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Combi stroller and buggy test

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Combined stroller and buggy

Many parents face a major challenge when it comes to buying a stroller. After all, this investment is not without and the stroller should bring some quality. However, the market is booming with stroller models and types, so it could easily be lost. Should it be a classic stroller, a combination stroller or a buggy? Combined strollers and buggies can be found here http://www.kinderwagen–

Combination strollers are practical and can be used for a long time

Combination strollers prove to be very practical, because they combine the classic stroller with the buggy. That means you buy a model, but you can use it flexibly and above all over several years. The advantage is that you don’t have to buy several strollers for the respective age groups of the child over the years, but have a model for all cases. Many parents like to invest in prams. Good combi strollers are characterized by good equipment, but also by the simple switching and setting in the respective position for the child. The good thing is that combination strollers can be used from the start.

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Combi stroller or buggy?

Whether you buy a combination stroller directly or later buy a buggy when the classic stroller has had its day is up to you. Parents who value design often choose the buggy when the time comes. Then you can choose which model suits you and your child’s taste. Many then prefer extra sporty models so that they can also be there while jogging, others want more colorful, child-friendly devices to transport their little ones. Buggies also have the advantage that they can be folded up quickly and easily and can be very space-saving. Combined strollers are also more bulky and heavier when used as a buggy. Nevertheless, the decision is often made dependent on the money. It is definitely more economical to buy a combination stroller right from the start. The later investment in an extra buggy when the classic stroller is no longer needed is higher. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and only the parents can decide for themselves and their requirements which model best suits them and the baby.


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