Combi pushchair test 2016 – the test winners in comparison

There is now an almost confusing number of different strollers on the market. If you are looking for the right combination stroller, sometimes it is not easy. After all, every father and mother only wants the best for their own baby and toddler. For this we have determined the test winners in our combi pushchair test 2016.

Our test winner: Britax Go

There are many details to consider: because nowadays it’s not just about safety and comfort for the offspring, but also the design plays an increasingly important role for young parents. After all, you have been traveling with the stroller for years.

In addition, in recent years, some models have made negative headlines with pollutants in the fabric and in the sliders. In the List of our test winners are in our opinion best combi strollers for expectant parents.

Of course you can the test criteria read below. Objective and independent test reports of the stroller models can be found in the further links on our website. And of course we also checked what other test institutes, such as Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest or the test magazine, have to say about the models.

The best multi-purpose strollers 2016

All of the pram models we tested had to be tested test criteria presented below let undergo. Of course, we also used the price or the price-performance ratio as a test factor. Of course, a € 200 model, such as the Flash combo stroller, cannot have the same quality as a model for € 700, for example.

1st place and test winner: Britax Go – best pram in the test

The best in the test: Britax Go

The Britax Go combi stroller achieved in the last test of the Stiftung Warentest (02/2015) as the only stroller the verdict "good". With a grade of 2.4, the model received the best rating and was able to clearly prevail over its competitors.

The testers of the Stiftung Warentest were particularly impressed by the very good workmanship and thus extremely long durability and strengths in terms of security.

We too were able to convince ourselves of the outstanding quality, the high level of comfort for the child and clean processing. Light and agile you drive your offspring relaxed through the city or while walking in nature.

Small drawback of the Britax Go: the missing stroller attachment in the standard version. This must be bought separately. In combination with a carrycot you get a price of around 900 €. By default, the stroller is only delivered with a sports attachment. With stroller attachment and baby seat, it is up to one from birth Child’s weight of 17 kg suitable.

The Britax Click and Go System for convenient attachment of the Britax Römer baby car seat placed on the stroller is comfortable. If you are looking for a premium stroller that really offers the best, you should choose this model.

2nd place. Knorr Baby Voletto combi stroller – bestseller with convincing advantages

Knorr Baby Voletto pram

The Knorr Baby Voletto pram is extremely well received by customers. They show that very good reviews on the internet and because the Knorr Baby model is regularly on the bestseller lists.

He is Can be used from birth thanks to the included pram attachment. The processed materials are tested according to the Oeko-Text standard.

The Öko-Text standard is tested by an independent testing institute and has very strict guidelines. You can find more about this in our detailed test report for the combi pushchair.

Breathable fabrics, a very light aluminum frame and outstanding telescopic suspension ensure comfort in everyday life. Of course, sun and rain protection is also included. In addition to the high quality, we are particularly impressed by the beautiful design of this pram model. A five-point seat belt and an easily installed carrycot are impressive. Even a diaper bag with changing mat is included.

A carrycot, pushchair attachment and a pushchair attachment are included.

Very good workmanship can be seen in high stability and the voletto can be folded up very easily. The little offspring lies comfortably in the very well padded attachments. The air circulation windows are adjustable with a zipper. Of course, the backrest is also adjustable. We found the adjustment button very practical here, with which you can quickly position the backrest. The large, air-filled stroller tires together with a good suspension system ensure good rolling characteristics, even on bumpy ground

3 place and price-performance winner. The Quinny Buzz Xtra 4 with an excellent price-performance ratio

Quinny Buzz Xtra 4

The Quinny stroller appears in the bestseller lists, not only on Amazon, almost always in the top positions. For this he has one very good evaluation profile. The numerous customer reviews attest high customer satisfaction with this outstanding model. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular models among young parents.

With a very reasonable price of around € 330, it is one of the combi strollers that do a lot for their To offer money. In our test, he can use a excellent overall score of 9.7 out of 10 points cut off. He is at the forefront in all test criteria.

The very agile stroller, with good rolling properties on any surface, and the non-slip brakes were able to convince our testers. The high-quality processed aluminum frame, the large, foam-filled rubber tires and also the very good seating comfort with strong padding and five-point seat belt for safety, gives top marks. The car runs very smoothly and curbs and bumps are very well cushioned.

Only the scope of delivery is quite modest. This is not surprising at this price. A Maxi-Cosi baby seat and a foldable stroller attachment are of course optionally available. So there is a bigger investment.

The automatically opening frame is very practical and gives you a lot of fun in everyday life.

