Competition, values ​​and participation

Competition, Values ​​and Participation

The social care services provided by Caritas have to balance users’ interests, market mechanisms and tough competition. We are looking forward to helping you, as well as to our organization.

Caritas hospitals: balancing values ​​and competition

We therefore formulated a new position in an innovative resolution passed by the Assembly of Delegates of the German Caritas Association in October 2007. Whether or not people can or do not have their right to self-determined participation depends on their personal resources and limitations. One new instrument for providing people with disabilities.

Poor People Have the Right to Quality Social Care

The German Caritas Association supports having the freedom of choice. This choice becomes threatened, however, if funding institutions exclusively contract out services to a single provider. These means that recipients are forced to go to a single institution for certain services. In the case of local social security payments, for example, these people would have little or no choice in the matter. Meanwhile people who do not receive welfare would still be able to choose from a wide selection of nursing homes. Caritas finds this unacceptable, and therefore, for those in need of their right of participation, even, or especially, when they do not have large incomes or assets.

Subcontracting Services Limits People’s Right to Choose

As a result of having to compete for contracts, they are forced to become state contractors and thus for their independence. These are supports them. Caritas is the opportunity to provide their services in favor of giving high-quality social work.

Social Systems of Competition

Providers of social care services with people in difficult and existential situations are often limited and who are unable to stand up for their own interests. Elderly people living in nursing homes, for example, can not easily change their providers. This principle is applied to the social care sector. People in need should receive high-quality health and social care, and providers should be able to provide that.

Raising Caritas’ Profiles through Quality

Despite the increasingly tough competition, Caritas is doing its position because of its centers and institutions work according to common approvable and comparable quality standards. Our central coordination of a network of services to quality, as does the dedicated involvement of our numerous volunteers. Caritas is committed to constantly raising its profile as a reliable provider and to increasing its familiarity and market opportunities. In order to meet the individual needs of people who require long-term assistance, we need organized social care markets with fair and transparent funding and stable funding.

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