“Compassion is not enough”

The aid fund for sexually abused children in care expires in January 2015. So far, this has not included disabled children. Abuse commissioner Rorig wants to change that.

The Federal Government Commissioner for Abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, has demanded rapid support for disabled people who were sexually abused as children in institutions. "A quick and unbureaucratic solution to alleviate the suffering experienced by children and young people in homes for the disabled and psychiatry is urgently needed," Rorig told the daily newspaper "Die Welt" (online edition).

In November, the labor and social ministers of the German states had initially rejected an aid fund for abused disabled children in care, along the lines of the fund for non-disabled children. Instead, other forms of compensation are to be examined, for example via pension law. Rorig said it was unacceptable that a group particularly affected by sexual violence should be placed in a worse position than other victims of abuse.

So far no assistance fund for handicapped home children

The commissioner called on the federal government, the states and the churches to "continue to look for solutions that are in line with their interests and to demonstrate their commitment to people with disabilities in material terms as well". It should not "remain with non-binding compassion," added Rorig. He sees above all Labor and Social Affairs Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) in the duty, whose ministry is currently preparing the reform of the compensation law.

The Heimkinderfonds was launched in January 2011 and is now expiring after four years. It was the result of a process of enlightenment about the conditions in West German institutions from 1945 to the 1970s. So far, about 10.400 affected persons material aid and pension replacement payment. More than 6.Meanwhile, 100 people are still waiting for counseling sessions. Whether the 120 million euros paid into the pot by the federal government, states and churches will be enough is uncertain. Disabled victims were not considered by the fund.

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