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Composite resins or tooth-colored fillings, offer good durability and resistance to breakage into small to medium sized fillings that must withstand moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing. They can be used on either the front or back of the teeth. They are a good choice for people who prefer their fillings to look more natural.

Composite fillings cost more than amalgam and are occasionally covered by some insurances. Likewise, a dental filling does not last forever. Some studies show that plastic fillings can be less durable and more than amalgam fillings often need to be replaced.

It usually takes longer to use a composite filling than a metal filling. This is because composite fillings keep the tooth clean and dry while the cavity is filled. Tooth-coloured fillings are now used more often than amalgam or gold fillings, probably for cosmetic reasons. In a society that focuses on a white, bright smile, people tend to choose fillings that match the color of their teeth.

Ultimately, the best filling is not a filling. Prevention is the best medicine. You can drastically reduce your risk of tooth decay and other dental diseases by doing so:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Dental floss daily
  • A balanced diet
  • Regular visits to the dentist

Why should I prefer white fillings?

Most people have fillings of one kind or another in their mouth.

Nowadays people prefer to have natural-looking fillings, this strengthens their self-confidence and they give themselves with a more open smile than with silver fillings.

Are white fillings expensive?

Many white fillings are classified as “cosmetic” treatments, so they can only be used in the private sector. The cost of this can vary greatly from dentist to dentist. The cost usually depends on the size and type of white filling, and the time it takes to complete the treatment.

Costs may vary from region to region, but your dentist will be able to provide you with a quote before you go into treatment.

Are they as good as silver amalgam fillings?

White fillings have always been less durable than silver amalgam fillings. But there are now new materials that are almost as good as silver amalgam, and these are proving to be very successful. How long a white filling lasts depends on where it is in your mouth and how strongly your teeth come together when you bite. Your dentist can tell you how long your fillings will last.

Is it worth replacing my amalgam fillings with white ones?

It is usually best to only change fillings when your dentist decides that an old filling needs to be replaced. If this happens, you can ask your dentist to replace it with a tooth-colored filling.

Some dentists prefer not to place white fillings in molars as this is not always successful. Another way would be to use crowns or inlays, but this can mean that more has to be removed from the tooth, so the costs are higher.

How are tooth-colored fillings made?

They can vary, but they are mainly composed of glass particles, synthetic resin and a surrounding mixture. Your dentist should be able to give you more information about the material he uses. Here are some of the possibilities.

1) Composite fillings

Composite fillings are tooth-coloured and are made of powdered glass, quartz, silicic acid or other ceramic particles. The dentist will match the colour to your own teeth, even if the colour of the filling may change over time (due to coffee, tea, cigarettes, etc.). After the

When the tooth is prepared, the filling is cemented and fixed by light rays. With this type of filling, the dentist does not have to take so much of the tooth, which is an advantage.

2) Glass ionomer cement fillings

Glass ionomer cement fillings form a chemical bond with the tooth. They may release fluorides, which prevent caries from forming. This type of filling is quite weak. For this reason, they are usually used on milk teeth and not on piercing surfaces, such as around the neck of the tooth. This type of filling requires little preparation because it attaches directly to the tooth.

3 ) Porcelain inlays

Your dentist can now use computer technology (called CADCAM ), which requires only one or two visits, to create perfectly equipped porcelain inlays. Porcelain inlays can also be made in a laboratory, but this will require at least two visits to your dentist. Porcelain can be hard-wearing and durable, and it can be colored to fit your own teeth. This type of filling can be very expensive.

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