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Composite is a durable, tooth-coloured filling material that is inserted directly into the hole (cavity) in the tooth and is very stable.

Composite is used in the anterior and posterior region for the esthetic modelling of a natural-looking tooth.

Example from our practice – tooth fracture after hockey accident

How modern “composites” (plastic fillings) perfectly imitate tooth shape and shade

This is a cheaper and less invasive solution than crowns or veneers. By means of an appropriate layering technique, we can change the tooth shape and colour directly in the mouth. However, teeth with plastic fillings must be cared for all the more intensively since the surface quality does not come close to that of the ceramic crown or veneer. Fillings can also discolour over time or cause the edges to split.

The following must be observed for filled teeth:

– Don’t chew ice or fingernails.

– Brush your teeth regularly, as plaque can form caries more quickly if there is a gap between the filling and the tooth.

– Use the dental floss every day

– Have your teeth cleaned at least 2 times a year.

– reduce the consumption of discoloring foods such as coffee, tea or cola

– Smoking can also cause severe discoloration.

– Do not bite into hard foods such as bones, carrots, sweets, or nuts.

Procedure for the composite layer technique

It requires some work and treatment steps before composite closes the hole in the tooth. First, the existing caries must be removed and the surrounding tooth structure prepared for the insertion of the “adhesive” and plastic. With the aid of the adhesive technique, liquid plastics are applied to the tooth in several steps. The special and complex aspect of composite fillings: The special resin is applied in small portions. Shrinkage during curing by light is kept to a minimum and the subsequent strength is increased.

Advantages of composite fillings

Composites are tooth-coloured, i.e. they replace the missing hard tooth substance in the best case so that the filling is not visible. Especially in the area of anterior fillings, high-quality and individual aesthetics are desired and can only be guaranteed by plastics or ceramic veneers.

Unlike composite fillings, amalgam (heavy metal and mercury) or other cement-based plastic fillings are used. Amalgam does not provide a proper bond to the tooth and does not provide good stabilization. A loss of such a filling is therefore a potential danger. With cement-based fillings, the filling edges can leak more quickly and the risk of new caries is higher. Due to the material properties, the service life is generally shorter than with composite fillings. The shorter shelf life often means that the filling may have to be renewed and that further loss of tooth substance is caused by drilling again. The tooth suffers from this and its lifespan can be reduced.

Why the private additional costs?

Composite fillings in the posterior region are not covered by statutory health insurance. The scope of services of the health insurance funds refers to the costs incurred for amalgam fillings of the corresponding size. However, in the case of composite fillings, the necessary working time and material costs are increased in comparison with standard amalgam fillings. For this purpose, the legislator has introduced an additional cost surcharge to cover the additional costs incurred by the treating practice team. A part of the composite filling (corresponding to the costs of an amalgam filling) will continue to be covered by the statutory health insurance for you.

Can any dentist perform a highly aesthetic, “invisible” composite filling?

Basically, composite is established in almost every practice today. Here, as in all areas of life, there are very great differences! In our practice we offer you this treatment. In order to carry out a highly aesthetic composite filling under all functional aspects and anatomical conditions, so that it appears invisible, the dentist must be highly skilled and skilful. The higher expenditure of time is worthwhile for you, because on the basis of this careful processing with high-quality filling materials you receive finally with us an invisible and long-lasting reconstruction of your tooth.

Are you ready to laugh again without worries?

Please feel free to visit us for a non-binding consultation in our practice. We will also find the optimal solution for you!

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