Colombia travel with children, for family travel

A Colombia trip with children is an unforgettable experience

Colombia is an incredibly diverse country, which attracts with untouched jungle, dreamlike beaches and endlessly blossoming landscapes. You visit the fascinating colonial cities and lively metropolises of Colombia, explore the beautiful nature and experience everyday life in the coffee zone up close. We would be happy to advise you on your Colombia trip with children!

We will advise you personally: Elena Gahr

Colombia family & Teens individually

Coffee zone, Caribbean flair & Colonial-chic

  • Experience colonial flair
  • beaches & jungle
  • Visit to the coffee zone

Individual travel 14 days

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For Family Reisen stands for the highest quality & sustainable travel concepts.

  • First class tour guide
  • Small groups or indiv >

Experienced guides accompany our Colombia trip with children

On our Colombia trip with children we are accompanied by our experienced German-speaking tour guide. He brings us closer to his home in a child-friendly, playful way and shows us his favorite places – away from the usual tourist paths. It enables us to have direct contact with the locals, for example when visiting the Bogotá market or during our cooking class with a local chef. In addition, he is always available as a contact person on site.

Family-friendly accommodations in Colombia with children

We stay in particularly family-friendly and selected hotels or lodges, if possible with a pool or near the beach. We spend with our children on our Colombia trip three Nights in Tayrona National Park in a "green" eco-lodge – here we can even sleep in a hammock! Spending the night in a coffee hacienda in Villa de Leyva is also an unforgettable experience, during which we will learn everything about growing and harvesting coffee and will get to know some of the residents of the coffee zone personally.

Discover the culture of Colombia with children

We get a deep insight into the culture of the country on our Colombia trip with children. In the Gold Museum in Bogotá we learn a lot of interesting facts about the pre-Columbian cultures from a member of the indigenous Arhuacos tribe. We’ll be coffee pickers ourselves one day Experienced, why coffee growing is so important for Colombia that an entire region has been named after it. We also have great new culinary experiences – we conjure up a delicious Colombian menu with a local chef and let ourselves be enchanted by the scents and impressions that make this country so unique at the market in Bogotá.

Colombia with children Colombia travel with children Colombia vacation with children

On our Colombia travel with children let’s explore South America’s new trend destination. Away from the tourist centers, we experience diverse nature and culture from very different perspectives. In the “Willi Jeeps” typical of the region, we jet through the Cocora Valley, test the most spectacular ziplining in Colombia and actively help with the work on a coffee plantation. So with the Colombia trip with children relaxation is not neglected, we relax on the endless dream beaches in the popular Tayrona National Park, bathe in the clear blue sea and sit in the shade of the Colombian national tree, the "Palma de Cera".


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