4th Place. Mountaineer Capri combi stroller – large scope of delivery

Mountaineer Capri set

The Bergsteiger stroller also convinces with its extremely extensive scope of delivery for a price around 400 €. At the same time, it shines with high marks in customer reviews. When evaluating the experience reports on the Internet, we were able to convince ourselves of this in the pre-selection.

Because the standard scope of delivery already includes everything you usually need:

  • a baby bath
  • Sports car attachment – for later use as a buggy (from six months)
  • a baby seat according to standard ECE R44 / 04
  • well-designed sun protection for the baby seat
  • A warm and comfortable weather footmuff for both the baby seat and the pushchair attachment
  • a diaper bag
  • a mosquito net
  • a lightly fitted rain cover

The different attachments can be easily exchanged. When folded, the Bergsteiger Capri stroller is compact and can also be accommodated in a small car. The handling is pleasant thanks to large pneumatic tires and comfort suspension.

The fabrics are after Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. For us an excellent stroller model.

5 place. The combi pushchair Flash is an absolute bargain

Combined stroller Set Flash tested

The Flash stroller set is a absolute price-performance hammer. A bargain for just once around 200 € with extensive equipment so that you don’t have to spend anything else on the stroller. Because the sports car attachment is also included. In addition extensive accessories. Also used this model Textiles according to Oeko-Tex 100 standard.

The slider is adjustable in height between 70-100 cm and the trolley drives very well on all surfaces due to the large pneumatic tires. The suspension system of the combi-pushchair Flash is 4-way adjustable and the parking brake works absolutely reliably.

A diaper bag, rain foil and mosquito protection net is also included. Folded up, it is very compact and easy to transport. Only the weight is not quite optimal due to the steel construction. At 14 kilos, it is not a lightweight. This does not detract from the very good ratings. This model also scores – despite the low price – with very good marks in the customer testimonials. It is therefore not surprising that the strollers regularly appear in the bestseller lists at this tiny price.

For us, this is a very clear recommendation for mums and dads who don’t want to get poor when buying a stroller.

The evaluation criteria in the test

In our test, we rated the strollers according to the following test criteria. There are between 0 and a maximum of 10 points for each test factor. The grades are then added and divided by the number of test factors (4). So you get one Average grade between 0-10 points for every stroller model.

Test factor: functionality, equipment and workmanship

Pram tires at Knorr-Baby

In this test criterion, we take a closer look at the functions of the strollers. How does the folding mechanism work and what do the reviews say about it. Maybe the models can be converted and how compact they are when folded. How heavy and how high quality is the processing? In addition, of course included equipment and the accessories that are included.

Which fabrics are used and are they certified. Which accessories can be bought optionally and how expensive is it. That and a few other criteria play a role in this test factor and lead to a rating between 0 and a maximum of 10 points.

Test factor: handling and operation in everyday life

The following properties, among others, are evaluated in handling and operation:

    How easy is the stroller and is it maneuverable even when things get tight? How is the suspension and thus the comfort for the baby or toddler? Can the fabrics be removed and cleaned? How does the conversion work with different attachments and can the baby seat be easily removed and re-installed.

These and some other criteria then lead to a partial mark in this test factor of 0-10 points.

Test factor: the ratings and testimonials of customers

This is for us the most important test factor. After all, who could know the quality and functionality in everyday life better than the buyers and users of the pram models. Strollers that already have an average poor rating have been sorted out in our test. Of course, you always have to consider the total number of reviews here, but with a high number of reviews and a low average value, one can expect serious problems.

Just that more detailed experiences from customers, We have evaluated those who have been using the respective model for a long time very carefully. These provide a good picture of the problems, strengths and weaknesses of the models.

Here too there is an overall grade between 0-10 points.

Test factor: The price-performance ratio

A corrective factor in every test report is the average price of the pram at the major retailers. Because, of course, you cannot expect the same from a 200 € model, such as the combi pushchair Flash, as from a high-priced pushchair. Here we have it Price as a reasonable weighting involved.

Conclusion and a note on the purchase decision

For us, the decision to buy a stroller is different from that for everyday products. On the one hand, the comfort and health aspects play a role for the offspring, and on the other hand, the purchase is sometimes really expensive. Note But when you decide that a high price does not necessarily mean high quality. Many customers use the purchase price as a quality indicator. However, manufacturers now know that too, and sometimes you pay a lot of money for an average model.

The sales talks then also run accordingly. Because, of course, as parents, you only want the best for the offspring. Of course, clever sellers know that too. Who wants to be stingy when it comes to their child?.

Another point of importance is longevity. The stroller will accompany you for three years – every day. Therefore it is very important that it is also comfortable for the parents. Nothing is more annoying in everyday life than a pushchair that is too deep, an impractical conversion or a very heavy model.


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