Combined pushchair foundation goods test: the best

Updated on: November 6th, 2019

Combi pushchair Stiftung Warentest – When it comes to youngsters, security plays a big role. Of course, parents only want the best for their child and only decide to buy a combination stroller after having compared the test results of the foundation, for example.

The German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest examines and compares goods and services from different providers. Interested readers will find the results and comparisons in the magazine "test" and on the website "", which can also be informative for the area of ​​combi-pushchairs. Interesting reports are available as a free online offer, but can also be viewed more extensively in the magazine or as a paid online version.

What to look for when buying a combi stroller

There are some shortcomings that can occur after buying a car. To avoid a nasty surprise, there are a few things to keep in mind. Basically, the wagon type is "station wagon“A very good alternative to buying several strollers for the youngsters, because with the combi stroller accessories can convert the baby stroller for the new generation into a sports stroller for the toddler.

But with the large number of models, there are also some shortcomings that have been noticed in the test. Ideally, a seat for the car should be included with a very good pram. However, this is rarely the case. Parents should in any case take a look at the dimensions of the means of transport: if the bed or cloth bag is too small, the offspring will not fit in well after a few weeks.

In addition, cloth bags can be too soft and thus become a danger when it comes to safe transport. Even larger children do not sit comfortably in every combi stroller, because on some models the footrests are missing or fixed and therefore cannot "grow" with them.

Protection must not be lacking

Many belt systems are also defective. In any case, parents should make sure that there is not only one lap belt. The attachment of a child seat in the car can be differently secure. Be sure to inquire here about the restraint systems that are available in the event of a side impact and frontal car accidents.

Another factor to consider is the brake. Whether additional handbrake or normal parking brake, simple and safe adjustment can be vital for survival. On steep terrain, a brake must work, many car models do poorly.

Tips for the right purchase

Go to a specialist dealer and take a look at your desired models. Try out the functions and test the stability on site and evaluate the quality yourself. Compare also tests, for example the goods testing foundation. Independent testers are neutral and do not give false results. There is nothing to be said against shopping online after you have completed these steps.

You can sometimes buy one or two euros online here save up. Also note which accessories or which properties You at don’t need a stroller. A model for less extensive requirements is sometimes less expensive. Maxi-Cosi offers very good models. Take a look at current articles, either in the magazine, or online and find out more about combi strollers Stiftung Warentest .


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