk system, you also have very long something from this machine. connoisseurs:inside good espresso get their money’s worth with this machine. The siemens EQ fully automatic coffee maker.6 plus sets standards in terms of operation. The menu navigation is exemplary, even the thorough cleaning of the brew group is almost foolproof. The siemens fully automatic coffee maker reached in the coffee maker test very good scores, which justifies even the rather high price.

Fully automatic coffee machine – hot drinks as if by magic

fully automatic coffee machine

Who hasn’t experienced it: it’s early and you drag yourself out of bed to do your morning routine?. But before you can enjoy the first coffee of the day, you first have to put the water on, or rather. To get the filter machine up and running. This procedure can already take a few minutes. If you have special demands on the black gold, then the waiting time becomes a test of nerves. How good would it be to have a fully automatic coffee machines to own a machine that, while you are getting ready, prepares every delicious dish in the twinkling of an eye.

These machines offer you a wide range of brewing programs for a wide variety of coffee specialties and coffee variants. As with almost all electronic household appliances, there are a few criteria to keep in mind so that you don’t start the day frustrated. We’ll tell you what they are here.

Smart coffee machine – fully automatic machines with app control

Coffee cup with fresh coffee

Some coffee machine manufacturers have been working on a device with digital beverage setting tries. This extra function costs extra, of course, because the models are also available as "normal fully automatic machines". The operation the smartphone or tablet is often used by the user as the intuitive described. In addition to the settings for preparing coffee, it is usually also possible to adjust the operating instructions can be viewed and the water hardness lets get registered.

The apps from siemens and saeco could shine particularly. Siemens even offers a number of beverages that can only be found in the app. With de’longhi, personal profiles can be created via the app, which can also be used to remotely control the system for milk foam.

But the smart versions are equipped with caution to enjoy: the manufacturers expect to be able to intercept more data from the users from the app connection and thus to know their usage behavior better. Therefore, it is advisable to disclose as little personal data as necessary.

advantages and disadvantages of a fully automatic coffee machine

Here’s why you should buy an automatic coffee maker and what the downsides are:



  • Faster preparation than with z.B. a portafilter machine or frenchpress
  • Large beverage selection
  • "coffee grinder" and coffee machine in one device
  • Coffee is freshly ground and overbrewed
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Mostly simple operation (also for beginners)
  • Extensive cleaning necessary
  • Partially loud operating noise
  • Only for 1-2 cups at a time

How is a fully automatic coffee machine constructed and how does it work?

fully automatic coffee machines

In contrast to the filter coffee machine, the fully automatic coffee machine does not simply pour hot water over the coffee powder. A coffee machine contains a cone or disc grinder, in addition the instantaneous water heater in the brewing group. This heats the water to the desired or. required temperature, so that nothing stands in the way of your coffee enjoyment any more. The brew group is the part that combines the hot water and the ground beans or coffee powder.

The coffee machine works with pressure, which is why the fancy housing also houses the pump and the brewing group are located. Depending on the manufacturer, this can be removed or is permanently installed (as with jura and krups) – it is optimal if you can remove the brew group for cleaning. This is the only way to prevent excessive wear and soiling.
A great advantage of the coffee machines is the consistent result, which you get when brewing. The same quantity of coffee is always used for the respective coffee specialty. So there are no unpleasant surprises due to too much or too little used coffee powder. This settings but can be adjusted individually with almost every device.

What to consider when buying a fully automatic coffee maker?

Before you can make a purchase decision, it is first necessary to consider a few criteria to light. We’ll tell you what they are here.

Frequency of use – the purchase of a fully automatic coffee machine must be worthwhile

For which insert if you need a fully automatic coffee maker? Do you want to use it in your office or do you want it to decorate your kitchen?? If you rarely drink coffee, it might be more worthwhile to buy a coffee machine capsule machine, pad machine or a portafilter machine for you. This is suitable for occasional use, while a fully automatic machine should be used regularly, if only because of the purchase costs.

If you are a real espresso fan we recommend an additional espresso machine. This allows you to achieve even better results. portafilter machines but usually have no integrated grinder, therefore you will also need a coffee grinder.

size of the bean hopper and filling quantity of the water tank

these two components also depend on the number of daily uses. If you need a fully automatic coffee maker for an open-plan office, a fully automatic coffee machine with two bean hoppers be useful. This means that the type of coffee can be changed more often, thus providing variety in terms of coffee strength and coffee variants. Large water tanks also do not have to be refilled as frequently.
Note: make sure that the water in the tank is always fresh to avoid germs in it.

grinder and coffee strength settings

Coffee beans in bean containerälter

Nearly all machines offer a function with which the coffee strength (i.e. the amount of coffee powder) and the grind can be set. However, the adjustment small step the coffee is ground by the centrifugal force, otherwise the result will be uneven. The finer the coffee is ground, the more coffee fits into a portion, which in turn makes it stronger. In most cases, the amount of milk foam can also be adjusted. The settings you can usually use a rotary control or a touch display perform.

