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Combi strollers on the market. We go into detail on all of them Tips, advice and problems so that you are optimally prepared for your baby. You will also find the ones presented Kombikinderwagen, Detailed guide.

No wonder 3 in 1 stroller really trendy lie. Who doesn’t like to have a solution to all problems? Since combi strollers hardly differ in price from normal strollers, decide more and more parents for this type of stroller.

Comparison of prams (table only available in desktop version)

1 2 3
model Mountaineer Capri Knorr Baby Voletto My Junior Miyo
Weight 9.9kg 10.5kg 9.8kg
when folded 95 x 30 x 58 cm 99 x 42 x 62 cm 95 x 33 x 60 cm
seat width 35cm 33cm 35cm
Length of the seat / lying surface 75cm 81cm 75cm
Child carrycot
  • Baby Seat
  • baby bath
  • Pushchair seat
  • baby bath
  • Pushchair seat
  • baby bath
  • Baby Seat
  • Pushchair seat
washable cover
swiveling front wheels
Suitable for cars
Sport with child possible?
  • rain protection
  • Diaper bag
  • mosquito net
  • sun protection
  • seat insert
  • Wagendecke
  • Rain protector
  • seat cushion
  • Diaper bag
  • Changing pad
  • air pump
  • Diaper bag
  • mosquito net
    3 in 1 solution For every weather Versatile accessories For every trunk
    2 in 1 solution For all weather Versatile accessories Good workmanship
    3 in 1 solution For all weather Versatile accessories

The best tips & Information about buying a pram!

What is a combination stroller?

A combination stroller is a versatile stroller with different attachments. This is achieved through extensive equipment and well thought-out construction. The multifunctional use allows your child to be transported until a stroller is no longer required. For the first months after birth, the 3 in 1 Combined stroller with baby seat used. The shell can be on the stroller, as well as in that Car installed become. You can also mount the baby bath (left attachment on the picture) and comfortably push your baby through nature. If you fold the foot end down, the vehicle turns into one buggy (right version on the picture). With the adjustable handle, you can decide for yourself whether your baby should look at you or at the surroundings. The different essays are usually easy to change. For transportation, the Combi pushchair light folded to a minimum size so that it can be taken anywhere. How the conversion works is usually well explained in the combination pram instructions.

Combination stroller 3 in 1 attachments

Combined stroller with carrycot

This is particularly recommended for the first few months of your baby’s life Transport in lying position. This is due to the heavy head compared to the body. The baby bath attachment is intended for this. He turns the combi stroller into Reclining stroller and enables your child to be transported comfortably. The flexible use is an advantage of the attachment. If you are visiting friends, for example, the stroller frame can be left at the entrance while you go into the apartment with the removed baby bath. In many Combi stroller tests an enclosed diaper bag was found in most models. There you can find the necessary accessories, such as a Baby bottle or diapers can be easily transported. Just pay attention to whether accessories like Diaper bag, mosquito net or parasol is included. You can often the fitting But also buy accessories separately.

Combined stroller with pushchair attachment

If your baby has reached the first or second year of life, the combination stroller with the pushchair attachment can be integrated into one Transformed buggy become. It simply works and makes the combi stroller easy. Likewise, the car can usually be folded up in this formation. This is particularly advantageous for car journeys if you don’t always want to dismantle the attachment. It’s worth it for this lightweight combi stroller, such as the Mountaineer Capri. This weighs only 9 kg, so that it can also be lifted with an attachment. In this version, the foot section of the stroller becomes footrest and enables the child to have a stable seat without having to dangle around.

Combined stroller with baby seat

The baby car seat is only with 3 in 1 combination stroller to find and can be used right after birth. It is particularly useful in the transport exchange from prams to cars. The baby car seat can easily do that Combi baby carriage solved and fixed in the car become. This saves you the time to put the baby from the stroller in an extra baby seat. Thanks to the attachment, it is sufficient to only travel with the stroller. Consequently save buying an extra baby seat, which would only need additional space unnecessarily.

Who is a combi stroller suitable for?

in the Test of the combi strollers confirms that the car is for young, dynamic parents is the perfect solution.


    Your baby can be transported lying down in infancy. At the age of 1-2 years, the combi stroller can easily be converted into a buggy so that your child can see the surroundings. You can switch between the different articles as required. The whole thing is as space-saving as possible.

Let’s say you go to a zoo with your little one. At the beginning, your child wants to sit in the buggy and be able to see everything. But at some point the little one gets tired and just wants to sleep. With a combi stroller you can now comfortably Exchange essay so that your child can really sleep comfortably. You do not have to cancel the trip yourself or carry your baby through the park. The combi stroller can help in many situations and that Save the day.

It can be said that the Combi baby carriage is particularly suitable for parents who flexible through the baby phase want to go. You can spontaneously make a purchase, go on an excursion or meet friends. Your little one can always be there and decide for yourself whether he is running, sitting or sleeping.

Combination stroller buying guide

For freshly baked and expectant parents in particular, the topic is: Buy strollers still relatively new territory. At least most of them usually haven’t dealt with it much. For this reason quick mistakes made at the pram, which will later be bitterly regretted. That is why we have the tests from various combination strollers most important criteria and tips summarized below.

