Company childcare: 4 solutions compared

Company childcare: If the offspring are well taken care of, work is much easier. (© 2015 ISchmidt / Shutterstock)

Company childcare: a gift for employees and companies

Company childcare is one of the most popular additional services at all, according to the results of a study by the management consultancy Tower Watson. Anyone who supports their employees in accommodating the next generation makes themselves known as Attractive employer. Especially for 25 to 39 year olds. One in three of this age group would switch jobs to Family and The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth reports that the job is better balanced.

Working parents save a lot of stress on entrepreneurial childcare absenteeism due to childcare. The family-friendly measure also helps Reduce maternity leave after statutory maternity leave. Also on that staff turnover the additional benefit has a positive impact, because those who know that they and their family are in good hands have to think twice about finding a foothold elsewhere. Accordingly, it is savings, through company childcare bridging costs and recruitment arises, not to be underestimated.

But how can you help your employees with childcare??

Company kindergarten: The maker

Entrepreneurs can be a carrier Day care center establish. Advantage: You have a free hand when designing the daycare center. Location, opening times, educational concept – set up everything exactly as it suits your employees’ everyday work. Support with the implementation and conception you receive among other things through state support programs and youth welfare offices.

Compared to other types of childcare, a company kindergarten brings high liabilities with yourself. Rooms must be rented and staff must be hired. Whether the effort is worthwhile depends on the size of the company and the number of children to be looked after.

Verbundkita: The Networker

A small number of children or the financial situation of your company speak against setting up your own company kindergarten? Then the Verbundkita could be the solution. Connect with other large companies in your area together and tackle the company childcare project together. Share investment and operating costs just as fraternal as the daycare places in the daycare center.

Disadvantage: In contrast to the company kindergarten, the need for coordination relatively large in a compound daycare center. A central coordination point can remedy this.

Occupancy: the specialist

You do not have to reinvent the wheel to ensure occupational childcare. You can also cooperate with existing daycare centers. Make a contract with the day care center of your choice and secure as many childcare places as you need for the children of your employees. care arrangements You can also use this type several kindergartens at the same time to meet. This is useful, for example, if your employees prefer to place the child near where they live or with a sibling who is already in a specific daycare center. In this way, the youngsters benefit from professional support, while you can concentrate entirely on your core business.

Day care worker: The confidante

For small and medium-sized companies is the company childcare by a Childminder especially interesting. Because this also offers its services for small groups of up to five children on. Due to the family-like type of accommodation, day care workers are also used by a lot of Parents appreciated. This model is worthwhile for entrepreneurs because it financial risk relatively low is – and apart from the assignment, cost sharing and, if necessary, accommodation in their own premises – involves little effort.

Tip: Even a day care worker can get sick or go on vacation. Make sure that the agent is in one Network interconnection is organized. In this way, a replacement is provided in an emergency.

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