The right grinder is crucial

You have the choice between disc or cone grinder. Both can be made from steel or ceramic exist. The choice of the right material depends on your budget and your requirements for your fully automatic coffee maker. A grinder made of ceramic proves to be much more resistant to wear and tear and remains with you for a correspondingly long time. However, it is in the purchase usually more expensive.

A Steel grinder achieves similarly good grinding results, but is more expensive more susceptible to wear and more maintenance-intensive. On the other hand, it is clearly cheaper.

Here we show you again the difference between disc and cone grinders:

disk grinder

cone grinder

  • Ground coffee is pressed outward by centrifugal force
  • Consists of two superimposed discs
  • one of them is fixed, the other one is motor driven
  • Quiet operation
  • Requires less space
  • Consists of two parts that interlock with each other
  • Grinding material falls through to the bottom and does not roast

A crucial difference lies in the number of revolutions. A disc grinder works much faster in some cases as a cone grinder, as it reaches up to 1300 revolutions per minute. Due to the higher number of revolutions, however, there is also a certain amount of heat generated. This can negatively influence the aroma of the coffee.

The cone grinder, on the other hand, manages about 400 revolutions per minute. A cone grinder is accordingly then recommended if you are looking for pure coffee aroma. However, it is a little more expensive to buy.

Fully automatic coffee maker with milk container for coffee enjoyment in a class of its own

You like to drink a cappuccino or a latte macchiato? Then you should take a look at the milk frother or. A milk foam system to throw, because here there are some differences. There are machines with a steam plant on the side, where you have to manually take care of the milk foam. The other variants are connectable milk containers or hoses leading into a stainless steel or plastic milk jug.

While the using the steam function it may not be possible to brew coffee at the same time. Because they often share a continuous grinder. Often then some time must pass until you can brew coffee again, otherwise the water is too hot and the coffee tastes burnt. A remedy is a double continuous grinder, which divides the operation so that coffee and milk foam can be heated at the same time. This way you can serve your guests their coffee or latte macchiato easily and quickly. Therefore we recommend fully automatic machine with double draw.

What else should you look out for in a fully automatic coffee machine??

In addition to the points listed so far, let’s now take a closer look at brewing pressure, temperature, and taste.

  • The brewing pressure is largely responsible for the taste and is usually around the same level in fully automatic machines 15-19 bar. The manufacturer’s specifications for the pump pressure are usually negligible, because they only indicate the maximum pressure of the pump. This is not reached during brewing in the normal case. For the preparation of an espresso a pressure of 9 bar requires.

Cleaning and descaling coffee machines

Due to the frequent use of the coffee machine, it should be cleaned daily. This applies to the coffee outlet, the pulp container, the milk system and the drip tray. The cleaning programs are either integrated or have to manual carried out. When to decalcify descaling If the milk system needs to be cleaned, the machine often indicates this by itself. This is done via a display or a control light. The frequency of decalcification depends on the prevailing temperature water hardness. A weekly cleaning the brewing group is also necessary. Here is some more important information:

  • 15% of the oils released during coffee preparation collect in the brew group. Therefore a removable brewing group advantageous because it can be cleaned in detail.

fully automatic coffee machines in the test by stiftung warentest

The stiftung warentest is of course again with us and always has fully automatic coffee machines in the test. jura has been at the forefront of this market for some years now. But the traditional manufacturer is not the only one in the test. Melitta also has something.

  • Jura came out on top in the test not just once, but with three machines, each with a final score of 1.9. Both the jura E8 platinum, the jura ENA 8 as well as the jura E6 are right at the top of the winner’s podium. All have similar strengths. There is nothing to complain about in terms of taste or workmanship. The E8 platinum is also characterized by very pleasant temperature of the beverages from. All also score with a very fast heating speed and a automatic frother for milk foam.

FAQ on fully automatic coffee machines – bonus knowledge for coffee drinkers:inside

How much does a coffee from a fully automatic coffee machine cost?

The decisive factor is the price of the coffee. Really good, fairly traded coffee is available from about 10€ per 500 grams. Generally, 60 grams of coffee to one liter of water is used. This allows you to calculate the cup prices for a fully automatic coffee machine as follows:

  • 125 ml – 20 cents
  • 200 ml – 32 cents
  • 250 ml – 40 cent
  • 1 liter – 1,60€

In addition, there are possible costs for milk frother (or. milk foam), maintenance and cleaning.

Which types of coffee are suitable for a fully automatic coffee machine??

In principle, all natural coffees can be used. The classic arabica (for coffee) and robusta (for stronger cups or espresso) are particularly popular and offer classic, but changeable coffee taste.
ATTENTION: you should be careful with caramelized or flavored varieties, because the additives make the grinder of the machine stick and can even damage. If you still want the bean to have an additional flavor, look for a "suitable for fully automatic machines" imprint.

Do I need a fully automatic coffee maker with grinder?

In fact, you hardly have a choice here, because the vast majority of fully automatic coffee machines are simply equipped with a disc or cone grinder equipped. However, this does not mean that you have to give up your beloved coffee powder! Almost all modern fully automatic coffee machines have, in addition to a bean hopper (also called a bean compartment), a powder compartment, which can be filled with home-ground or ready-ground coffee.

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