Computer controlled root canal treatment – dentists brandmann – colleagues

Computer controlled root canal treatment - dentists brandmann - colleagues

Computer-controlled root canal treatment

Modern technology for optimal root canal treatment: VDW Reciproc Gold

Tooth preservation is a top priority in modern dentistry, so it is important to treat a diseased tooth nerve as soon as possible to eliminate any pain and swelling and prevent premature removal of the tooth. Tooth removal is a massive intervention in the quality of life and would bring many disadvantages. High treatment costs, through prosthetic and implantological restorations would be the result.

The long-term success of root canal treatment depends essentially on the method. As an alternative to the standard care of the health insurance, in which, the tooth is cleaned with the help of small hand files, there is the so-called machine root canal preparation with electrometric length measurement (using VDW Reciproc Gold).

The mechanical root canal treatment is a modern procedure that allows a painless removal of the diseased tooth interior (pulp). Thanks to the particularly high precision, healthy tooth substance is spared and the success rate is higher than with conventional root canal treatment. In most cases, root canal treatment can be done in just one session. Even strongly curved root canals can be easily treated by means of mechanical root canal treatment and with the aid of electrometric length determination. Even during the root canal treatment, electrometric length measurement of the root canals to be treated is possible at all times, thereby minimizing exposure of the patient to X-ray radiation.

Treatment steps with VDW Reciproc Gold:

Best possible tooth preservation and high success rate.

1. Applying a rubber band (rubber dam)
The tooth to be treated is isolated. As a result, harmful bacteria from the mouth can not enter the open root canal.

2. Electrometric measurement of root canals
Before starting the actual root canal treatment, the exact length of the root canal must be determined. For this we use an electronic measuring device.

3. Mechanically rotating root canal preparation
By means of special and highly flexible nickel-titanium instruments, the root canal is mechanically cleaned to the root tip and processed. Even the smallest particles are removed without residue. Thanks to the modern special motor, the treatment is gentle, fast and effective. Advantage: The treated tooth is more thoroughly cleaned by bacteria, the risk of instrument fractures is significantly reduced by the high flexibility of the nickel-titanium files compared to conventional instruments for root canal treatment.

4. Disinfection and rinsing of the root canals
During root canal treatment, the root canals must be constantly flushed with various disinfectant solutions. This kills bacteria and even the finest particles, washed out.

5. Drying of the processed root canals
The processed (mechanically shaped) root canal is dried with precisely fitting paper tips.

6. Plastic root filling
In the last treatment step, the root canal is filled, definitely, completely and edge-tight (root canal filling). For this we use a so-called “sealer” (cement) and gutta-percha. Gutta-percha is a biocompatible natural material. This root canal filling is necessary to ensure a hermetic closure of the system against bacteria. Advantages of a machine root canal treatment for the

Medical benefits for the patient:

All advantages summarized.

1. High success rate through precise treatment

2. Best possible tooth preservation

3. Efficient treatment even with curved and hard to reach roots

4. The machine treatment with electrometric length measurement, the treatment for the patient is much more pleasant and comfortable

5. Greatly shortened treatment time

6. Measurement of root canals without X-ray use

7. The long-term chances of success are much higher than with conventional root canal treatment

VDW Reciproc Gold: instrument design

Technical description of VDW Reciproc Gold (for dentists)

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