Compare dentist costs and prices

Compare dentist costs and prices

Dental treatment costs in Switzerland

Would you like to receive a personal dentist offer free of charge?

  • 1. Select tax point value.
  • 2. View price statistics.
  • 3. Request a personal offer.

In cities, the tax point value is usually between 1 and 1.2.

The prices are understood as benchmarks. Our partner practices always calculate the effective costs according to the dental tariff. Effective costs may vary.

Dental treatment costs in Switzerland

Would you like to receive a personal dentist offer free of charge?

questions and answers

No. The prices given serve as an indication of how much a dental treatment in Switzerland approximately costs.

The new dental tariff and the new tax point value include the new treatments, methods and the current state of the art. Since the old tariff was introduced more than 20 years ago, the maintenance costs of medical practices have increased. The revised tariff and tax point value should provide a compensation for the rising costs. However, it only needs to be used in the treatment of UV, MV or IV patients. Dental practices can choose whether to switch to the new tariff for private patients or to stay with the old one. The new dental tariff was used in the present cost overview.

Dentists calculate prices based on the dentist’s tariff. The services rendered are selected and multiplied by the tax point value. This can be seen on the dentist’s statement.

Tax point values ​​give indications of how high the prices are at a practice. The tax point value represents the experience, training and location (rental) of the dentist in question.

Each practice or practitioner chooses the value at their own discretion. The tax point value can be adjusted, but must be visible in practice.

Why do dentist prices vary with the same tax point value??

With a chosen tax point value and a chosen treatment, dentists have the option to increase or decrease the price by 15%, depending on whether the treatment was particularly complex or simple. Usually the average is calculated.

Work by dental technicians (e.g. creation of crowns and bridges) are charged separately and not via the tax point value.

No, not necessarily. The prices depend on various factors. For example, an experienced dentist may have a higher tax point value, but may need less time for the same treatment.

There is no overall overview of the tax point values. According to Zumedo experience, the majority of Zurich’s practices choose a value between 3.7 and 4.5. The new tax point values ​​are usually between 1.05 and 1.18.

According to the SSO, the costs for patients will not increase or will increase only slightly, you can find more information on

However, the revision includes new services that reflect the developments in dental technology in recent years (e.g. laser technology).

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