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What is a TAPiR?

The KRÜMELKISTE childcare is a TAPiR – "day care in other suitable rooms" and looks after children all day from 1 to 3 years. We are an alternative to daycare or crèche and are part of the needs planning of the municipalities.

In this way, we contribute to fulfilling the parents’ need for childcare in the area of ​​Weil der Stadt and Renningen.

TAPiR is a recognized form of care for toddlers and was developed in close cooperation with the state of Baden-Württemberg and thus fulfills all the requirements of municipal childcare (such as daycare / crèche).

Difference to daycare / crèche

As TAPiR it is possible to offer even more flexible childcare times. Our focus is on the needs of the children and the wishes of the parents.

Childcare facilities like daycare / crèche

"TAPiR" is very flexible for parents, childcare can also be booked on a daily basis. There are different time slots that can be booked individually.

Funding options such as daycare / crèche

The KRÜMELKISTE childcare, like daycare and crèche, also fulfills the criteria for applying for financial aid, subsidies from municipal or municipal support services for parents.

Anne Krätschmer | management

0176/533 99 517

Hofmauerstrasse 40/1
71263 Weil der Stadt – Merklingen

Expansion of toddler care as needed

The need-based expansion of toddler care has been a major issue for many municipalities and towns in the district of Böblingen for several years. The municipalities have the statutory mandate to gradually expand the childcare places for children under the age of three as required. Since 01.08.2013 there is a legal claim according to § 24, SGB VIII, section (2) that children who have reached the first year of life are entitled to early childhood support in day care or a day care center until they are three years old.

model "Takki" childcare

In 2008, on the initiative of the Böblingen district association in the Baden-Württemberg municipal day, the district administration together with representatives of the cities and municipalities as well as the two day and foster parent associations based in Sindelfingen and Leonberg based on the "model Leinfelden-Echterdingen" the model "TAKKI" “Developed with the aim of day care for care of toddlers to strengthen. The concept relates to the care of children under the age of three in the caregiver’s household or in other suitable rooms.

"TAKKI" is the abbreviation for: "Municipal day care for small children in the district of Böblingen". In our area of ​​responsibility, 19 municipalities and towns from the old district of Böblingen are now taking part in TAKKI.

Five municipalities are involved in the Leonberg district. Responsible in the Leonberg district is the day and foster mother Leonberg, Distelfeldstraße 20, 71229 Leonberg, phone 07152/9064970, email: [email protected]

Benefits for giving parents

Parents who choose this childcare model for their under-three-year-old child pay a parental contribution to the municipality / city, which is based on the parental contribution for childcare in the institutional daycare facilities (u3) in the respective municipality in the district of Böblingen. Parents pay the care fee directly to the place of residence / city.

The municipality / city then pays the day care worker according to the TAKKI standard rates and pays the difference.
Parents are guaranteed real freedom of choice between public daycare and daycare. Short-term downtimes of day care workers are available on request at the latest third Day of the day and foster parents in the district of Böblingen regulated by representation.

TAPiR – day care for children in other suitable premises

TAPiR is a form of day care for children outside the household of the day care worker and the parents, for children aged 0 – 14 years, with the focus of the target group of children under three years of age.

In addition to the institutional day care centers, TAPiR offers a possible alternative for child day care, with the possibility of looking after a maximum of nine day children at the same time, through several day care staff.

The focus is on flexibility, the family-like atmosphere, individual support and the manageable group size with age mix. The offer meets the wishes of many parents for their children’s early social experiences in the group.

Our mission statement: trust and well-being

It is very important to us, especially in toddlers, to maintain and deepen this child’s first delicate trust in the world and its inhabitants. The childminder builds a trusting, loving relationship with the child and thus ensures well-being, joy and satisfaction.


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