The most important criteria when buying a pram

Color of the pram

A stroller is no longer just a means of transport to push the baby from A to B. A high-quality combination stroller with a great design, such as the Mountaineer Capri pram pride is pushed around in our time. The design shouldn’t be a thing of the past. Well-known manufacturers, such as "Knorr", come up with a new idea every year about current trends in order to turn current models into real "eye catchers" close.

In the color selection Some combi stroller tests showed that manufacturers liked to Brown, black or white put. The color gray has been added. Are perennial favorites with women Combi stroller in pink. The colors look elegant and still look simple. Parents can use it to proudly push their children around and take a look or two. Well-known brands, such as Bergsteiger, Knorr, MyJunior + ® or Froggy® but also offer a wide range of colors, so that everyone will find what they are looking for. In some combi stroller tests, large online shops, such as Amazon, also had one in addition to a large product range wide range of colors necessary.

Combi stroller recommended age

Many manufacturers of combi strollers give in the description of their products one
Age recommendation. Most products are already from Time of birth recommended. There are also brands that only recommend their products from 6 months. Here opinions are shared. Some experts believe that in babies the Head in hand for the first 6 months to be held.

The hood of the stroller

The hood protects Your baby from all external influences. The dangerous can do that UV rays or the heat of the sun his. In winter it offers Protection from the cold and snowflakes. A good hood should be able to be pulled down very far in order to be able to completely cover the respective attachment. In our comparison, we were able to read these factors in the several combi stroller test reports. Another great feature is a transparent window, through which your baby can observe the surroundings even with a hidden view.

Adjustable seat direction

When buying a pram you should make sure that the seat is in mountable in both directions is. This means that your child can look both in the direction of travel and towards you. The baby usually looks the first few months towards you.

The right wheels

Swiveling wheels can turn around on the spot Move 360 ​​°. You know this from the shopping cart, for example. This means that the pram does not have to be pushed in one direction to make a turn. The opposite would be fixed wheels. With these you have to for a major change of direction Lift front wheels, to change in the desired direction of travel. Most of the combi-pushchair tests have the test winners swiveling front wheels. The rear wheels are fixed like in the car. This enables the necessary stability during pushing. Enable maximum comfort Combi stroller with pneumatic tires. You do that Combi stroller suitable for off-road use and enable improved suspension. It is also advantageous, for example, to do sports with the stroller. Not always consist the walkways from flat tram.

Swiveling wheels are ideal for e.g. Shopping trips because they enable the necessary maneuverability and speed in the department store!

Pneumatic tires provides better suspension and makes the car suitable for off-road use!

Adjustable push handles

Not only should the child be fine, but you too. So that you have the combi stroller Push ergonomically correctly and get no back problems, you should remove the handle from the straight stand reachable.

Sitting / lying area

Another criterion is the suitable seating or lying surface. Seat width and height decide whether your child comfortable in the stroller can sit. The baby should not hit the bottom edge with the feet or evaporated appearance. It then feels uncomfortable, irritated and cannot sleep properly.

The Stiftung Warentest gives the following, difficult to reach values ​​for orientation:

  • Seat width: 35 cm
  • Seat length: 78 cm


Good and diverse accessories make it possible easier everyday life with your baby. The manufacturers of large brands know this and often offer a large number for sale. Many combi stroller tests have reported that accessories often have products already Free in the stroller offer can be found. In many combi strollers test reports Mountaineer Capri shine with a particularly extensive range of accessories. Which accessories are right for you depends on your lifestyle. The more you do with that Do child, the more sensible is good equipment.

We have that below most important accessories listed for you:

With a diaper bag you always have all the important care items at hand when you are out and about. These can be diapers, baby bottles or the replacement pacifier. The bag hangs on the push handles and is included as standard with many combination strollers. The rain cover is a film that is pulled over the combi stroller. It prevents the fabric cover from soaking and protects your child from raindrops and illness. mosquito net In summer, when the insect population is largest, there are also many mosquitos. So that your baby is not affected by the plague, a mosquito net is recommended. This is installed in front of the opening of the combination stroller. The fine mesh keeps insects away.

A car blanket keeps your child’s body warm. The blankets are especially designed for cold temperatures. So that your newborn does not have to freeze, car blankets are usually well lined. Your baby can sleep comfortably under its warm blanket while strolling through the winter landscape or visiting the Christmas market.

Cleaning and care – how it works!

Maintaining and cleaning a combination stroller is relatively easy. Since the little rascal likes to do everything dirty, test reports in many prams showed that a removable cover is an advantage. This can simply be removed and placed in the washing machine at approx. 30 degrees. However, it is advisable to do something before washing preliminary work afford to. You can shake off crumbs, for example, or remove them with a vacuum cleaner. Stubborn, larger stains should be wiped with a damp cloth and Treat detergents. Overall, according to the combi stroller test reports, all of our compared strollers are easy to clean and maintain. So the strollers would still be for that second child in a good condition.

Frequently asked questions about combination strollers

We have read through various combi stroller reviews and forum posts and found that many expectant parents always same questions put. The most common and most important questions we analyzed and responded to the following.

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