Company cars: determining the gross list price made easy

Company cars: determining the gross list price made easy

It’s simple: to calculate the imputed income according to the 1% method, the list price of the vehicle at the time of initial registration is decisive.

How to correctly determine the gross list price of your company car

Attention: list price including sales tax applies here. Do not forget.

But the tax authorities have laid another egg for you. For the tax calculation, the gross list price including optional equipment at the time of first registration is always taken into account.

  • So not the price you paid for your car!

Get the original price confirmed .

So, in order to be able to determine the applicable gross list price for the 1-% method, have the manufacturer confirm the original price in writing. This is the only way to be on the safe side in the event of a company audit. After all, hardly any cars are sold at the actual list price.

. Or calculate them by hand

Or maybe you didn’t buy your car through an authorized dealer. Then you should obtain the price lists applicable to your car and determine the price yourself on the basis of the equipment variants.

This applies to the extras of the company car:

Leave out these extras:

  • Car phone
  • Hands-free system
  • Transfer costs
  • Winter tires with rims (in addition to normal tires)
  • Registration costs

Include these extras in the gross list price:

  • ABS
  • Airbag
  • Trailer hitch
  • Car radio
  • Anti-theft device
  • Electronic logbook
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Gas drive
  • Catalytic converter
  • Air conditioning
  • value added tax
  • Navigation system
  • discount
  • Parking heater

And this is how you calculate the pecuniary advantage

Once you have added everything up, you round off the gross list price of your company car to an even 100 €.

The pecuniary advantage is then

  • For the pure private journeys 1% monthly,
  • For journeys between home and regular place of work, an additional 0.03 % per month per distance kilometer and
  • For taxable trips to the family home in the context of double household management, an additional 0.002 % per trip and distance kilometer is charged.

But the 1% method is not always the better option for taxing your company cars. In practice, you have two methods at your disposal: the 1% rule and the logbook. Download the free guide "taxation of company cars" now download and benefit from a direct comparison of the two methods – including an example calculation. How to always choose the right method and secure the imputed income benefit!

Whether it is a question of correct and favorable accounting of your travel expenses, depreciation and taxation of your company car, the correct procedure for keeping a driver’s logbook or other business assets used for business purposes. Now you can get the latest and most important tips free of charge.

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