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Where can I compare dentist costs? ?

Dental costs can go into the thousands of euros for a patient who needs a complete restoration. But even a dental implant or regular restoration with a crown and a bridge is not cheap. For this reason, it makes sense if a patient not only relies on the offer of his dentist, but also obtains a second offer. Basically, the patient is entitled to get a second or a third opinion before starting treatment. The treating dentist is by no means entitled to treatment, even if he has submitted the healing and cost plan. Rather, the patient has the right to decide in his own interest who he wants to be treated with.

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It is often the case that dentists tend to impose unnecessary extras on their patients when it comes to dentures and dental treatments. Studies have even shown that patients who received the same dental problem received many different therapy proposals. Price differences of up to 600 percent can vary from dentist to dentist.

Anyone who feels that they have received incorrect advice as a patient or who consider the amount of the costs to be too high can go ahead with consumer and patient advice. Of course, patients don’t get a price comparison there, but tips on where to go to compare dental costs for a treatment.

Compare on the Internet

The Internet today makes it possible for patients to compare the therapy that has been offered with other providers. There are different portals on which this is possible. Here the patients can compare the costs of the proposed treatment with the healing and cost plans of other dentist patients. It is very easy to differentiate between the dentist’s costs and the costs incurred for dentures in the dental laboratory. Two different points of view must be taken into account here.

Only 16% have carried out a dentist price comparison.

Compare dental lab costs

The dentist costs are the costs that the dentist invoices for his fee for the service and the costs for the laboratory are specifically the material and personnel costs that a dental laboratory calculates. While the dentist’s costs are linked to the fee schedule (GOZ), a dental laboratory can increase its hourly rate and the amount of the material costs almost freely or set it low. It is also important to differentiate whether it is a denture from abroad or whether you absolutely want to use a product made in Germany. However, dentures made in dental laboratories in Germany are much more expensive than those that are produced abroad. The cost of the dental laboratory can be significantly reduced if the dentist chooses a laboratory that is inexpensive. In Germany, too, not all dental laboratories are overpriced. Of course, the dentist can also conclude an exclusive contract with a foreign dental laboratory.

More than 37% already have a second one
Dentist opinion obtained from another dentist.

The costs that a dental laboratory charges are only comparable if the patient has two therapy proposals. Otherwise it remains quite obscured what a dental laboratory charges in terms of costs. The advantage is that these costs must be recorded in detail on the medical and cost plan.

Compare dentist costs

However, the costs that the dentist charges as a fee can be compared much more easily by the patient in advance. However, it is the case that one or the other dentist perceives one or the other performance as difficult, the other as less difficult. In the case of private services in particular, there is no rule here as to what the dentist may actually charge for a service. For example, some dentists find it particularly difficult to insert a dental implant, while others do not at all because they do it every day and are therefore more experienced. For this reason, the less experienced dentist may charge the service with a higher increase factor than another dentist. The same applies to root canal treatments and many other services. Going to a second dentist is completely legal and can be worthwhile

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Compare prices online

However, it can also be done online. Through various portals in which dentists lure with cheap offers. There the prices for a dental bridge or a new dental crown are then half lower than at the dentist treating you. The principle behind this is that the patient puts the treatment and cost plan of the treating dentist on the Internet for a small fee and the dentists registered in the portal then send the patient an estimate. The health insurers of the GKV even recommend these internet exchanges. The patient is not obliged to do anything because he does not need to be treated by this dentist if he does not agree. This kind of bargain hunting on the Internet also harbors dangers, for the dentist. Because the costs could then be greater than originally planned.

71% of readers feel that there is a lack of information
collected by your dentist.

Because the healing and cost plan itself is always only a cost estimate, with a possible surcharge of up to 20 percent, which are then borne by the dentist because he has made a fixed offer to the patient with his offer. For the patient himself, however, it is quite a bargain. On the Internet you can, for example, significantly reduce your dentist costs to:

The comparison works in such a way that you simply upload your medical and cost plan to these portals. You will receive practical offers for your upcoming dental treatment from different dentists. The amount of the reduced costs is very amazing, you can save more than 40% of the costs here. It is advisable that you carefully examine the evaluations of the dentist bidding. Otherwise a quick and convenient way to save a lot of money for your dentures.

Here you will find an overview of the most common problems in dentistry. Choose a topic below and get all answers on this topic:

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