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Complementary Dentistry

This is a very extensive area. In complementary dentistry it is assumed that the teeth are assigned to meridians in the sense of acupuncture. This means that each tooth is assigned to an organ (e.g. the canine tooth is assigned to bile, but also to the eye). Thus, complaints that are not primarily assigned to the teeth can be recognized and treated. The means of diagnosis here is the neural therapeutic approach or kinesiology.

Much more difficult is the treatment of chronic poisoning, which can be caused by heavy metals such as amalgam and other base materials in dental crowns, which can lead to a holistic disturbance of the regulatory width of the body.

At the beginning of the holistic treatment there is always the exact anamnesis of the patient. The questions apply:

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It is necessary to inspect the mouth and we also need radiological diagnostics. However, it is often the case that radiologically perfect teeth can cause pain and we do not receive any indication of a disorder from our diagnostic options.

Holistic methods such as Applied Kinesiology (a muscle test), Physioenergetics (biophysical test procedure with muscle chains extended by the arm length reflex), Electroacupuncture (skin resistance measurement on selected acupuncture points on fingers and toes) can therefore recognize diagnoses on different levels, which are often not perceptible with radiological means. These are additional testing options that allow a well-trained dentist to quickly identify other or superior disorders.

Electroacupuncture according to Voll is an extension of the diagnostic possibilities in medicine. It is based on physical and morphological principles and has measuring points in common with Chinese acupuncture.

Regulatory capacity and “the right time”.

Unfortunately, many doctors are still unaware of the fact that most herds develop in the area of the head and that teeth are often the cause. These are directly related to individual body regions and organs. Disturbances emanating from the teeth often affect the basic regulation.

However, the ability to regulate also determines the time of treatment. A dental intervention at the wrong time would be a further burden. It is therefore advisable to choose a step-by-step procedure for numerous herds in order to give the body the opportunity to regenerate again. It is sensible and often necessary to work together with internists and general practitioners who can improve the state of regulation.

Often a dysbiosis is so severe, for example in many periodontal diseases, that the therapy of the dysbiosis should be started first. This can be done by elimination and symbiosis control, often a substitution therapy with vitamins, isopreparations and enzymes is necessary.

material incompatibilities

Not only are herds of teeth affected, but also material incompatibilities, material disturbances, structural disturbances due to incorrect occlusion and hygiene errors can strain the organism. Since these are very unspecific complaints, an exact anamnesis is particularly important here.

The main indication is often the temporal connection between the introduction of a dental material and the occurrence of the discomfort.

Reddening and swelling of the perioral skin regions Non-specific, above all therapy-resistant impairments such as fatigue, exhaustion, listlessness, etc., should make us think again and again of a strain caused by incompatible materials.

interference fields

If there is now an interference field or a focus on a certain tooth, this can be the trigger for further diseases, such as cardiac arrhythmia, migraine, blood changes, kidney stress, joint pain, lymphatic stress or recurrent infections.

Elimination of interference fields

Endogenous interference fields in holistic dentistry are all interference fields emanating from the tooth, mouth and jaw area itself, while exogenous interference fields essentially represent a material problem.

Inflammatory interference fields:

are mostly in the root area of the tooth and are noticeable by pain. A chronic inflammation has the disadvantage of very often causing no or no significant pain. This is why it is often difficult to understand why an “inconspicuous tooth” can cause a distant disorder. Highly toxic germs can enter the blood system and lead to heart disease, joint pain, kidney inflammation, rheumatism or skin rashes. Many patients know the phenomenon that a joint pain or stomach problem has disappeared after a certain tooth has been extracted. However, because a particular tooth has almost never caused discomfort, it has never been associated with the disease.

Mechanical interference fields:

are associated with spinal column complaints and pelvic obliquity. Many spinal complaints and leg length differences can be corrected by correcting the muscular tooth and jaw area.

Galvanic interference fields:

occur when a patient has different materials such as gold, amalgam and steel alloys in his mouth. An increased voltage is generated and an electric current is generated by means of acid mouth saliva. The saliva becomes acidic, the natural microbiology of the oral flora changes, and the environment for bacteria and fungi is created. Incompatibility can lead to a variety of complaints, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, allergies or organ disorders.

One of the tasks of holistic dentistry is therefore to reduce the sum of heavy metal loads. Although the body has a detoxification system for heavy metals, its performance is limited. Holistic dentists help the patients to better regulate by removing the metals at the right time and with an individual rejection therapy.

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